Roundup Of Stackable Diaper Coupons On Amazon! Get Diapers For 30%, 50%, 70%, 90%, Or Even 100% Off Amazon’s Already Discounted Prices!


Update: The November issue of Parents Magazine has a 20% off coupon that expires 12/31.  It is fully stackable with the 30% off (for a full 50% off) and $1 off coupons!

Originally posted on 08/07:

Related: Gotta Love Amazon (I just got my free box of diapers today, 2 days after ordering them with 4 magazine coupons!)

Trade Diaper codes at the Dansdeals Forums!

Stackable offers:

1. 30% Off Diapers Promo Linky (With free 2 day shipping with no minimum order!)
There is no limit to the amount of 30% discounts you can get.

You must join Amazon Mom (it’s free!) to get the 30% off.

2. Amazon Coupon Book $1 Savings Linky You can use one of each of these coupons per Amazon account.

3. November issue of Parents Magazine: 20% Code starting with “Y.” You can use one of these coupons on one box of diapers.  Limit of one “Y” code per Amazon account.  This code expires on 12/31.

4. August issue of Parents Magazine: 20% Code starting with “A.” You can use one of these coupons on one box of diapers. Limit of one “A” code per Amazon account.  This code expires on 08/31.

5. August issue of Parenting Magazine or Parenting, The Early Years: 20% Code starting with “X.” You can use one of these coupons on one box of diapers. Limit of one “X” code per Amazon account. This code expires on 08/31.

6. September issue of Parents Magazine: 20% Code starting with “W.” You can use one of these coupons on one box of diapers. Limit of one “W” code per Amazon account. This code expires on 09/30.

7. September issue of Parenting Magazine or Parenting, The Early Years: 20% Code starting with “S.” You can use one of these coupons on one box of diapers. Limit of one “S” code per Amazon account. This code expires on 09/30.

For Offer #1:
No promo code is required. Click on the brand names on the Amazon page to see the full results for your desired brand.
Amazon’s diapers are already priced lower than the MSRP, but with the sale you can get the 30% off by using Subscribe and Save. Just click on the product link and select the 1-6 month subscription offer on the right side of the amazon page and select “subscribe now.”  Do not click “add to cart” or you will not get the savings.  You must click on the “subscribe now” button.

With Subscribe and Save you will get free shipping without any minimum purchase and you will get 30% off which will be reflected on the final checkout page.

You can cancel the subscribe and save service at any time with absolutely no obligation or penalty.  To do so just click here to manage your subscriptions and you can choose to change or cancel your subscriptions at any time. Easy as 1-2-3!

For Offer #2:

There are coupon this month for

-$1.50 off any Pampers diapers or pants.
-$1.50 off Pampers Easy Ups or Underjams
-$1.50 off Pampers extra protection
You may need to refresh the page a few times until you see the specific coupon you want. After clicking on the coupon link just come back here and click on the 30% diapers link and select the pampers diapers.  You can only use each extra coupon once per amazon account, but you can use the bonus 30% off savings below as many times as you want! The coupon savings will be reflected on the final checkout page.

You can open another amazon account and get the coupon savings again.

For Offers #3-7:

Important: Once you use an A, S, W, or X coupon you can’t use another one in your amazon account.  You’ll need to open another amazon account to use the same coupon type again!

The codes in the magazines above each are fully stackable with each other and all other savings.  If you have a code that begin with the letter “A” it will fully stack with a code beginning with the letters “S”, “W”, or “X”.  (2 codes beginning with the same letter will not stack on the same order) If you have 1 code you will save a full 30% for subscribe and save and 20% for the code.  Each savings is taken off the original price, so you will save a full 50% off.  Plus you’ll save another $1.50 off if you are buying pampers.  If you have all 3 codes, you will get 90% off (30%+20%+20%+20%, all taken off the original price).  If you have 4 codes the diapers will be free.

For example let’s say you buy a 160 pack of size 3 Pampers Cruisers Dry Max Diapers, normally $46.99, and on sale for $41.99.  Even if you have no magazine coupons you will get 30% off plus the $1.50 off, for a total of $27.89 shipped.  If you have 1 magazine coupon your total will be 50% off+$1.50 off, for a total of $19.49 shipped.  If you have 2 magazine coupons your total will be 70% off+$1.50 off, for a total of $11.09 shipped. If you have 3 magazine coupons your total will be 70% off+$1.50 off, for a total of $2.69 shipped!!!  With 4 codes the diapers will be free!

Now that is a work of art!

Amazon offers free shipping with $25+ orders or get free 1 day shipping on all orders with a free trial of Amazon Prime. A prime trial is also free with Amazon Family (which also gets you up to 20% off diapers among other benefits) or Amazon Student. EBT/Medicaid Cardholders can save on Prime Membership here.

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Bundled with this deal, the diapers are free 🙂


thanks I got all sizes I think enough till my baby turns 25.
btw when did the deal end? was it july 31?


Good point!!!

It didn’t end-it’s still alive!


is there a way to get the parents magazine for free? or does someone have extra codes


I don’t know but it’s not working for me 🙁
How do I get the diapers down to 2.50 ?


How do I get those promo codes?


is there a way to use the codes for more then one purchase or size to buy all sizes?



are the parents magazine still for sale? i think i will go out and buy one?

Poel Mamash

Where can i get these magazines from? How much do they sell for? And can i make multiple orders or multiple sizes using the same code?

miles chazzer

Dan the parenting will be 4 and the parents 3.50 each so that’s 11 but 13.69 is still a steal but just pointing it out.


anywhere we can get these coupon codes??/

miles chazzer

why cant i subscribe for 2 of the same? its not letting me add more than one at a time.

miles chazzer

I’m trying to add 2 of the same size to my subscribe order and its only allowing one. Is there a restriction on the amount you can subscribe to?

diapers chazzer

basicly the stacking is not soooo cool because you can only order one box at a time. so if you have like 3 coupons they are each worth about 8.40 each so unless you only need one box of diapers you are just as well off by ordering a few times and using one coupon each time. it will end up the same savings just spread out. unless you have a bunch of the 20 percent off coupons. but who does? how many issues of parents or parenting will one family have?

diapers chazzer

unless dan can figure out how to buy more than one box with a single order. THAT would be cooool because you can order like a few boxes and get the 70% or 90% off on all of them. That would make the purchase of parents for 3.50 and parenting for 3.99 much more worth it.

love to get stuff for cheap

Long time reader, first time poster.
A couple of things to note about this deal.
1) Parent Magazine cost 3.50 and you can save with one coupon about 8.40, so all you are saving is 4.90, it not bad, but it worth to go out the B&N to pick up an copy? Per the coupon you can only use on one item, so you can’t buy 3 boxes and get a discount on all three.
2) I don’t the Sep issue of Parent Magazine is out yet, it’s only AuG 8th.

But if you have a copy of magazine anyways then it’s a no brainer. (then again who reads Parent Magazine??)

Keep up the good work Dan


@love to get stuff for cheap:
Perhaps not worth going for just one magazine, but it if you get them anyway…
Also if you want to stock up it may be worth buying 10 magazines. Crunch the numbers and figure it out for yourself.

saavy mommy

people that get it in the mail have the sep. already but the stores dont have it for a few weeks. when they get it they wont have any more of august. so if you really are a diapers chazzer you are best off running to buy the august ones now while they are on the shelf. wait a few weeks and get the september ones. then get your 90% off. but the amazon extra 15% might expire by then but no biggy because the regular 15% will foresure be there and the september codes are worth 20% so its still better. and on the chance the whole 30% is still there you get it for 90% off! and you never know when the september parenting comes out you might have a fourth code to stack for a 110% discount!!!!! with they give you back money???? who knows the possibilities are endless. just keep in mind that the august codes in parents and parenting expire august 31st so you gotta get those september issues before then. this is why its so much fun! its not even about the money. its just soooo much fun to get stuff free!!!!!!


@saavy mommy:
I don’t think you’ll get money back, but it’s entirely possible that with 4 different letter codes that it may be free.

I think the 30% will at least stick around until 08/31 now, so buying up August issues of Parents/Parenting while still available and then waiting for the September issues is probably a good strategy!

miles chazzer

I see you are back in town! can you try to help me understand why when i try to add more than one box to my subscribe and save order it only allows one. Am i doing something wrong? I understantd that 2 different ones wont go together because each subscribe offer is seperate but it gives the choice of how many you want to add of the same item and then I choose 2 or 3 and select subscribe now and it just adds one. ????Any suggestions?


@miles chazzer:
I seem to be able to choose 1, 2, or 3 of the item with subscribe and save.
What exact item are you trying to get.


Hey guys i just figured out that with this offer diapers are cheaper than underwear, so my whole family is starting to wear diapers for a while now……

miles chazzer

the cruisers size 3 that you have a link to. when i choose 2 or 3 it just lets me buy only one.

miles chazzer

i just tried again and i chose 3 quantities and when i get to the final page only one is there! is it that the 30% offer is only on one item of each type???

miles chazzer

I can just amke another order but i dont want to have to get another parents/ing codes

miles chazzer

oh my !!!!!!!!im stupid! i was clicking on the regular tab on the top and not the one in the subscribe box! sorry dan for wasting your time. I got it now!


you can buy codes on ebay for around $1, they email them to you right away


They are more than a dollar. I don’t know what people are thinking, the whole mag is 350 why pay 4 or 5 for just the code?

miles chazzer

I was able to add a few boxes but it doesn’t really help the cause because the coupons are only good for one unit. Now that’s a little frustrating because I ran around like a chicken to get the magazines because I thought I could order 3 boxes and get the extra 40% off all 3. That would have been a savings of over 50$ justifying the hassle and 7.49 the 2 mags cost. But with the coupons only working for one unit the max savings for the 2 coupons is 16.80 minus 7.49 that’s 9.31 to run around to bookstores for that is debatable. For anyone that gets patents anyway this is a steal and if they keep putting those coupons every month it might be worth it to order them. Because you save 17 on diapers every month! So I just wanted to clarify the last few details of this offer mainly that the coupons are good for 1 unit max.


is there 1 code per parenting magazine? or are there 2 codes in each Aug magazine?


had the parents coupon for 20% off, don’t use pampers so didn’t get the 1.50$ but i got a pack 180 diapers for 17.77 shipped, still a great price!!!


i had 1 coupon from the magazine got it for 20$ now thats a sick deal


Had both plus 1.50 off made it 11.09 for 160 cruisers


did anyone not a parent buy because its so cheap?


im going to be selling diapers at amusement parks for 10 cents a diaper for the next few years. thats a 100% markup from what I paid!


By the way Parents magazine is on sale at till 8/12/10 for 4.00 for 12 months! so for us mammas that need diapers every month you get that 8$ coupon every month! its kinda brainless to go buy it at the news stand for 3.50 when you could get it for the year for 4$


so basicly if you get one coupon out of it then you paid for your yearly subscription!


Where are the codes in Parents and Parenting?


Can someone explain how to get the $1.50 coupon I cant figure it out


Its an orange insert coupon , in the magazine between the pages, you cant miss it. (unless someone took it out …)

first log into your amazon account. then click on the link that dan put here for us. if you dont see it in the list of coupons then just keep refreshing the page till you see it. once you see it just double click on it and it will automaticly be applied at check out.


There’s no guarantee these coupons will be a regular thing in the magazines. I was surprised to see ’em 2 months in a row! Maybe they’ll surprise us.

From what I understand, though, each coupon can only be used once per household. So I don’t know if buying 10 copies of the magazine would really be wise until you can confirm for sure it would work. Just a heads up before you try it! 🙂


anyone have a extra coupon ? please post


You can always use a different amazon account. You might want to do that anyways to be able to use the pampers coupon again.

Anyone reading this post probably uses diapers and will use the coupon. Get out to the bookstore and pick up a copy. Or order a yearly subscription on amazon for 4 dollars for the year.


@Sara: Yes!

diapers chazzer

The parenting code for september is out!!! It starts with the letter “S” . Its not worth buying the magazine for it because the mag is 3.99 and with 3 codes the total is 2.69 But just for fun Im waiting for someone to try it out and see what happens!


Parents and Parenting magazines are usually available at my OB/GYN or Pediatrician office. I took one from my Ped’s office this morning. Some will have several copies for you to take.

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Anyone wanna trade codes that start with the S W or X for coupons that start with A? I have a lot of coupons that start with A.


Sooo..anyone have an X code to swap for an A or W? Much appreciated!


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I have a W i would trade for an A or an x how do we do this here?

diapers chazzer

soooo its confirmed! The “S” code will stack! I only stacked 3 “A” “W” “S” because I buy the mags so its not worth spending 3.50 to save 2.69 but who is gonna be the first to try all 4 and get them for free?

diapers chazzer

you are famous now! who would have thought after all those amazing deals this one would put you on the map. Like my grandma always says…..”dont ever underestimate the power of a diaper”. Anyway all those sites havent cought on to the fourth code yet to make it free! but now that its all over the web and codes being sold all over a certain very popular auction website for over 4.00. Its just a matter of time before amazon catches on and stops letting them stack. so hurry and chap arain!


If anyone has a code that they are not using, could you please send it to
Thanks a lot.


@fred: Fred, email me at and I will trade you an A for a W as long as it has not been used!

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I have an A I’d be willing to trade for an S, X or W. E-mail is blue_alto at


i ended with only 2 codes and was billed $10.34, but since i had 2 $5 gift cards, i ended up paying just $0.34. thanks so much for the tip! this is such a steal!

Diaper Diva

@fred: Fred, I will trade you, send me your email address if you still have it


Does anyone have any extra codes they are not using? I was laid off work and need to buy diapers!!


If so, please send to





I’ve got a “W” code that I’ll swap out for an “A” or “X” or “S”. Thanks!


I don’t subscribe to the magazine, but being the cheapskate I am I wanted to participate in this deal. My daughter and I often walk to the library; today on our weekly visit I busted out the Aug and Sept copies and took them to the librarian’s desk. I asked her if I could remove the inserts, and I showed them to her. She looked at me like I was crazy and said, “Well, I guess so. I don’t really care.” I explained that I was going to use them to purchase diapers for nearly free. She said, “Good for you sweetie, that’s smart.” I took my two coupon codes with zero out of pocket. Now I have a whole new reason to love my library. Of course, taking the whole magazine is not cool and you should ask first; I’m sure they will say yes!


After spending the day scnorring, finding,trading, buying codes, buying mags etc. I have purchased 8 jumbo boxes at an average of 12$ a box after all coupon expenses. thats diapers for the year for around 90$ dan you saved us around 240$ which is a lot!! thank you! and by the way it was fun too! but my head feels like a diaper…..Its time to get back to trying to make money. Dan this was a grand slam!
now I will post my last code because im officialy done! …………well maybe just one more…..ok Ill decide in the morning.


does anyone have an extra x or s code? i have an A to share.


Also have an A or W to swap with an X or S.


if anyone has any unused extra codes Please email them to me at it will be going to a very good cause.


does any one have any spare x, w, s codes to spare?
email me at


can people please stop stealing the codes from the bookstore? I just bought 4 magazines at a local store and 2 of them had already been redeemed.


I have a spare bunch of w, x, a, email me and ill give them to you.


actualy just post your email and ill send a few. until i run out


hi betsy,
would really appreciate the “X” code please.
thanks in advance,


hi betsy: if you have an extra “X”code please – thank you.


Betzy- What’s your email addy?


@betzy: just need “X”. And “S” is you have. Thanks


Hi Betzy,
May I please have x and a codes? Thanks for offering.


Oops forgot my addy.


does any one have any spare x, w, s codes willing to give?
email me at


I have a spare W code to trade for an A or S code, email:


hi anynoe have an extra a,x or s codes willing to give or sell email me at


Hi Betzy,
Can I have a X code, please? My email”

Thank you!


I believe BabiesRus has free copies of parenting magazines near the baby registry area.


Looking for A and S codes, have W and X codes to share

Betzy if you still have A’s I would appreciate one. thanks all!


Betzy, if you still have codes I would love one.

Thanks for your generosity! People like you make a difference in the world and we need more of you.


I have an extra W code willing to trade for A, S, or X
email me


Hi Betzy,
If you have any more a or x codes can you please email me at I would really appreciate it!! Thank you!!


Let me get this straight… the orange coupon works only for one item but there’s still the 30% off percent for the rest of the order?


I used them all up alresdy. sorry I had about10 and I gave them away. If I get more somehow, Ill send them to a few more pople


Looking for X codes. I have extra W and A codes available to trade.


email address


My A codes are not working? Anyone else have this issue? It says: We’re sorry, but the promotional code you entered cannot be applied to this purchase. Please refer to your promotional coupon for information about item or store restrictions.


Check to make sure that you are purchasing the diapers directly from Amazon. Somewhat like ebay, Amazon allows sellers to offer items through their website (like 1800diapers) in order to use the coupons you must purchase the diapers from Amazon. You can check who the seller is in the original product screen; there should just be a listing on the page near the product price and general information that states seller:_________.


OK, I got mine to work finally. It seems that seller was not “amazon” although it wsa very difficult to figure out who the seller was.

For those placing multiple orders – are you creating a second amazon account to do so? And you need new coupons each time, yes?


diapers chazzer

yes new account and new codes for each of my 14 orders. Good luck! I got 14 boxes so far. 2.50 a box! $35.00 total, wow! thats what i usualy pay fore ONE box of luvs and now i got PAMPERS!


Hello, I have a random request. I have 2 codes, and somehow they did not end up working. I have spoken to amazon and they have said that if I can give them an order # showing the multiple codes used, or an email address of someone’s account that it worked for they can help me out. This had been a nightmare for me! Does anyone mind emailing me either of those things? I used an A and a W code.



If anyone has a code they would be willing to share, I would be extremely grateful! My email is

Thank you!


Have an extra W code. Looking to trade for an A code.


I have extra A & W codes is anyone has an X….email me at


Hi Brooke,

Did you get an answer yet?



Are you out of your mind??? NEVER call the company when a deal is alive. When Amazon figures this out and stops letting all of the coupons stack we will know who to blame.


Sam- She’s a human being, please treat her respectfully!
I was on the phone b/c Amazon messed up my order and it sounds like outsource to India. They could care less about the promos. and hopefully they don’t have that there, so they won’t ‘figure it out.’


So now I would like some help from the experienced moms or dads on this site. I have enough coupons to buy about 12 boxes. My baby just started size 3. I would like to have some help figuring out how many of size 3 size 4 and size 5 to buy. How long did your baby use each size. Many thanks for everyones help and I’m sure a bunch of others will gain from this knowledge too!


I have extra A & W codes if anyone has an extra X or S and wants to trade….please email me at thanx!


@faigy- Size 5 they’re in for a loooong time, size 3 my kid was out of in the blink of an eye (and he’s a chubby one). Size 4 was a medium amount of time. I’m pretty sure that Amazon allows you to return/exchange an unopened box for a different size.
Contact them here: and click on the yellow ‘Contact Us’ button. The next page should have a place where you enter your phone number and they call you in a matter of seconds!


anyone else having issues using the 1.50 coupon?


If I cancel my subscription right after I buy the pampers, will I still get the pampers?



Im in agreement with Sam. Rule of thumb: You NEVER call. Never as in EVER! Once the deal is over, then you can make your phone calls. Cmon, for the $10 you’ll save, you ruin it for everyone else?


Yes, you will get them.


thank you


This is not the kind of company that you need to worry about the cs rep ending the deal. The cs rep is in asia somewhere and the decisions about these kind of things come from a totaly different department. I would not worry too much


But why risk it? So you can save your $5???


Its 38.50 I’m saving. Why should I loose out mine saving for you not to be nervous about some fantasy rep. Ending the deal?


I have a “W” that I would like to trade for an “A” or and “S” – anyone wanna trade?



I have s for w if you want


I have a “w” code to trade for an “A” or “s”. Please write to, thanks.


I have a “S”, “x”, and “w” I am in need of an “a” so I can stack.


Those 3 stack just fine.


Does anyone have extra coupon codes that they are not using? Please email me

Thank You


stacking doesn’t work anymore. tried it 3 times.

chana esther

Anyone else having a problem stacking? I’m going to buy a mag in the store I don’t wana waste my money.


Chips & Chana Esther- Stacking only works once per account. After that you need to 1) only use one coupon-code per order 2)make yourself a new account.


I have been wanting to pick up a Parents or Parenting magazine (to take advantage of this deal) and finally got around to looking. I tried Barnes and Nobles and Target and all the coupons were yanked from the mags. Poo!


i want to trade my UNUSED w code for you UNUSED s code.
please email me at thanks! 🙂


I have a few used ones if anyone wants


Does anyone have any coupons to share? please email at Thanks!


I have an X or S code to trade for an A code please email me to trade


Hey anyone want to trade a W or S for an X OR A? Email me at

Faith M.

I have (2) W codes. I need an S or X code to complete my order.

If you have one for trade or would like some other coupons, please let me know! Thank you! =)


I have an S code. I need an A or X code. Email me @ if you would like to trade.


How is everyone getting so many coupons? Are you buying all the mags or yanking them? If people are trading coupons that means they must have more than 1 of the same mag, r u really paying for the same mag more than 1x?


Here’s a way to get coupons – Check with your child’s doctor’s office. I asked & they were about to discard the August issues and were nice enougth to let me pull the coupons out.


used codes or used diapers? 🙂


Used diapers. Only wet but I dried them out


Is the $1.50 coupon gone?


Please Email with coupon codes I have 3 kids in diapers. Thank you.


I have a “W” coupon and want to trade for another code. Email Thanks!


We need Travel deals! Not Diaper deals!


I have two extra W coupons if anyone would like to swap for an A and/or X coupon.

email naaronne[at]naaronne[dot]com


hi, i dont see the $1.50 coupon. Is it gone? Thanks

Mom to 2 Girlies

Hello, I have an extra “W” code if someone is willing to trade for a “S” code. Thanks!


1.50 Coupon expired 8/28/2010


i need a x” or an “A coupon will give you an “s” is anyone interested?


@hey: Do you still need? I have an “A” Will trade.

Fan Of Dan

There is a coupon for $1 instead of the $1.50. I just used it! just keep refreshing the coupon page and you will find it.

Fan Of Dan

I have two extra W coupons if anyone would like to swap for an A and/or X coupon.

Mom to 2 Girlies

I have a “W” code, willing to trade for a “A”, “X”, or “S” code.


Looking for a code if anyone has any they’re not going to use – thanks.


Somebody stole my code, what do I do?

I just tried to use my “S” code from my subscription and I’m getting a message “This offer has already been redeemed. Please enter another claim code or leave this field blank.”

What do I do?


I have extra “W” code. Would love to trade for “A”or “X”. Thanks!


Try calling up amazon and explain what happened.



Go steal one back!


Well, Apparently I was wrong it did work. I must’ve clicked the “apply” button twice or something like that so I got the error…

faiga genendel

Still alive? Looks like it is! Any new codes?


Deal still seems to be alive and kickin’!!!

faiga genendel

Oy vay! No code in the october mag!


@faiga genendel:
Which magazine did you check?


got a code today in parenting magazine


Of which month?

faiga genendel

People magazine.


pampers magazine has a 30 percent code. I’m just not sure it works at amazon


shtusim! there is a code in parents magazine


I am trying to order the magazines at with the promo code that expires today but can’t find where to look for magazines. I typed “Parents”, “Parenting”, and “Parenting The Early Years” into the search field but couldn’t find them. Any tips?


You need to go to the store.



Got the new code yesterday in september parenting mag


September has been out for a while.
The question is if October will have it.


I bought 1200 diapers for just under $100 I had about ten codes!!! Thanks amazon!


I got about 2200 diapers for around 80$ thanks dan!


please let us know if you see a coupon in the October parents magazine. thanks!


I see a coupon!


In the October magazine?
What letter does it start with?


It starts with 20% off


I don’t want to say the letters of the code. I don’t want anyone should steal it.


Please be more specific.
-What is the name of your magazine?
-What month is it from?
-What is the first letter of the actual code?


Got mine today!


can anyone mail a code to me if still have one? Thanks!!


It starts with ;


Is anyone else having a problem stacking the September codes? I just entered the “S” code and am trying to stack it with the “W”, but it is not working. It says “We’re sorry, but the promotional code you entered cannot be applied to this purchase. Please refer to your promotional coupon for information about item or store restrictions.” I created a new email account, same cc info and ship to address, but I cannot get the second code to stack…can anyone help?


sroolly: You are either wearing diapers yourself or your simply a moron. Grow up


Can someone please explain how it worked when you used the Borders coupon to buy this mag. in the store? The fine print clearly states magazines are EXCLUDED. Did they let you use it?


Anyway mine neme isn’t reelly sroolly


Can we get a real answer if there are coupons in the october issues of parents? They should be out already!


There will not be an Amazon coupon in Parents Magazine October issue. I have not seen Parenting yet for October.
Parents Mag. Oct. issue has a young girl in a dress on the front cover and I checked every single page on Tuesday.

Sroolly’s real name starts with “Shm…” and ryms with puck.



I’m having a problem even getting the W code to work, let alone get it to stack with an S code. I would love to know what is going on, did anyone get this to work?


no coupon in latest parents magazine, dan, you think amazon finaly caught on? all thx to you dan! anyways, was cool while it lasted, saved me lots of money, thx!! gmar chasima tova


I don’t know what you are talkin about my october one has the same orange coupon as the others.


Which magazine?
What letter code does it start with?

So far all I’ve heard is that there’s no code in the October magazines.


Would not be surprised if takisha is referring to the the coupon that is in every issue


But that’s not orange.


why do i get 15% only? im hitting the 30% off link like you have, dan?? plz help my kid needs diapers asap.


its reddish orangish, she probably got confused.


I am surprised that you updated the post without verifying it yourself. I am referring to the parenting early years and it starts with f


Takisha – I checked several – there is no further Amazon coupons in the October issues.
I’m surprised you’d write what you wrote to Dan without actually confirming
1) you’re looking at the October Issue
2) you’re looking at the Amazon code


@Jennifer: have you checked parenting? Also the fact is that dan updated the post based on your info which may or may not be accurate.


Yes I turned every page on both Magazines. Not sure why you’d lie about a trivial matter.
Good luck with that


Sorry… I was reading the september issue.


I’ve tried 4 different W codes, they don’t appear to stack with the Amazon Mom discount. Is anyone else having that issue?


You can only use a code once per amazon account.



These codes have never been used. I just got them out of the magazine this morning. It gives me an error, that the code cannot be used and to see the details on the discount for a reason. I don’t see a reason why it wouldn’t work, because it hasn’t been used, the only reason I see is because it’s stacking on top of Amazon Mom discount.


I never said the codes were used. I said you can only use a code once per amazon account. You’ll have to open a new amazon account to use another code.


Why don’t I have codes in the Sept issue


hi dan – please post this important part- the only way to get the 30% subscribe and save is to first apply to amazon mom – its free and takes a sec


you need to sign up for amazon mom (free) to get the 30% off with sunscribe and save


There is a new code in the november parents mag it starts with a “Y”. It expires 12/31/2010 . Not sure about parenting, I don’t think the november one is out yet.


Does it make sense that there are only coupons in the magazines you buy in the store and not if you get them delivered??


Did you get the magazine and not have a coupon? There is a guy on ebay selling 20% off diapers with a code that starts with “Y” and expires. 12/31/2010 I assumed it was from parents mag but maybe its from a different mag. He has great feedback so I don’t think he is lying. Can anyone that gets parents mag please check the november issue and let us know? Maybe its from adifferent magazine but I think that there is definitly a “y” code out there.


i got the october parents magazine delivered to my house…where do i find the codes? i didnt see ne ads for it…


no, i ordered the parents magazine from amazon, and even the september issue did not have a coupon. strange.


no codes in october issue


the october ones dont have any codes.
Supposedly the NOVEMBER ones which just came out have a new one. we are trying to verify this. if anyone gets the NOVEMBER issues of parents please post a comment to let us all know oif it is there.


There is a “y” code out there and it expires 12-31-10 the question is what magazine its from. Can anyone help out the oilam?


I just confirmed with an ebay seller selling it. There is a code in the november parents mag. It starts with “y” and expires 12-31-10 it is a greenish yellowish coupon not orange like the past ones. Good luck everyone. If you don’t believe me you can search ebay for “amazon diaper code” and you will find a few sellers already selling it.


Yup there’s a bunch of them on ebay. Yellowish ones this time not orange! Thanks to mr choosid for giving us the heads up! Dan, I think its safe to post it now. You van check yourself on ebay. I actually asked one seller where its from and they said parents. Let the fun start again! Just make sure they are stackable. I cany confirm that just yet.


@love to get stuff for cheap:
where can i get magazines




@ dan,
Are you sure its stackable? Has anyone tried to stack the new code?


I have a code to trade. Im looking for an e-rewards transfer of 500 US airway miles. PM me @ – user name David.


in which magazines can i find coupons



Bubby and zaidy magazine. Are you blind? Can’t you spend a minute and read


can someone tell me which page in the magazine the coupon is? I just got my november issue and can’t seem to find it 🙁 Thank you!


yay! thanks! just got 252 size 1 diapers for like $20.86 or so. 8.2 cents a diaper! wow. thankssss