Today Only: Panasonic Arc5 Men’s 5-Blade Cordless Electric Razor Now Just $94.99 After $55 Price Drop And More From Amazon

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Today Only: Panasonic Arc5 Men’s 5-Blade Cordless Electric Razor Now Just $94.99 After $55 Price Drop

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This was selling for $149.99 earlier this week and is now the lowest price ever from Amazon.

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  • The premium, award-winning Panasonic Arc5 electric razor features a 5-blade shaving system with precision-honed 30° blades for outstanding closeness
  • Panasonic’s fastest, most powerful Hyper Performance linear motor delivers 14,000 cuts per minute – that’s 70,000 cross-cutting actions per minute across 5 blades – for fast, efficient shaving; a built-in Arc 5 shaving sensor monitors differences in beard density and automatically adjust cutting power for exceptional comfort
  • Built-in Panasonic Arc5 shaving sensor continually detects differences in beard density as you shave to automatically adjust electric razor power for a more even shave
  • Multi-Flex pivoting head enables this men’s electric razor to glide smoothly along the individual contours of the face, chin, neck and jaw, Multi-fit ARC foils gently conform to facial contours for enhanced shaver comfort
  • The ES-LV65 shaving machine includes a Pop-Up Trimmer to quickly detail sideburns and mustaches, wet/dry operation for convenient shaving in or out of the shower and a 10-stage LCD to check Arc 5 shaver status at a glance Compatible accessories: WES9032P, WES9173P, WES9170P
  • charging time 1 hour and operation time is 45 minutes and power source is AC 100-240V (Automatic International Dual Voltage Conversion)

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Does anyone know if this shaver is kosher?

M. Josef

Please don’t eat it.

On the other hand, does anyone know how this compares to other shavers?

I’m looking for the best one on market, any guidance/references would be appreciated.



I’ve been using the Panasonic ARC series for a while…Just upped to this particular model last week… It’s faster and quiter than my previous ARC3, but the number of coils also makes it a LOT bigger, which I haven’t quite gotten used to yet…
I find the Panasonics to give a far closer and quicker shave than the Norelcos (but I haven’t used a Norelco in many years)
They do take time getting used to if you haven’t used this type yet…


How does this shaver compare to the Braun 7 series?

Zoobie Zoob

Is this kosher?


Dan – you shouldn’t be posting razors with clarifying regarding its kashrus. Would you post a kosher ham deal (or whatever) without putting in the word kosher?


As a Lubavitcher, they’re all treif for me 😉

I’d suggest asking your LOR for guidance on whether a shaver is kosher and if it is not, how they can be modified to become kosher. Nothing wrong with a little personal responsibility.


Ppl trust your site w/o doing their own research.


If you’re trusting a site ran by 2 guys that have never trimmed their beards for which razor to get, you’re going to have issues 😉

I’ve never researched what needs to be done to make a razor kosher in my life. AYLOR.

Steven Ebbin


Dan just saying. I am not always in favor of things mentioned on your site but, your response in this case was EPIC!


Ali after with you but at the same time it wouldn’t Hurt to put a disclaimer in the post saying that you aren’t unaware of its kashrut status and purchasers must do their own due diligence

Loren Pechtel

A good razor.


Personal responsibility – yes. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care not to misguide.

Unfortunately, not everyone is meticulous, or even religious. “Lifnei Eever” applies in cases even where the other party should have taken more responsibility.

Reb yisrael

Get some help friendo

Eliezer N Eisenberg

You realize that there are respected poskim that are mattir all electric razors. There are those that prohibit all of them. There are those that allow some and prohibit others. How can you say that it is lifnei iver if there are poskim that allow this electric shaver? Is it lifnei iver to sell a sheitel because of the sefardim? Is it lifnei iver to sell a Moreh Nevuchim because of Rabbeinu Yonah? Is it lifnei iver to sell mishnayos with yachin boaz because of the Satmerers? Is it lifnei iver to sell Hershey bars because of everyone that paskens notn like Reb Moshe and the Chazon Ish? These are rhetorical questions, with the implicit answer being “No.”


Um…So is it kosher? If you remove the lift and cuts??


How does this compare to the Braun 5 or 7 series?


Same q.


Dan is posting deals. It’s not his job to check kashrus. It’s the buyers job.


I am interested in eating this shaver.. anyone have any kashrus details?

Daniel P

Dan.. Thank you so much for posting!

Reb yisrael

Does the shaver become fleishigs if I use it after meat? Lots of sheilas here. Please advise.


You’ll be better of with a Philips. They’re Dutch so you would only have to wait one hour between trims.

Reb yisrael

You’re my new Rav


Make your donation payable to the Fullabulla Rebbe. Happy to answer your shailos anytime. 🙂


i showed this to my LOR who has looked at hundreds of shavers, he told me not to use it…


I purchased this last year when it went on sale. Great Shaver


They have a point – posting the deal could seem like an endorsement of some kind. No reason to make fun of people for pointing that out. It could be helpful to add a short disclaimer to the effect of “DansDeals is not aware of the halachik status of this product” or “We are aware that some poskim approve of this product but each person should check with his own LOR”.

When someone posted a deal on straight razors in DDF everyone bashed him, so it’s clear that there is a line that isn’t to be crossed – and hence a form of endorsement by choosing to post this.


Folks, its not Dan’s job to pasken about your shaver lol Feel free to ask respectfully here from the others if you wish.


Regarding the kashrus level , Shave VAl T`Aseh Adif 🙂


I don’t know. But you can always return it…. ha-shave tashiv


Perhaps you COULD say – B’Shaver Panim Yafos?


Stick with norelco