SimpleTech 250GB Ultra-Portable 2.5″ External Hard Drive For $98.69 Shipped From Amazon!

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A quick note on 2.5″ external hard drives:
The dirty little secret about these hard drives is that while they are unbelievably convenient for traveling and the like, they are in my opinion inherently unstable.

Every WD 2.5″ external hard drive that I have used has broken on me and lost its data, and I’m generally very careful with my electronics. (My awesome 12.1″ Dell 700M laptop has “powered” this website since I started it in Brazil some 3.5 years ago and has traveled the world many times over without a hitch)

Since I switched from WD’s 2.5″ hard drives to SimpleTech’s 2.5″ hard drives I have yet to have a problem, however I am now always careful to have everything backed up onto a standard 3.5″ external hard drive…

Bottom line: Buy 2.5″ external hard drives for their portability and convenience, not for backing up critical data!

SimpleTech 250GB Ultra-Portable 2.5″ External Hard Drive Linky

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dan i have a question
is this a better mini hard drive then the wd passport then


it is well known that wd’s portable hds are garbage. They fail even if you never moved it since placing them on your desk. Other portable hds are as prone to failure as any portable device…. backups are the wise thing to do in any case..


i heard something about buying one that specifically has a fan if u want to store stuff on it and not lose it know anything about that?


Yes-avoid the WD passport.

I haven’t seen any 2.5″ hard drives with fans, have a link?


Hey Dan, i had a question. I was wondering if u can help me find a good deal on a sd card for Treo. Also do you know where i can get photo paper for real cheap?

need a small hd

know anything about the toshiba 2.5 HDs
regularly priced abit lower than the passport