Prime Members: 30 Pack Of 9×13 Heavy Duty Disposable Aluminum Foil Pans For $8.44-$10.99 From Amazon After Stacking Discounts!

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Update: Alive again after the $2 off coupon making this $8.44-$10.99 shipped!

Prime Members: 30 Pack Of 9×13 Heavy Duty Disposable Aluminum Foil Pans For $8.24-$8.99 From Amazon After Stacking Discounts!

Clip the $2 off coupon on the product page.

This was selling for $24.99 yesterday and is now the lowest price ever from Amazon.

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  • Heavy Weight Half Size Deep Foil Pans – Depth = 2 9/16 Inches, Top Length = 12 3/4 Inches, Top Width = 10 3/8 Inches, Capacity = 120 oz.
  • Made with only heavy-duty aluminium material which is 100% BPA free.
  • Durable Aluminum Foil Pans for baking, cooking, food storage, meal prep and much more.
  • Flexible Rim – Full curl rim can be easily bent to cover all the pan’s edges.
  • Premium Durable Quality Foil Pans for all Your Daily Needs. These Deep Foil Aluminum Containers are ideal for small take-outs, side dishes, baked pastries, and food businesses.

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Dan\'s the man

Is this cheaper than Costco?


the price varies by location, but i just picked one up recently for a little over $10, so currently costco is better
the question is what’s the quality of this vs Costco
Costco is great – much better than any of the jewish brands sold in kosher stores


yes and also cheaper than BJs


I only have 25% coupon


Anyone else only seeing 25%?


40% code dead, only 25% on the pans with no lids


I’m only seeing 25% coupon


I got it for $5.59!
Shipping & Handling:
Your Coupon Savings
Your Coupon Savings
Total Before Tax:
Estimated Tax Collected:
Order Total


showing 25% for me

Darrell Martinsen

Product page only shows 25% coupon $11.25 pre-tax


I only see a coupon for 25%


Hechsher ?


Deal is dead. Coupon is 40%, Subscribe and Save discount is only 5%

G man



Not if you eat them


Or depends what you cook in it.

G man

Educate yourself before posting “funny” comments please

Anyone know ?

Actually, I learned that some of these pans are “pre-seasoned” with some type of cooking oil when manufactured. So many people are very careful about buying tin pans on Pesach & all year round. And toaster oven settings are also sometimes pre-tested at the factory by cooking toast in them, so that is another separate issue for Pesach / kashrus. Never a dull moment !



Didn\'t pan out

Only seeing $10.34