Nuvi 260 GPS For Just $240.23 Shipped From Amazon!


Update: Now just $207.67, a record low price!!! Have Amazon call you to get a price adjustment for previous purchases! (There is no limit to the number of price adjustments that Amazon will give you within 30 days!)

Originally posted on 03/17

This ultra-compact GPS navigator has an internal antenna, and (unlike the Nuvi’s numbered 200-250) it does have the critical text-to-speech feature, so street and highway names will be spoken aloud.

I’m a huge fan of Nuvi’s, there’s really no good reason to buy any other GPS unit that’s out there today…

Nuvi 260 Linky

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How do these things work, is there a monthly fee?


A standalone GPS unit receives its position for free, courtesy of US government satellites.

A phone with built-in GPS may require a monthly fee to be paid to your wireless provider.


Garmin nüvi 360 3.5-Inch Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator $230.73
This one looks much better for only an additional $10.00
Thank you, I am getting my first GPS


you can get the nuvi 360 on amazon for about the same price


The Nuvi 360 is older, bigger, and has an external antenna.

Granted though the 360 does have Bluetooth, which the 260 doesn’t.


After looking in to it, between these 2 the 260 and the 360 i think the 360 is the better choice, but i am a little skeptical, because Dan does not approve, he still beleives the 260 is better,
so I ask of the readers (or Dan) who have access to consumer reports to see if they have information regarding our dillema.


It’s very simple.
The 260 is better in every way except for bluetooth.
If you want bluetooth go for the 360.

sprint m

i have the 260 and im ok with it. what bothers me about the nuvi is that i cant teach it which streets are in error on their system. also i cant teach it the quickest way from my house to the highway through back streets. i think in a year we will all be laughing…remember the old gps that you couldnt program. untill then, wel suffered

israel traveler

Hey Dan, I need a GPS that works in Israel and the states. Does this one have an option to add Israel, or is there a GPS that can do both?

loyal reader

Dan, this has very little to do with the nuvi…but we know that a large assortment of people read your blog. I am writing about the ridiculous price of gas. Near Kan Tziva I filled up my car tank for a bit under $3.60 @ gallon!!! I think these ridiculous gas prices should be a platform for our presidential candidates. Dan, there might be a way for you to spread the word and do something about this!
Thank u




360 has MP3 player 260 doesn’t – helpful for listening to MP3’s on an SD card – eliminates extra gadget.




does it work in Israel?


Price Update: $208.49


Just bought my first gps,dan!


I got the Nuvi 260 when you first posted the deal a few months ago… mainly because you said (and still say) that the 260 does have the critical text to speech… Mine does not seem to have this? It only sayd turn right in x miles etc. I assume (and hope!) that I am doing something wrong. (as you don’t usually make these kind of mistakes! 🙂 Can you help me with this? I love it otherwise… thanks!!


The 260 definitely has text-to-speech.

The only obvious fix that I can suggest is to go to settings and make sure that the voice you have chosen offers text-to-speech.

If that doesn’t work try contacting Garmin to figure out what the problem is.


just got a nuvi 360 and the bluetooth is excellent so it does have an atenna big deal but the best feature besides the GPS is bluetooth.


im using gps for years and the best is the tomtom and cost bet 150 and 250 for the big screen i will never change for others


Guys – what’s the best place to get Computer Ram for cheap? thanks


Notebook or Desktop ram?


Cheers Dan, just ordered through your link. Had a NUVI before my Sony but am going back.

twin cities

im also looking for desktop ram


desktop – thanks