Load $20 To Your Amazon Account At Select Retailers And Get A $10 Bonus!

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Update: This offer expires tomorrow!

Originally posted on 6/13:
Load $20 To Your Amazon Account At Select Retailers And Get A $10 Bonus

Amazon Cash is intended to allow you to load cash onto your Amazon account at select retailers, including CVS, GameStop, Speedway, and more. The funds will be added to your Amazon gift card balance and will never expire.

If you load $20 to your Amazon account by 7/31 you’ll get a $10 promo credit, good for anything sold from Amazon. The $10 promo credit expires 8/31. The gift card funds will work for items sold by 3rd parties, but the $10 promo credit only works for items sold by Amazon.

You can print a barcode or get a barcode to display on your phone via the link above to load funds onto your Amazon account.

I just went to CVS and loaded $20 onto 2 of my Amazon accounts in 2 transactions. Despite the program being called Amazon Cash, I had no problem loading funds with my credit card.

The $20 in funds were immediately added to both accounts and each account immediately also received the $10 bonus.

-You can view your Amazon gift card balance here. Note that the promo credit will not show up there, you must checkout with an item sold by Amazon and you will see the credit on the checkout page.

-You can share your Amazon Prime benefits with anyone in your household via this link.

You can take advantage of this promotion once per Amazon account.

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The charges were coded as Drug Store?


I tried this with a previous bonus, but the staff at my local CVS had no clue about Amazon Cash or how to load.

Peter s

Yup. Happened to me at a Chicago Goldcoast CVS


So, is this for all Amazon or only prime ?


Can this be done at their self checkout machines? Most CVS store I’ve been in have no one at the registers.


Thanks, just printed out the barcode and will try it soon at CVS. Hopefully the book list will come out soon for the kids’ school next year so I can see what I might need to pick up.


How does this work? Just show the cashier the barcode and hand her $20 Then the credit goes to your account?


Thank you. Was easy as pie. In and out under a minute. Good way to get back 5% on Amazon with Chase freedom now.


You need to to to the cashier as most phones cannot be scanned by the self checkout.


anybody know how to do this at self checkout?


Is there any link to actually see a credit on Amazon?


Can this be done multiple times, i.e., at CVS, GameStop, etc. ?


You can load your account as many times as you want. But the $10 promotion will appear only once.


Can the credit and cash be used for subscribe and save?


No.i was at CVS Manhattan 8th x 34th and the CVS self checkout Rep told me NO.


Yelped, freedom now 5% on Amazon? Are you sure?


@Myi: the only way to see $10 promotional credit is to add an Amazon-sold item to your cart. The credit will be shown on the payment screen. Then you can cancel the item, if you wish. The promotional credit does show up as part of your account balance.


@Berele: only once per account! Please read the post before asking questions already answered.


How do I find the barcode for my giftcard balance on my Amazon account? I went to the page but didnt’ see any barcode. Thanks!


will this for buying $50 worth of stuff from amazon ( Amex Promo)?


@steve: Thanks! My bad!


5% on drug stores

David R

Do you get the promo $10 if you load more or less than $20?


@David R: you get the promo if you load $20 or more.


Am I supposed to see the $10 in my account somewhere? I added $20 at CVS this morning. My gift card balance is only showing $20 more than I had before I went to CVS. I also tried putting something in my cart and it’s not showing the additional $10 when I go to check out.


I got it now. Maybe I didn’t load an Amazon item the first time I tried.

Picture of Bar Code

Is there any reason a picture of the printed bar code will not work taken by the phone camera? (resolution, wavy lines, etc)

Only $15 load

Above my barcode it says to load $15-$500 for the credit. Anyone else only have to load $15 instead of $20?


Be careful, as noted the $10 bonus is only good for items sold and shipped by Amazon. It is pretty hard to find these items, like using somed filter, thus making using the bonus requiring quite some work. May not be worth it for some ppl.


I already used the promo last time can I get the $10 again?


Do they ID you? Want to load my wife’s account


what items did people get with the $10 bonus credit? i can’t seem to find any that it shows up for???


Shows up when buying something sold by Amazon as Cash Promo. Note, any return negates promotion. Learned the hard way.


I tried to buy an Amazon Dot – which my guess is the item is sold and shipped by Amazon and I still did NOT see my extra 10 dollars.


The link is still active as of 8/1. Anyone try it?


Dan, Is this your credit? I loaded the $20 right before the deal expired, however when I made on order I did not see any $10 credit even though the item was sold my Amazon. I decided to take the loss and did not contact Amazon. However, Today I received an email from Amazon, Stating:
” We learned that you didn’t receive the $10 promotional credit for your order. The credit is now on your account and ready for use.”