Save 2.5% Off Amazon Gift Cards From CardCash!


Save 2.5% Off Amazon Gift Cards From CardCash!

CardCash has set up a special customer service email address for DansDeals readers. If you purchase a gift card through DansDeals and have a problem with the order please email to get your issue resolved. CardCash guarantees gift card’s value for 45 days after purchase, so be sure to use the gift cards within 45 days.

Amazon gift cards can be added into your Amazon account here and the credit never expires.

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Plus 5 points per dollar with Chase Ink via Paypal checkout!



Still? Chase Ink Cash too?


@Anonymous: dan, can u verify this?




I have tested it, it’s true.


They keep on canceling my order, they suspect fraud, any advice?


I’d rather buy Amazon gift cards from PPDG at 5X on Ink and avoid Cardcash like the plague. I’ve had several gift cards that were fraudulent from them, and of course was outside their 45 day guarantee window.


Try a smaller order?

The nice thing about these is that you can save it to your Amazon account.
Once it’s there you don’t need to worry about the 45 days.


With a Chase Amazon card we get 5% (w/ Prime) when we buy on Amazon. Any way to leverage this or no?


I tried and also got a cancellation (only $250). I don’t think they actually want the business!