HOT! Canon T3i DSLR Camera With 2 Lenses, Pro Printer, Camera Case, SD Card, And A $9.52 Amazon Promo Code For Just $450.99 Shipped From Amazon!

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Update: The extra lens below is out of stock.  You can still get a bargain on this highly rated 55-250mm lens with $150 off code: VNM87N39

This deal is now even hotter thanks to price drops on the printer and printer paper.  If you have already bought the printer and paper from Amazon in the past week (such as with the S110 deal if you bought from Amazon) be sure to call or chat with them for a price adjustment!

Add all of the following items to your cart (Be sure to add the exact items from the links below):

Even if the items below say that they’re temporarily out of stock you can still order them and lock in the current discount and they’ll be shipped shortly.

-Canon EOS Rebel T3i 18 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens

-Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III Telephoto Zoom Lens

Be sure to select Frustration-Free Packaging:
SanDisk Extreme 32 GB SDHC Class 10 UHS-1 Flash Memory Card 45MB/s

AmazonBasics Holster Camera Case for DSLR Cameras

-Pixma Pro-100 Color Professional photo printer

-Canon Photo Paper Pro Luster 13×19 Photo Paper

Use the following code for $150 off at checkout: DHYJAWRL

Your cart total will then be $850.99 plus you will qualify for a $400 Rebate with this deal as well!

That’s a digital SLR camera (with outstanding 4.7 star reviews), a short-range and a long range lens, an SD card, a professional printer, printer paper, and a camera case, all for $451.  A real steal and the lowest price ever!

Your total should look like this before accounting for the $400 rebate:
















Additionally, you will get a 2% rebate in the form of an Amazon promo code good for any goods that are shipped and sold from Amazon.  It takes 35 days to get that rebate and it will be emailed to you automatically.  The promo code expires 6 months from date of issuance.

Find more Amazon DSLR deals via this link.

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i bought the camera bundle a few days ago and got the rebate on the lens for the $150. great deal but this is better with the printer and the price is better. still havent received the zoom lens or memory card. should i return to amazon and get this deal bc i get the printer. because camera and printer must be on same receipt i cant just add the printer now even if purchasing the same items. i wish i would have waited a week! any ideas???


how do i get the 400 rebate? please


Y do I have a tax charge ?


You can always return the first order.

Click on the rebate form?

Currently Amazon charges tax for shipments to 16 states:


How are u not charged with tax? I’m from NYC is it diff then cleavland?


What should I do if I did the camera deal last week for the t3i? With all the amazon gift cards and the printer my total would be 170 this way far better than the other deal!


Ty dan


Does it make sense that with 33% off on all amazon purchases that I will only pay 170?


I got the Canon S110 deal with the rebate from Adorama. Can I order this package and still get the rebate for this too?


You’ll be paying closer to $300 I think.


Sounds right to me 😀

Seems like they’re different rebate forms, so I’d assume you can but I’m not positive.

Try calling the number on the rebate to confirm.


Do you know if this deal will be around for a few days?


I doubt it’ll hang around for long.


Excellent, just got back $50 in price adjustments via chat!


Do you know until wen this deal is good .I’m waiting for my aa spg credit card to arrive



How do you figure $170?


Until they feel like pulling it.



@Sam: on what basis did they give you back $50.00
Please share the wealth 😀


it says on the rebate form that you need the same billing address. Will gift cards be an issue with claiming the rebate?


I am trying to purchase but the Lens Promo 150 is not applying. Any ideas?


He probably bought it when the printer and paper cost more.


Add the ones that my links take you to without changing anything.


I’m pretty sure that i am! very strange


how did the extra $61.01 come off the price?


That’s just the shipping being subtracted.


Regarding “850x.667=$566-$400=$166”
How many do you know that have 12 AmEx issued CCs?


AUs count.
I know of plenty of people who have dozens.

At any rate LB asked me to check his math which I’d assume is based on how many he has.



would you buy this with your chase freedom and get 5 points per dollar or amex to have there protection and extended warranty?


Does the rebate link appear after I placed the order?


Decided to cash in on my cards that I locked in for 25 off 75… my first 3 gift cards of 75 got sent but the other 7 I still haven’t received and it has been about an hour… anyone else have this issue?


Does this effect my s110 package frm buydig? Can I ask for price adjustment as well?

michelle o.

Me too! $51.52 including tax via chat.


I got back 46.46 via chat for future purchase sold by amazon


Dead, prices gone up on Amazon


Still alive for me.
What went up?


Alive for me.


LB has 17 cards registered with Au’s. Thank you Dan!


hey! any one familiar with this rebate,, i read the instructions and it sounds quite complicated.. dan do you know if they r strict with getting exactly what they ask for.. what does t mean “proof of purchase with cardboard in tact”? i understand wanting the original UPC and receipt but what cardboard?


Seems to be dead now bc printer isn’t available anymore

Igor Ivanovich

My total is showing as 1071. Was the printer supposed to be from a specific seller? When I clicked on the link it did not show “add to cart” rather “click for buying options”. I picked new, from focus camera, fulfilled by Amazon, it is 370, “you saved 129”



how much should the printer be? i’m getting from a 3rd party seller for $370


Printer out of stock at Amazon you can’t seem to add to the cart, rebate doesn’t work from third-party sellers. Any suggestions?


where can i find this rebate link on the amazon website?


Now it’s going to cart thanks dan!


Am I required to purchase the SD card and/or camera bag in order to qualify for both the $400 rebate and the $150 promo? I don’t really need another SD card, and would prefer to not spend the $30 on it if I don’t have to.


@<a href=" /archives/38139/comment-page-1#comment-418618″>Sam:
Can you please explain, what is this credit all about? What did you tell them as reason to why they should give you credit?


Did anyone try to get an additional Mail in rebate for the lens with that:


Hi Dan – i purchased the camera last week but now ned to return and repurchase the camera witht he printer etc – i want to wait until Amazon processes my return because i paid with gift cards etc as part of the purchase. Will this deal still be available next week?




I’m located in New York and tax is being added to my total. Any idea why that is so?


Alternativly – i can reorder the camera and just return the camera from the new order and use the orignal cameras UPC – would that work?


The lens that is part of this deal is not on the list of lenses qualifying for a rebate.


You guys are all a bunch of winers who want to be spoon fed the deals!
Yes the lens that he attached was included as I purchased this morning.. Yes their is tax in NY welcome to this blog where it has been discussed for months that their is tax being charges in NY NJ and other states as well… And the guys that asked about SD card and carry case.. U for need to take but it’s free so may as well


can i cancel the lens afterwards????

Y Kessler

@Dan Is the fact that they will ship when the printer is available again good enough in order to get the $400 rebate?


printer is back in stock


I called amazon and they let me add the printer to my existing order which was placed last week so that everything comes up on the same receipt, since my order is still open cuz my lense has not shipped out yet.


im getting a handling charge whats up with that?


soor y ok now it makes sense but just one q. does rhe rebate name have to be the crdit card holder or the purchaser?

dan lover

@Dan: Unreal! Anyway, Thanx Dan, I bought it too..


i want to get the t3i with lens & printer whats best price i can get? send me link pls


pls help i want to purchase


Do I need to buy it with an Amex card to get the rebate? What is an Amex reward card?


You use it on anything you want, or call them for a refund check.

No, that’s the T3, a worse camera than the T3i.


Wow dan! I got this last week. Returned for this deal and again after everything shipped had them cancel the lens essentially after rebate and NY tax I paid 360 for everything less the extended lens!!

Now my only question is if anyone understands the rebate?! What does it mean proof of purchase with cardboard intact? I understand the UPC and receipt part… But what cardboard? Anyone?


The UPC needs the cardboard backing from the box.
Don’t just slit the UPC off the cardboard.




HEY! the lens is no longer available? im so upset


@Cat: No. still not at 1:31pm


DAN Please let me know when it comes back from AMAZON! I AM DESPERATE TO ORDER THIS WITH THE LENS PROMOTION


I’ve been told it’s better to get the 55-250 lens. The IS is worth the extra money. Thank You Dan I got the whole 9 yards!!


The paper was just reduced to $24.99. I just emailed Amazon and got a $19.78 price credit.


yes but the 55-250 lens is much more expensive


@Cat: There are 2 of them. I was referring to
The difference is $85. The STM is much more expensive. They say IS really make a big difference when it comes to zoom lenses.


I chatted with Amazon customer service for an hour trying to get them to offer a rain check on lens deal but they wouldn’t budge.

I bought the expensive $350 lens because it is worth quite a bit more on eBay. My total was $1010. With $400 rebate + $290 for the lens on eBay + $100 for the printer on eBay + $10 Amazon credits + $90 Freedom Reward miles, that comes out to $120 for the T3i, with a standard lens, a camera bag, an SD card, and some wierd size printer paper. $160 if you add in eBay fees. Thats about what I paid for my last point n shoot. Not bad. Thanks Dan.


if i cancel the lens after everything shipped will they keep the charges the same? then my total will be 360 after the rebate


the lens promo was applied to the camera, if i cancel the lens will that change?


@michelle o.: How did you get back that much? I just got back $20 for the printer and would have been $25 for the paper, would have been $45+ tax, but I bought the semi gloss instead and that only dropped to $38.94. Hindsight is 20/20. But that still would not have added up to $51.52


@Mike: they left the $101 lens rebate alone?


Dan, with this other lens that you posted should the sub-total come out to $1,126.96 before the promos and rebates?


Seems there is no current option to buy the lens, even for later delivery, through amazon. Therefor, the coupon code- they claim “cannot be applied to purchase”- How can I make this all go through? Am I doing something incorrectly?
Thanks in advance!


Called up, they put the lens in my cart, now adds up to $1,060 and coupon code does not work :(( Any suggestions?


@Cat: The lens you wanted is back in stock!

camera problem

Dan, can you please help? The coupon codes aren’t working and I’d really like to order with the 25-250 lense