HOT! 24 Pack Of Cafe Joe Coffee K-Cups For Just $0.29-$2.54 From Amazon After Stacking $12 Off Coupons!

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Update: DEAD!

24 Pack Of Cafe Joe Coffee K-Cups For Just $2.54 From Amazon After Stacking $12 Off Coupons!

Select from Decaf or Rosh Hashana Blend.

-Clip the 33% off coupon on the product page.

-Use 50% off code: 50OFFCUBA

The Decaf blend is available via Subscribe & Save and is just $0.29-$1.79!

The Rosh Hashana blend will be $2.54 after the stacking coupons above.

This was selling for $14.99 yesterday and is now the lowest price ever from Amazon.

-Certified Chasam Sofer Mehadrin Kosher Parve.

HT: Mendy L.

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Rosh Hashana won’t add to cart, dead?


Only works on decaf now

reb yid

HA HA! 29 cents! Amazing, this one really takes the cake. Thanks!


Rosh flavor is oos. Wow!


no yom kippur flavor?




Im wrong ,works on decaf



Joe S

Got one for MIL at $.29, we have no interest as no one drinks decaf.


Never had such an issue before. If I press “add to cart” or “buy now” a page just comes up stating “your cart is empty”! Anyone having this issue??


Yes, it’s dead.


are those expired?


Got one. Thanks.


Just some follow-up here. Firstly… these ones did not come with a hechsher from Chasam Sofer Mehadrin. The ones I got were certified by Kosher Check. As it turns out, though… Rabbi Eidlitz of includes them in his list of reliable agencies. They are the Orthodox Rabbinical Council of British Columbia (Kosher Check / BCK) out of Canada. Secondly… it came in a beat up box that was clearly opened previously. There is one of those round circle sticker seals where the box opens… and the bottom half is opened and stuck through the slot. The top of the box is creased like it was opened and closed numerous times and the contents were all helter skelter. I did find 24 cups in there…. but they all have what looks like black ink smeared on them.

I complained via chat. My biggest issue is that this is a food item and it came delivered out of an Amazon warehouse in my subscribe and save box and not delivered direct from the 3rd party. As such, I would have expected some kind of quality control. They should not have shipped something like this… especially food.

They gave a canned response about letting the right people know so it does not happen again and offered a refund. I explained that it cost me all of 29c so that does not do much to help me restore confidence. They immediately told me as one time gesture they will credit my account with a promotional $14. That was actually very generous.

I wonder if everyone’s came that way and that the reason it had all these coupons and discounts was that it was a damaged lot. I hope they are safe to use!