HURRY! Lightning Deal: USPS Forever Stamps For 42.5 Cents/Stamp Shipped From Amazon!

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Update: DEAD!

On January 27th Forever Stamps went up in cost to 55 cents/stamp.

Buy each size to stock up on Stamps now!

  • Forever stamps are always valid for first-class one ounce postage, and can be used towards total postage cost of any USPS mailing
  • Brand new double-sided booklet of 20 Forever Stamps
  • Forever stamps are always valid for first-class one ounce postage
  • Brand new USPS stamps, no longer available for sale in post offices
  • Stamps feature the US Flag

HT: YossieW.

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amex amazon



You can only get a lightning deal once each.

Stewart Nemiro

Hi Dan.. always nervous when I see discounted postage stamps. So many counterfeits out there. Is this from office DEP or office depot? Thanks, as always!

Take a risk

It was a lightning round deal, I’m fully confident Amazon backs this up.


From USPS.


They charge tax


No tax.


Not to NY


Not to FL either


In for 100. Thanks Dan.


Thanks for the savings and the reminder about the increase, Dan. Don’t use stamps often but every penny counts! Saved $3.00 on a package of 40 stamps at current price, would be $5.00 with upcoming change from 50 cents to 55 cents. We know most Amazon retail price’s are bogus.



aharon landau

Have bought these stamps on Amazon & ebay 95%of them are counterfeit & no returns allowed! So buyers beware, before you buy! Since stamps are going up with a big jump of 10% ,the non counterfeit are not available @ this time !

esther Gottlieb

Fabulous! In for 300! Thanks Dan!


Wow, great deal! Thanks JJ!


Just bought 100 pieces at 1:51pm


Ordered 100. No tax.
Thanks dan!


What’s the reason for the low price??


They appear to charge sales tax for PA. Still a good deal though, thanks for posting!


No tax to NY


Now all unavailable or lightning deal 100% claimed.


how can i order for a friend? being that i ordered, its not allowing a 2nd order.


Showing me a price for $55.95 + Tax

m greenberger

price is $55,95 for 100

m greenberger

price went up

Better Letter addressing services

As the owner of Better Letter CPU (contract postal unit), an official USPS retailer in Williamsburg we came across many of these “Metzias”. One customer came to us after an entire box of invitations never reached their destination. People also told us that the local Post Office refused to accept mail stamped with these stamps. A trained eye can quickly detect the differences. Good luck with your mail.

Dov Steiner

Im looking for 1000 stamps for 35 cents each


looking for 10,000 stamps for .25 each…


And I was only worried that the USPS would lose my order in shipping. Didn’t even think about the counterfeit angle.


I will test them by mailing something to myself …if it doesnt get to me i will return them to amazon


I got my order today,these are definitely counterfeit, on the real stamp from the USPS in between the 2nd & 3rd right red lines there is a micro print “USPS” (visible to the eye), on the Amazon ones there isn’t any micro-print. Will return!


good to know. thanks

Good deal

I do see the micro-print on the 4th red line from the top that is closer to the stars. It’s on the right side of the line.


They are legit. I tested them out personally and they worked just fine.


Also got my order and compared to Post office bought stamps, you are correct. The Amazon ones are missing the extra print!

Menachem Stolik

Can anyone confirm if these are legit stamps?


They are legit. I tested it out and letter went through just fine.


That means nothing. Send in a closeup pic and ill tell u if its fake. I know the signs on the style


Hi Dan and JJ,
I don’t need you to post this comment. I just didn’t see how to contact you guys.
I wasn’t sure if you guys only do online deals but if you don’t, Costco hasn’t changed their stamp price yet. They will change it on 1/17/19. Not available online.

Jonathan Ezor

Thanks much. Got one.


great deal. just got the book of 40 for 16.97


Last time around I ordered these stamps and tested them out by mailing myself a letter using one of the stamps. I received the letter. This is just my anecdotal experience.

please help

the book of 100 is $59 where do you see $42???

please help

Got it I had to choose the lightning deal option.
got 100 thank you DAN!!!

sarah C Lagnado

You can get the 100, 60,40 and 20 count all for the same price per stamp.


The book of 100 is now $59


Nice, don’t use a ton of stamps anymore but finished up the one’s I had in my checkbook cover (which is also rarely used) the other day.
To mail state EV rebate that had to be submitted on paper. Also we as save the $20 for e-filing State taxes every year by mailing.

I digress – I was shocked that 1st class stamps were now .55c but with deal and Chase Prime 5% cash back works out to 27% off or about .40c and mostly like more in the future with more increases.


I will bring them to my local post office to verify before I try using any.




Dead, at 12:07


just bought now 40 for 16.97


just went dead for a 2nd time


Can someone please verify if they have authenticated the stamps we received? Maybe checked with the post office or used a test mailing? I got 20 – and now am wondering based on some of the comments if we need to worry. Thanks!

aharon landau

We hen mailing a few pieces of mail it will go through the system! But when mailing bulk like invitations it’s liable to be returned or dumped if stamps are counterfeit! Also if it goes through , it is genaivah from the federal govt which is a federal crime & a chilul hashem! Stamps can be verified with a ultraviolet light that checks for counterfeit stamps! USPS uses a special paper that comes back with different color than counterfied stamps! So check it out before you mail!