Price Mistake? Andersen 12′ X 3′ WaterHog Entrance Indoor/Outdoor Medium Brown Floor Mat For Just $33.74 Shipped From Amazon!


Update: DEAD!

Andersen 12′ X 3′ WaterHog Entrance Indoor/Outdoor Medium Brown Floor Mat For Just $33.74 Shipped From Amazon!

The other colors of this rug sell for $141.77 and have fantastic 4.7 star ratings!


-Polypropylene fiber system dries quickly and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use
-Unique ridged construction effectively stores dirt and moisture beneath shoe level
-Exclusive “water dam” border keeps dirt and water in the amt and off the floor, minimizing slip hazards and floor damage
-Green friendly rubber backing has 20 percent recycled rubber content
-Exclusive rubber reinforced face nubs prevent pile from crushing in high traffic areas

HT: Davidthebest, via DDF

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Thanks Dan, got one.


in for 2!


In for 5 for shul. Tyvvvvvm


The product dimensions are not consistent with the claim that it is 12 FEET Z long


Why not?


Definitely a price mistake, it’s dead already…. Amazon sucks if lately, had three items cancelled in the past month, no luck with chat or HUCA, no budging with honoring or offering credit (for both sold by Amazon a and third parties).


Does anyone know if this would work for a sukkah floor?


Is normally 37 on eBay. So not such a deal. Select 23”x35”.


Only works on that link and only if you place in cart, doubt it will hold but I did place order for 2 and it did go through


Why not?

Are you joking?
That’s 2 by 3 feet, this is 12 by 3 feet!


Just got it so it’s not dead


It’s not dead. I just ordered 2 of them for my Shul. Hopefully they won’t cancel.


@Dan: UNDER product details it says 36.4 x 8.9 x 7.8 inches


Do you think this has resale potential? The size/color is pretty specific…


There is no product that size. Either way, the assembled size details on Amazon are wrong more often than right.

But worst case scenario here is you get a refund.


In April there was also a deal for this same company mat (larger size) and interestingly with the same price of $33.74, but they were canceled.
Still was worth a try ordering.


I received my mat that I orders in Apr…it wasn’t canceled. Just delayed since I ordered in April but received it may 12th. Btw, mine is still boxed if anyone wants to buy it from me. Just pay what I paid plus shipping and it’s yours. I got a little too excited and ordered one when I didn’t really need it. *smile*


@Kbzsk: Whats your contact details and where are you located?

for sale

dont need mine $50 and its yours..


I just got one and am willing to sell for 75 if anyone is interested thru PayPal.


I’m in Austin, TX. You can email me at if you’re still interested in rug/mat. Thanks!
(Btw, I’m not sure how to get notifications on ‘comments’ from Dan’s blog, if that’s possible. I have to try to remember where I comment and then check back, lol. If anyone knows if that’s possible, pls let me know.)


@Mosdefinately: @Mosdefinately:

is the one you got 12′ x 3′ or did they ship a different size?

mr g

mine shipped today. located in Brooklyn, NY not sure if i have any use for it LOL


Delivered!!! 4 out of ten so far!! Rest says shipped!!
Thanx Dan!!


All 10 delivered!!