HURRY! 72 GoGo SqueeZ Organic Applesauce Variety Pack Pouches For Just $10.47-$11.70 Shipped From Amazon!

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Update: DEAD!

Update: This is alive again and now just $10.47-$11.70 shipped via Subscribe And Save.

Note that several commenters said that they only received 12 pouches, but after contacting Amazon they were either able to keep the 12 pouches and receive a full refund or they were able to order the full 72 pouches for the same price.

HURRY! 72 GoGo SqueeZ Organic Applesauce Variety Pack Pouches For Just $12.32 From Amazon!

-Contains 36 AppleApple, 18 AppleBanana, and 18 AppleStrawberry pouches.

-Even though it says temporarily out of stock you can still order it now to lock in this price.

  • Organic applesauce on the GoGo made from 100% real fruit in portable, BPA-free, squeezable pouches
  • Made fom 100% real fruit, kosher certified, non-GMO, gluten free, nut free, dairy free, no added colors, flavors, or high fructose corn syrup
  • Healthy, convenient snacks perfect for kids sports teams, classroom snacks, family-friendly parties, and outdoor entertaining
  • Pouches fit perfectly in a lunchbox or backpack-pop a pouch in the freezer overnight, and use it as an icepack in your child’s lunch
  • At GoGo squeeZ, our mission is to make it easier for families to be healthier and happier. With over 20 varieties of fruit and veggieZ on-the-go, plus new GoGo squeeZ BlastZ, we’re more than just Applesauce, we’re Goodness on the Go!

HT: mileagejunkie.

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What’s the regular price?


Kids love these and it’s a great price, in for 30. Hope they ship


30 !? if i was you i will go with 90, and i will be sure that it will actually ship


Mess it up for the rest of us


In for 10, now price $85.31


Thank you!


My two little ones used to have 3-4 these a day. Thankfully we weaned them off of them such a waste of money in general.


This ia obviously a price/listing mistake. It’s giving you the price for 1 box of 12 not 6 boxes of 12 as it says 12.32 ($1.03 / Count).

How likely are they to actually ship 72 pouches and not just 12?


In for one, thanks.


Not allowing it to add it to my cart


Out of stock


When I add it to my cart, it’s not showing up in my cart.

Yehuda Cohen

It’s not letting me buy it
Keeps saying My cart is empty And it won’t let me add it to my cart


no longer available.


Got 2. Ty

Brett Diedrich

This deal is back, also showing me a 15% off coupon.


I got delivery, but 5 – 12 packs, not 5 – 6 12 packs (72), time to contact amazon


Just got 1 pack of 12.. time to chat amazon…


Me too! I contacted amazon and got a refund and kept the packs for free


was delivery only 1 box, called in and they told me nothing they could do because AMAZON dont have any more in stock, so i ask for a supervisor and found an other gogo squeez that amazon is the seller and she directly add me the money to my account … 62dollar
thanks dan !

Regular guy

Anybody have luck speaking to Amazon?


I got the $12.32 refunded, plus $45 credit to amazon to purchase the missing ones and kept the 12 I got


Got 11 packs and all refunded and they told me to keep them


Ordered 4 cases of 72 – received only 4 cases of 12. They refunded for a full discount, let me keep the items for free and issued a $100 amazon gift card for the inconvenience. Thanks Dan.


Ordered 1 72 pack but only got the 1 pack with 12. Offered me a refund of $85 to purchase the correct item from 3rd party seller on amazon!


Amazon was not accommodating to me. They only refunded the 12.32. They claim that the description says 72, but the option I chose was one box! She kept apologizing that I misunderstood the options and wouldn’t give me any form of compensation other than the product price because I said I wanted to return it for that price.


Ordered 8. Was refunded and don’t have to return them (they are not returnable items so no one will need to return them)


Refunded me my money, I get to keep the 1, and then when they are back in stock they are going to honor the price for me on a new order. We will see if the last action actually happens…

Joe s

Ordered the item they only shipped 12 , instead of the 72 advertise for. They offered a full refund


Alive again + S&S!!!


I hope I get schar for not ordering


I got 72 last time


Thank you.

Joe S

In for more, got 5 last time, refunded all 5. Willing to try again, worse comes to worse they refund all my orders again.


I ordered 3, but each box only had 12 pouches instead of 72. Contacted Amazon and they said i can keep them and they will resend the correct items by Friday. Thanks Dan!


dead. Keeps moving out of cart to save for later.


Was charged 12.32 for each deal and ordered the limit o 10 deals. Hope they arrive. Thanks


Only got 1x box last time. Chatted with Amazon yesterday evening and the item listing is “under review” so they couldn’t force the 6x box order just yet, but would be following up with me in 3-5 days to do so. I was also offered a refund, but I chose the extra boxes, if available.


ditto + $25 credit. Was hoping for more, but not complaining!


LOL- just got a call from Amazon cs saying that the item is available again and do i want it? And then.. “I could have sworn it was available, but it seems likes its not again.. I’ll call you when it is”!!

sarah C Lagnado

This is unavailable in the size and variety. No ordering available in advance for when they do come back in stock.






Works fine for me.


Alive again


dead again.


it seems dead again

Joe S

2 of my orders shipped, and total package weight is 8 pounds. Seems like 2 sets of 12 again, I can’t imagine 144 pouches only weighs 8 pounds.


Is there a ddf thread about this? I don’t get it. How is amazon sending these orders out? After the item was already under review and they had to refund everyone, they make the same mistake again???


I just received the order with all six packs (72 pouches)
Last time around i only received 1 pack. I chatted with amazon, and sent them a screen shot of the order, and they refunded me, and let me keep it.


Nothing was shipped to me. Anybody get a delivery on this?


Does anyone have a screen shot of the order?


Received one box of 12. called & they were going to refund; said I really wanted the item. No luck & a bit of a language barrier, so asked for supervisor. They’re now sending me a new order of 72 from another seller & then refunding what I’m paying to the 3rd-party seller after it ships (have this in writing). Keeping the first box they sent, so 84 pouches for ~$12. Whooop!


I just received the order with all six packs (72 pouches)
Last time around i only received 1 pack. I called amazon, and they refunded me, and let me keep it.

Anyways, tks Dan!


Thank you dan. Exactly as you stated, my applesauce arrived today; 1/6 of the order, or 12 per 72 that was supposed to arrive, and I received a full credit, in other words I got free applesauce.

Good job!


And they are giving me an additional $50 credit. All in all a great deal.


It’s only 12 and not 72.


Amazon refusing go believe me that this was an order of 72 and not 12. Have tried chat, calling, and even sending an email with screenshot and have gotten nowhere. Any advice??


Received from 2 orders, 2 box each – 12 pouches (ordered from original post)
~got to keep them
~reordered 2 orders of 72 pouches (s&s by amazon), paid and amazon will refund my cc (about $90)
~just noticed an email that amazon refunded my original order from original post
Finally!! Huca works %1000 percent. Have to have lots of time and patience though.


Rviele: I just checked here and found the reason why
I sincerely apologies for the error on our system
I will issue you the refund for the item and you can keep the item that you received
If you still want the item you can reorder it
and I will expedite the shipment for free


Alive again, however limit 4


It’s alive, but only for 12, not 72


Alive again


The title changed to state as follows:
“GoGo SqueeZ Organic Applesauce on the Go, Variety Pack (Apple Apple/Apple Banana/Apple Strawberry), 3.2 Ounce Portable BPA-Free Pouches, Gluten-Free, 12 Total Pouches”
However, this is the title for when you select 72 pouches which is going to create a lot of confusion and complaints.
The order I placed the other week also had the title changed in it to the one above so I am expecting to have to complain…


It’s alive again


I also only got 1 package of 12.
How do I go about asking for a refund?


call amazon customer service #


yes its back alive!!


I received a pack of 12, chatted, and they offered me a full refund.