HURRY! Get A Free Limited Edition Gund Teddy Bear When You Buy A $100 Amazon Gift Card!


Update, 11/19: The minimum gift card purchase to get the free bear is now $200.

Update, 11/18 at 11:30PM: The $100 gift card option is no longer available. The minimum gift card purchase to get the free bear is now $150.


Get A Free Limited Edition Gund Teddy Bear When You Buy A $100 Amazon Gift Card

Simply add the gift card above to your cart and it will ship with the Teddy Bear pictured.

-Use your registered AMEX card to receive a $15 statement credit.


-Use your registered Chase Freedom card to earn 5-5.5 points per dollar on up to $1,500 of Amazon purchases between 10/01-11/22. You can also earn 10-11 points per dollar on an additional $1,500 of Amazon purchases between 11/23-12/31.

-Limit of 25 per Amazon account.

-Limited Quantities Available
-Gift card is affixed to a collectible annual Amazon teddy bear produced by Gund
-Teddy bear is 10 x 8 x 14 inches and surface washable; cap is sewn onto bear
-Free One-Day Shipping
-No returns and no refunds on Gift cards
-Gift card has no fees and no expiration date
-Gift card is redeemable towards millions of items storewide at

Amazon offers free shipping with $25+ orders or get free 1 day shipping on all orders with a free trial of Amazon Prime. A prime trial is also free with Amazon Family (which also gets you up to 20% off diapers among other benefits) or Amazon Student. EBT/Medicaid Cardholders can save on Prime Membership here.

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What's the hurry?



Hurry! For a Teddy Bear?? Seriously???


Why would I hurry?


Cuddle up with a teddy!


Hahaha can’t stop laughing from this post!!


Thanks. Got two, so far. Do they have to be in separate orders? Also, why HURRY?


Can you buy the gift card with amazon credit?


JJ wrote hurry because in the past the nicer free gift items have sold out quickly. Hence, hurry before it sells out as it definitely will sell out.

And with all of the AMEX and Chase promotions for Amazon, lots of people are buying Amazon gift cards anyway. Might as well get something nice as a bonus for free.

Seems like you can order up to 25 in the same order.



Dan can I get it via my Amex premier rewards gold -mileage plus x?



Why so serious? Hurry.

Because they will run out? The teddy bear is free. Duh?


Thank you!


@Dan: an what is the reason for that dan ?
If reg amex amazon offer would work .why would the travel -amazon offer not work?


Whats better – pay $90 for $120 amazon gc or $85 for $100 gc + teddy bear?


Get the bear> Dump it in the toy closet> close the door> get another free something


Because MPX isn’t buying from Amazon, it’s buying from MPX.

If you’re going to maximize the 25% off Amazon savings anyway the only difference in the equation is that you’re buying an extra $40 Amazon gfit card and getting a free teddy bear for it.

Give it to the kids?


Think jj just trying to see if anyone takes Dan literally and als if his post gets something out of stock quickly


Are you seriously comparing a free gift for buying $100 Amazon gift cards that everyone is stocking up on anyway and that are as good as cash to most people to a gift for buying a $2,500 camera??

English please?


@Dan: David
Dan when I use the MPX I’m however getting to the same amazon website as usual .


@Dan: beg to differ rather wait 5 days and get a 40 dollar gift card with freedom


I don’t think you understand how MPX works.
You only get credit for buying GCs from their app. There’s no way to get this promotion with that.

Depends on whether you plan to maximize that as well.
Can flip all the Amazon GCs at a profit easily when you’re earning 11x ppd.


You are getting a bear with Amazon logo on it.
Great, get your kids seeing their ads at a young age!
Btw the bear costs $15 to buy:



Dan come on you can take a joke I was trying to show the world how Amazon will get PR for a teddy bear while others won’t even get for giving away a free tv


If there was a free TV for buying a GC you better believe it would be posted.

What good is a “free” TV when you need to buy a $2,500 camera to get it?

Normal Question (compared to the haters on this thread)

does the gift card an expiration if so when?

Normal Question (compared to the haters on this thread)

I see it doesn’t. I’m getting i thx dan!

Normal Question (compared to the haters on this thread)

darn, missed it I think it’s still up for $150+


@Dan: “11x ppd”????


@Dan: what do u mean flip it as a profit


Dead now 150 experiment worked


are the $100 GC sold out? The lowest I see is $150.


@Normal Question (compared to the haters on this thread):
And that’s exactly why JJ wrote hurry.
Probably will go up to $200 by tomorrow.

11 points per dollar.

Sell the gift cards to someone else.

$100 is now dead.




Alive again


now $200


minimum is 200 now


I have the deal on 50+ cards. I am definitely not maximizing this deal by buying that many gcs for myself. There’s very little profit in the resale market based on the online websites that I see. So I ask you again, would you rather spend $90 for $120 GC or $85 for $100+bear?


On DDF people have sold Amazon GCs in the past for ~90-94%.

Regardless it’s a moot point. The minimum purchase for this has gone up to $150.


@Dan: how do they collect the money

aa gold

look guys this post is for guys that have the freedom card and have to spend $1500 to max out the points and they might as will get a teddy bear in for 2 and waiting and yes i missed the 100 cards so yes i lost 10point for the swipe as i could have got 3 and yes Dan i still get the 10 points and 10% so i am loving it

this is my best card


Doubt DDFers will buy Amazon GCs at that rate anytime soon due to the Amex offer.
@aa gold:
I guess you would prefer 600 UR over $15 + 45 MR?


Can more than one cc be used in an amazon order


How do you sell ddf how do u collect the money

aa gold

@Hmmmm for that i dont need to buy a 150 gift card i can buy other things for $60


@ Anonymous, for starters you can probably sell it to GC resellers like Raise, Cardpool or Cardcash or even on Ebay, be careful selling on Ebay, lots of scam buyers of giftcards


$250 minimum now…


$500 now!!!!