HURRY! Younger Tree Infant And Kids Clothing For $1.50 Per Item After 90% Off Coupon From Amazon!

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Update: Readers are reporting that most items are being cancelled, but some are shipping. If you have just 1 item shipping be sure to check the total amount you are charged, and make sure it’s not full price! Contact Amazon for an adjustment if you are charged a higher price.

Update: DEAD!

Update: You can order items with coupons like this suspender skirt set for free after the clip coupon on the product page and the code below when ordering 2 items!

Post what other free items you find!

Younger Tree Infant And Kids Clothing For $1.50 Per Item After 90% Off Coupon From Amazon

Add any 2 items to your cart and use code: AYDVWUCS

The total will be just $3.

You can also earn Prime no-rush shipping credits!

The coupon is valid just once per Amazon account, but you can also order 4 items, 6 items, 8 items, or any even amount of items at a time for just $1.50 each.

Select items have additional clip coupons or lighting deals on the product page that will make the item free!

Amazon offers free shipping with $25+ orders or get free 1 day shipping on all orders with a free trial of Amazon Prime. A prime trial is also free with Amazon Family (which also gets you up to 20% off diapers among other benefits) or Amazon Student. EBT/Medicaid Cardholders can save on Prime Membership here.

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Not working for me : (


Tried another order now – code seems dead


Limit of one use per account.
Use a household account?


Used an alternate account as well. Dead


Just tried from 2 different accounts.
This is alive and well for me.


I tried and it didnt work. You just put in the code?


seems dead

Oh well

Can only use the coupon once so make it count! Instead of doing 2 items do 6


Seems dead


Did you already use it?
Use a household account?




Worked against on another account


Seems like can’t use it 2 times




Still working for me.
Did you already use it?


Never mind, user error. Worked and hope it gets delivered, thanks!


Ordered now, thank you
Worked perfectly


Also got $3 worth of no-rush ship credits.




Just used it. Thanks! Lots of items going out of stock so you have to watch and make sure you end with an even number of items.

I got 26 items for $38

Thanks Dan!


Thanks! Got 4 items for $6

Been There

Got 4 items for 6 bucks! but I think it is dead now (tried through a different account)


lots of stuff out of stock now.
This is a crazy deal! I wanted these clothes from ali but didn’t think they were worth the price! For 1.50 shipped I bought a bunch of matching for my kids for next summer. Thank you so much


There aren’t any coupon codes on my pages.


won’t work


Says promo code is not valid 🙁


Thank you it’s an amazing deal indeed


Thank you, my mother got some stuff, I am trying now through my account and its not working- is it dead?


What about returns?


Worked – thanks!


Promo Code comes up as not valid


If it says invalid it’s bc you do not have an even number since some items went out of stock


I had an even number of items and it also said invalid, I checked to make sure.




The promotional code you entered is not valid.


i just tried and it says code not valid, trying to get these 2:
YOUNGER TREE Toddler Baby Girl Swimsuit Dinosaur Tassel Sling Bikini Top+Shorts Bathing Suits Beachwear Summer Clothes (Leopard, 12-18 Months)

3Pcs Newborn Baby Girl Summer Shorts Outfit Sleeveless Bodysuit Romper+Floral Ruffles Short Pants+Headband Outfits Clothes (12-18 Months, Green)


from a business account


Can someone please tell me exactly what they did to get it to work?
i tried and it said The promotional code you entered is not valid.


Long dead, as the post update says.


Thank you JJ & Dan!

I ordered 2 infant bathing suits for $3 and only then realized that the code was once per account. BH I have a second account so ordered a few more but at that point availability was scarce.


1 item shipped!



We’re very sorry to inform you that we won’t be able to fulfill one or more items from the following order(s) due to a technical error. We have canceled items from the Order(s) listed below:


I just got an email that my order was cancelled. The cancelled all of the clothing items except for one and I am being charged full price for the item. Just check your accounts if you ordered!


Yesher koach. That’s what happened to me.


My order was canceled by amazon


Orders cancelled


half of my order cancelled. i was able to see that one item is still in stock.
what was the coupon code meant for

MR Googie pants

Also got cancelled


Order just cancelled.

Only ordered 2 items to try to keep to PGFHGS, but too bad


1 order was canceled and they tried to charge me full price for the other item without notifying me at all. Seems super sketchy from younger tree on amazon that put out the deal. Check your orders !


Check that you dont end up being charged full price for items that they do say they’re shipping. I had one item shipped with code and two others that they tried to throw in at full price. Glad I checked.


Called Amazon and got $20 promotional credit ($10 per item that was canceled)


Amazon cancelled 1 of the dresses and only left 1 dress in my account but they’re now charging $13 for that 1 dress!!!!


Not working for me 🙁


1 item was canceled and 1 item shipped. I was still charged $1.50 for the 1 item that shipped. Amazon issued a $5 credit for the inconvenience of the canceled item.


also me! one item cancelled and one shipped but for regular price!
can they do this? it seems a bit ingenuous. Dan we need your help how to best handle this


See the post update?


I see you mean contact them after we receive item and ask them to honor original price shown on order page?


Ordered 2 items for $3 total. Got email later that one item was cancelled, checked orders on and saw other item being charged at $15.99. Chatted with amazon and they said they” issue a refund once item is delivered


I called Amazon, chatted on two cancellations in 2 orders, no one was willing to help. They claim it’s in the terms in conditions that they can charge me more if the promotion fails for any reason, and the only recourse is to cancel. Any advice? Should I dispute the charge with cc?


that sounds insane you ordered with one price and they can change it!


Called Amazon and got a $20 promo credit for the cancellation!


i had one item cancelled and 1 item shipped.. the price was adjusted properly (total $1.50)


This is from younger tree regarding my canceled orders and charging full price on what shipped.

Thanks for your purchase, but really sorry , we we make a huge mistake when created the promotions, which leads to the final price was wrong and very very low.
Therefore,we suffered a huge loss. we have canceled the promotion to stop loss. And the amazon helped us to cancel the order.
For the order which was shipped already, it is unable to cancel. If you do not want it, you can apply for return after you receive it.
For this issue, really really sorry. We know that you will feel disappointed to us. Really hope you can understand that we are unable to afford this huge loss.
We have learned from this wrong experience, next time we will do some real and correct promotions, hope you will pay attention on our shop.
Please accept my sincerest apology.
Sorry again for the inconvenience caused to you.
If there is any problem, please feel free to contact us.
Have a nice day!


I had one item cancelled and the other was recharged at regular price. Spoke with customer service and after requesting a supervisor, was given a courtesy credit for the price difference.


Wow this is complete fraud. I just wasted an hour on chat and the phone. Finally was offered a $15 credit. The seller should be banned from Amazon and charged with fraud. Amazon should accept responsibility for a seller finding a loophole like this to charge customers more after the order was placed.


Half an order cancelled. Tried to charge me full price for one item, got transferred on Amazon chat 7 times and they offered to refund the entire order.


Got my entire order today (4 items). Thanks!


Through Amazon chat refunded me entire price charged $15.99!


Got one item cancelled and was charged full price for the other. Chatting with Amazon is a nightmare as they dont want to refund the cost. Asking to speak to a supervisor. They also didnt notify me on this eithe r- I just happened to notice on my orders I was charged full price.