HOT! Brita Slim Pitcher For Just $1 (Or Even Negative $4!) After $10 Rebate From Amazon!

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Update 3: Commenters posted and I confirmed myself that if the $5 coupon isn’t working for you that you can just chat with Amazon CS to get a $5 credit applied to your account!

Update 2: Back down to $11 before the $10 rebate and possible $5 coupon!

Update: Now $15.98 before the $10 rebate and possible $5 coupon.

Originally posted on 10/28:

Brita Slim Pitcher Linky

$10 Rebate Linky

The Amazon price as of the time of this posting is $11, less a $10 rebate, makes the pitcher just $1.

Some members on the DansDeals Forums were also able to clip a $5 Amazon coupon on Brita pitchers by clicking on this link, making the total Amazon price just $6, which means they’ll make $4 after rebate!  The $5 coupon doesn’t work for me, but it’s worth a shot!

Free 2nd day shipping with no minimum purchase with Amazon Prime.  (Prime is free with Amazon Mom or Amazon Student)  Otherwise free shipping with $25+ purchases at Amazon as always.

HT: ShmuliT, via the DansDeals Forums

Amazon offers free shipping with $35+ orders or get free next-day shipping on all orders with a free trial of Amazon Prime. Prime members can share benefits with a Household member here, allowing them to double up on Amazon Prime promos!  A 6 month trial and discounted Prime membership is available with Amazon Student. EBT/Medicaid Cardholders can save on Prime Membership here.

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$5 coupon worked for me… but wouldn’t they only send you whatever amount you paid since you have to send in your receipt?


thanks got one for negative $4 lol


It seems amazon is putting an end to free amazon mom

DZ the Telzer

Thanks Dan, got it for $6, with the mail in rebate of $10, I will have made $4.


Thanks! For some reason, when I signed in to clip the Amazon coupon, the final price dropped down to $3 before the rebate. The breakdown was, $5 coupon plus $3 promotion – not that I know what the promotion is.

When the rebate comes through, I should net $7. Will Brita care when the see the final price on the receipt?

It also says that you must send a cash register receipt, will the Amazon slip work?


Rebate not working


In for one, i already have a Brita, but i was able to use the $5 coupon so got another one and I hope to make $4 on the deal.
Usually to use amazon coupons you must be signed in to see it, then click “click this coupon” to use. Discount will show at checkout. Thanks!


$5 coupon worked for me


I placed the 5 dollar off coupon in my account first than I followed the link and the product only cost me 6 dollars.



How many pitchers can I buy and still get a rebate for them?


@dmi: oh never mind. one per household. thnx


I just signed up for amazon mom but i cant seem to get the free shipping. anyone know how i can get it?


Coupon not working for me dan,
It says I’m not eligible


It comes with a filter, so even if you already have one. The filter is worth more than a dollar


it didnt give me the 10 rebate only the 5 dollar coupon .. how do i get the rebate?? help


click above where dan tells u to click for the rebate. Dan, thank u. I got the coupon and the rebate…and free prime shipping, as usual:-)


@YudiG: When amazon gives you credit for a complaint etc. it will show up in your next order as “Promotion Applied” and subtract the promo amount from your order, but it doesnt specify where it came from.

@yehuda: Download and fill in the rebate from the top of this page.


Which one is considered your receipt- your order confirmation or the packing slip?


Would this rebate work for a different brita pitcher or just the slim one?


price went up to $15.98 as of friday 5:12PM. with coupon and rebate I should get and additional $0.98.

Thanks Dan




thanks did it


Its $11.00 now. Sat. 8:02pm.
By the way the coupon didn’t work for me but when I called they gave me a 5$ promo coupon.


@uncled: Don’t know why you both say dead. As of Saturday night 8:11 PM it still works.


alive again — just worked for me; total $6


got it for -$4…thanks dan


Got the $5 off! Guess I’ll be making $4! Thanks.


Did you ever figure out why everyone seems to be getting the coupon to work and we can’t?


y cant i get the coupon?


coupon won’t work anymore. the price went down now to $11. and amazon won’t adjust the price down for me, paid $15.98 on friday.


I tried to use the coupon on my husbands regular account and it said it’s not eligible. I used it on my amazon mom/prime account and it went through. Maybe it only works on a prime account…


I have prime/mom and not working……


Just ordered now for $11.99 $13.05 with tax.)Coupon didn’t work. Hope the rebate works.
Still worth $3.



Order Summary
Items: $11.00
Shipping & Handling: $6.17
Promotion Applied: -$10.00


Total Before Tax: $7.17
Estimated Tax To Be Collected: $0.64


Order Total: $7.81

Qualifying offers:
Promotion Applied


Worked for me; made $4!


You are now connected to Charu from
Me:I ordered this and the coupon didn’t go in the checkout.
Here is the coupon:
Charu:Hello, my name is Charu. I’ll just check.
I will just refund the difference.
Me:thank you
but why didnt it go to the checkout? what is the problem?
Charu:There might be an error, because of which it didn’t go through.
Me:It’s not the first time
it happened to me before
Charu:For this promotion only?
Me:no for other promotions as well
Charu:Michael generally the promotions do apply its rarely on some items it happens that there is an error and then we take care of that.
Me:ok I didnt know
thank you


Brita classic 35548 pitcher normally 24.99 now 16.88 if you can get the coupon to work that would be 1.88 for a bigger pitcher.



Thanks for the tip!

The coupon did not work for me either. But I chatted with them and got a $5 credit towards my next Amazon order.

It’s probably better this way so when I send in the rebate they will not be suspicious!! I’m still making money!!

Deal Guy

now 14.95


The pitcher came broken in the box so I contacted them and when they advised me to return it I told them that it would basically be a waste of their money on the shipping and that I’d be happy to take a picture instead. They agreed and issued a refund. My question now is will my rebate still go through?


price back up to $15


chatted but didnt help


Anyone know why i can’t get the free shipping applied with my account?


Spoke with amazon, got $5 credit plus another $5 for my “troubles” lol


dan- sorry but didn’t see an answer to my question. What is considered the receipt for this rebate?


Called….got 5 bucks promo. Not sure if it was worth my time, but I just got a free car charger for 5 bucks so my rebate will look normal.


Just got the brita yesterday but there is no receipt in the box. How do you submit the $10 rebate without a cashier’s receipt?


Print up the receipt on


got it with the coupon so hopefully gonna make money… and it had a slight chip on top that didnt make a difference but when i told amazon on chat about it they said they are sending me a new one! So 2 brita pitchers for $-4!!



got them to give a $9 discount since the coupon didn’t work and the price went up! paid a grand total of $5.95 and still have to send in mail-in rebate to get my $10!


What Is so exciting about 2 brita pitchers??? One for the left hand and one for the right hand?


I just mailed my rebate form. The receipt in the box was not a cashier register eceipt, but looked more like a label. It did have the item, date and price on it. So I assume that should work.
Also when my $5 coupon didn’t work, it never occurred to me to chat with a rep. OK, so it was a learning experience.


Just wondering….did anyone actually receive the rebate? I mailed mine out quite a while back and never received anything?