Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee Packets Now On Sale From Just $0.39/Packet From Amazon!

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  • Made only with high-quality arabica coffee beans
  • Starbucks via instant Italian Roast coffee is roast and sweet with a rich, deep flavor and notes of caramelized sugar
  • Just tear open a packet of Starbucks via instant Italian Roast coffee, add hot water, wait 10 seconds and stir. No coffee machine or grinder needed
  • Create great-tasting beverages with these single-serve, ready-to-brew packets. Enjoy them anytime, anywhere— in an instant
  • Includes 1 box of 50 packets
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The Pike place doesn’t have a coupon.. The others do though


Are these the ones that have non-instant coffee in them, making them an issue for Shabbat?


The link is from 2013- didn’t it change since then, now having micro-crystals that have not been through the instant coffee process?


I’m not aware of any changes, but I’ll reach out to the CRC to confirm.

Yeshiva bachur

So, it seems fine with kli shlishi?

Yeshiva bachur

Seems so. Its from 8 years ago but i assume its the same.


I would assume that as well. If there were changes then they would have put out an update and fixed that page.


The bottom line according to the COR is “we are not prepared to provide the heter to use microground coffee on Shabbos, even in a kli shlishi.9

The footnote does qualify this “to the exclusion of those who are noheig to be lenient based on the p’sak of R’ Moshe Feinstein.”


Why would they leave the original tweet up?!


As per cor , It is not cooked and only roasted and should be treated the same as regular roasted coffee acc to mishna brurah aruch, hashulchan cannot be used on shabbos, acc. To igros moshe and others may be used in a kli shlishi


COR’s shita is discussed here:

TLDL; if you make tea on Shabbos, then Via is also fine. If you only use tea essence, then Starbucks Via is problematic.

More discussion:

Bottom line as always, AYLOR.


Thanks for the clarification


Best shabbos coffee And Amazon JUST cancelled my prior subscribe and save order !!