Hamilton Beach 45-Cup Coffee Urn Now Just $25.41 Shipped From Amazon

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Update: DEAD!

Hamilton Beach 45-Cup Coffee Urn For $27.82 Shipped From Amazon

This was selling for $39.99 last week and is now just eight cents more than lowest price ever from Amazon.

  • Fast brewing, takes just 1 minute to brew each cup
  • Makes 15 to 45 cups
  • Ready-to-serve indicator light
  • Easy to fill with water-level marks
  • 2 way dispenser for single cup or continuous filling

HT: Davidthebest, via DDF

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S R A from monsey

Has anyone ever toveled this safely?


Yes I have. I dunked it, dried it and aired it out for 3 days before using it. Plugged it in and it worked fine. Please be advised, that this unit does not have a detachable power cord. The power cord is part of the unit. It was discontinued by the manufacturer. If you don’t plan on moving it around much in ways that could threaten the power cord, it will probably be a decent shabbos water urn, until the hard water corrodes the the water dispenser in front. It’s not expensive, so not a very big gamble.




I have this hot water urn, never did tovel it nor ever even thought of it. I’d probably sooner tovel my brain before thinking of toveling a product like this. “If the electric utensil is a type that will be destroyed through tevila, for example if it incorporates a computer chip or display, then HaRav Moshe Heinemann shlit”a rules that it does not require tevila. The logic behind this ruling is that there is a positive commandment to tovel utensils before use. If toveling will ruin the utensil, then one is considered onus, unable to perform the mitzva on this utensil. ” ( Source: Star K)


computer chip? really? are you from mars? since when do urns have computer chips? the tech used to boil water is older than your great grandfather


Speak to Rabbi Moshe Heinemann, as he wrote everything in the quotations- not me.


They make one with a water level indicator guage, just bought it, toiveled it, kept the bottom electric component base out of the mikvah. water in the entire kettle, Works fine, no problem


yes many times. i get a new one like every 2 years


Thanks. Bought one


Can this be used on Shabbos?


This is precisely the kind of unit we all used to is what we all used before urns became pump pots and before there were external tubes indicating water fill levels. Shabbos is OK for use and not an issue. However, Yom tov is an issue if you refill it with cold water. Doing so would turn off the red ‘ready’ light until it reboils. What I used to do was boil water on the stove on Yom Tov and then pour it in hot into the water urn, avoiding this problem.


$28 on walmart.com as well

shaindy FREEDMAN

I was told if you used distilled water it would not get a corroded inside.

Fairfax Avenue

Yes to distilled water! Our previous water urns corroded and quit on us. Our current urn has a spotless interior after 8 months of 24/7 use, filling with distilled water only.

MR Freebie

I got 2 last year one for home and one for florida. Both work like a charm.


If you have a reverse osmosis water filter, this turn should last for years.


Boiling a liter or two of white vinegar every 3-6 months will clean out any limescale at the bottom of an electric stainless steel urn. If it’s really caked on add some baking soda to the mix. It will look like brand-new.