Nescafe Dolce Gusto Genio 2 Espresso, Cappuccino, And Latte Pod Machine For $53.44 From Amazon After $77 Price Drop!

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Update: Alive again!

Update: DEAD!

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Genio 2 Espresso, Cappuccino, And Latte Pod Machine For $53.44 From Amazon After $79 Price Drop!

-Clip the 40% off coupon on the product page. Coupon can also be applied to the other machine options.

This was selling for $129.99 yesterday and is now the lowest price ever from Amazon.

  • The Nescafe Dolce Gusto Genio 2 is an automatic capsule coffee machine, designed to perfectly fit your single cup, black and specialty coffee brewing needs with a small footprint
  • COFFEE HOUSE INSPIRED DRINKS – Explore the wide variety of decadent flavors and coffee house inspired drinks offered by the Nescafe Dolce Gusto capsule-based coffee machine. With 15 flavor varieties, choose from authentic Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Latte, and more.
  • EASY INTERFACE – Use the toggle-stick to adjust the LED display controlling the size and intensity of your coffee, Match the LED bars to the bars on your Dolce Gusto capsule, position the toggle stick to either hot or cold, and brew.
  • PRESSURE BASED SYSTEM – The Genio 2’s 15 bars of pressure allows high level extraction for optimal flavor, aroma, and body delivered consistently in every cup
  • ULTIMATE COFFEE FRESHNESS – After spending our time crafting the perfect coffee, we then hermetically seal the capsule to prevent humidity and oxygen from damaging our coffee. This proprietary technology ensures an intensely aromatic and fresh cup every time.
  • CUSTOMIZATION – Use the toggle stick to control the LED display to select the size and temperature to create your perfect cup.

HT: jack6941.

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Price goes up to $129 in cart 🙁


Did you clip the coupon and go to final checkout?


Yes. Jumped to129 at checkout and gave 40% off 129


Yeah, what Joe said. Sorry I wasn’t clear.


Comes out to 87.41


The final price is $77.99 plus tax.


Thanks got it for 54$

Orrin d

How? Best i see is $77


$53.44 now


Anyone has one is this decent?


What’s the kosher sitch on these pods


$33.44 using 1 Citi TY point


Hate how Amazon blends the promotional discount on an item with the promo credit in account. Want to unselect using my credit, because might return.

Anyone know if these accept any and all pods?


only Dolce Gusto, no kcups


Thanks. I want an espresso machine, but I don’t want to be locked into buying 1 brand of pods.
Are any espresso machines compatible with all pods (like my Keurig is for k cups)?


whats the kosher status on the capsules?, cant find any ou labels on it


Not sure offhand, but unflavored coffee capsules don’t need a hechsher.




Beware – Certified by KLBD (no logo)…only if manufactured in the UK.

I can’t seem to find any pods with a hechsher.

Also, from a review on Amazon:

If you are tired of looking for Dolce Gusto pods at a reasonable price, you are not alone. If you are researching for a new coffee machine, DON’T BUY a Dolce Gusto.

Don’t misread me: I love my Dolce Gusto machine, and the coffee it makes (I actually counted 93 capsule orders at Amazon in the last years).

If you are a long-time Dolce Gusto customer, you know it is getting harder to get pods in the US. After some research, I found out that Nestlé has reduced or discontinued Dolce Gusto pod availability in many other markets (Canada, Australia…). First, they killed their loyalty program. Then, they quit selling pods directly. If you try to buy directly from a British distributor (3-week delivery), prices are now proportionally higher.


How do you know if they are manufactured in the UK? They are available to purchase on amazon, but not sure where they are made. I love the concept of the macchiattos etc, in such simple way, and would love to get something like this!]



Kat man



No thanks!

The same scam as with printers, get our product for a discount to get you locked into expensive proprietary refills


Exactly. What espresso machines have universal allowance for pods?


Can hold nespresso pods or totally not?


Seems not.

Kat man

got it thanks Dan

Kat man

where do you get kosher cappucino capsules for this machine


Coupon doesn’t seem to be working even though it’s clipped