HOT! Get A Free 3 Month Trial Of Amazon Prime!!!


This promo works even if you have had a prime trial in the past!

Amazon Prime gets you free 2 day shipping on all orders with no minimum purchase required!

Step 1: Click on this textbook and add it to your cart.

Step 2: Go to check out and select free 2 day shipping with amazon prime.

Step 3: Agree to the 3 month trial of Amazon prime

That’s it! There is no need to purchase the textbook, you now will have Amazon Prime free for 3 months!

After you sign up for the prime trial you will probably want to make sure it doesn’t auto-renew for $79 after the trial ends. To do so just click on this link and then select “Do Not Upgrade” and “Turn off auto-upgrade” on the popup window.

HT: Asher O.

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Why do you have to do it through this book, hasn’t this promo been around for a long long time and is accessible from the homepage?






Worked like a charm. I’ve had a previous Prime subscription that I cancelled and haven’t been eligible for trials in the past. This one worked! Dan, there is a reason Dan rhymes with “the Man.”


Thanks! I love free Prime!


I only see this as a one month trail????


This is for 3 months instead of just 1, and it works even if you’ve had a free trial in the past.

Try logging out, clear your browser’s cookies and cache, and then follow the instructions again.

David Z.

Worked flawlessly! i just got done with my last free 1-month trial which expired yesterday. Another 3 months for me:) This is the fourth time im getting a free trial!


What if i’m in a 1 month trial which expires soon? can I have it somehow extended for 3 months??


You can always open a new account I suppose.


I am almost sure this works…. I still have prime…

I had my brother open a trial and then invite me as a family member… So now i have Prime….

He canceled his trial…. But they didnt cancel my account… This is already almost a year



Dan. this is why i must go on this site at least once a day after wall street journal, nypost and then dansdeal.
thanks alot.


this is great. but now do i have to remember when the trial is ended? will they automaticallt charge me afterwards?


Reread the post.


This worked great. Thanks for the tip Dan.


Thank you!! I saw this deal on another site yesterday but assumed that it wouldn’t work for me since i already finished a free trial…. Thanks to you i now have 3 more months of prime!


Can someone explain me please what is so good about amazon prime?? Thanks.


This post is a little inaccurate. Prime does not give you free 2-day shipping on ALL orders as stated. Only a selected number of items qualify, and not many of the things I ordered for Christmas did. Still worth doing for free.

David Z.

@Mendy: Uhhh. free 2 day shipping on anything sold by amazon. You dont need to spend $25 and wait 2 weeks to get your item…

sam the man

thanks bunches.


@ David Z. Thanks, does Amazon Prime help me if I want to sell stuff on Amazon??


@Mendy: No it does not help you to sell. You need a seller account and will probably get kicked off of Amazon, because they always throw sellers off for petty stuff


I opened a seller account on Amazon and got thrown off 2 months later. But this is a hot deal Amazon prime is really hot!


What do you mean petty stuff? Who says he plans on doing petty stuff?
Why did you get thrown off?


thanks so much! just ordered some school textbooks with free shipping! that was a nice extra i wasn’t expecting! really appreciate all of your helpful posts!


Vat iz dis prime amazon? I only know from prime grill! Ia dis also kosher?


Worked like a charm! Thanks dan! And that do not auto renew is the best! No headaches later if you forget about it!


thanks dan this is really cool


its not giving me an option for free 2 day shipping in cart to sign up for prime


Is this still alive?]

I’m only getting a one month trial…


Just confirmed with Amazon, this promo has expired 🙁