Kohl’s Will Accept Amazon Returns Nationwide!

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Kohl’s announced that you will be able to return Amazon items to their 1,150 stores nationwide.

Currently the program is available at stores in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Los Angeles, but the program will be rolled out nationwide over the coming months.

Amazon currently offers free return shipping in select categories such as clothing, but all Amazon returns to Kohl’s stores will be free of charge and you won’t even have to box your item up for return!

Will you return Amazon items to Kohl’s?


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Charles D

This is great!!


Our kohl’s store in Chicago accepts Amazon returns, but for some reason that never appears as an option when I try to return something

Elan Sassoon

This is incredible, can’t wait to use!


Have made many returns to Kohl’s in Chicago. You do not need to pack up they items, they do it for you. You also get a coupon for use at Kohl’s when you make the amazon return. There are other stores that Amazon has a deal with to do this as well. It should be noted that not all items can be returned to Kohl’s. I am not sure what the basis for which Amazon decides what is returned to Amazon via UPS, Amazon Locker, and Kohl’s. I suspect it may have to do with whether the product is being shipped back to an Amazon distribution center to then be restocked on the shelf or it is going back to the source (manufacturer or Amazon reseller).


I have called Amazon for particular items and they have said kohl’s is not an option. This has happened more than once.


I believe its only available for items shipped and sold by amazon


They loose 1000$s from returns.
Smart move for them.


It seems to me that in addition to likely receiving a monetary benefit from Amazon, Kohl’s would like you to remember that they exist so that you can spend your money with them, as some of you may have done pre-Amazon.


Awesome for those items that don’t include Free Returns!


Does this mean all items sold by Amazon has free return shipping?

Living in a Cyclone Bomb

No, read the post. You don’t ship it. You DRIVE it to the Kohl’s store nearest you.



Barbara Rosen

Great !!!

Living in a Cyclone Bomb

Uh, YES!!!!
This is awesome!!!


Kohl’s is literally the worst place in the world to do a return. I sooner pay $8 to ship something back to Kohl’s so I don’t have to stand in that line for a return. Don’t really see this as a plus


Amazon has a separate desk.
Atleast in the kohl’s I have been to.
You don’t deal with the kohl’s workers.


I have found the local Kohl’s stores for me to usually not have long lines, anyway, and the returns reps have been as efficient and accommodating as they can be.


Maybe you haven’t tried it. They have a separate line for Amazon returns and I have never had more than 1 person in front of me in line. The process is super quick too and the time I save not having to package the return makes it totally worth it for me, especially because our local Kohl’s is in a center I visit often anyway.

Betsy Shurack

Super happy love kohl’s love amazon


I live in Chicago and have used this service many times. For me it’s more convenient than ups even when that’s an option for free. No boxing needed and generally short wait. Did two returns there in the past week. A real plus


how does this work? do i need to generate a return label first with some sort of barcode?


You get a barcode that they scan
That is it! You bring the barcode and the items. They do the label and packaging. Then you get a receipt with a 25% off coupon to use in kohl’s within the week.


Why would kohls help their biggest competitor?


Now the line to return is going to be hours. Kohls usually has just as many people returning at any given time as buying, and there’s usually only 1 return register. I sure won’t be buying at Kohl’s anymore, now that returns will become a full day trip, but I’ll definitely appreciate this as an option for my Amazon buys.


Kohls is the worst store in the world.
They are overpriced , junk, and long lines.
Do not step foot in any of there stores. you will regret it.


I just returned at a kohl’s and received a 25% kohl’s coupon to spend in store only! This will be great!

VA amazon customer

UGH. UPS store is literally a 2 minute drive. Kohl’s is a 25 minute drive. BOO! I’m not happy about this.