Great News For Amazon Prime Members: You Can Now Buy Add-On Items Without Ordering $25+ Of Items!

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Amazon’s add-on items have long been a nuisance as they require ordering $25+ of items in order to get them. They are often great deals, but they required that you buy other items that you might not need.

Amazon launched Amazon Day as a trial where you could pick a day of the week that you can have multiple items delivered on.

Initially Amazon allowed targeted members to order add-on items without $25+ orders, but when Amazon opened Amazon Day to more members they killed that benefit. I wasn’t part of the initial trial, so I was never able to order add-on items with Amazon Day.

Amazon Day was created for the “convenience” of having everything come on the same day, but really the main benefit is for Amazon to save money on shipping. Without the add-on benefit there wasn’t really any benefit for most consumers.

Amazon has now brought that benefit back and Amazon Prime members can now purchase add-on items without a $25 order minimum!

For example, this box of Band-Aids is $2.19 as an add-on item. It’s also an eligible everyday item for 30% off for targeted members.

In the past there was no option to checkout for an add-on item until you added $25+ to your cart.

Now I get this screen when trying to checkout to select an “Amazon Day:”

After that I was able to proceed to checkout with the add-on item:


The Amazon Day options will show up for all of your orders, but there’s no need to select it. You’ll still be able to use faster shipping for all other items.

This is a great benefit for Prime members!

If you don’t have Amazon Prime, you can signup for a free trial here and get $10 off $20 at Whole Foods. Also available is a free 6 month trial of Amazon Student which costs just $49.99/year and EBT cardholders can get Prime for just $5.99/month.

Amazon offers free shipping with $25+ orders or get free 1 day shipping on all orders with a free trial of Amazon Prime. A prime trial is also free with Amazon Family (which also gets you up to 20% off diapers among other benefits) or Amazon Student. EBT/Medicaid Cardholders can save on Prime Membership here.

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Will they let you change your day every time you place an order?


@dan for some reason amazon is giving me free 1 day shipping with the minimum of $35 as well


Sorry w/o


Will the Amazon day option only be available if you have more then 1 order pending or even for 1 add on order?


The best thing they have done!!!


I have chase saphhire preferred and it seems like the points dont accumulate much. I spend roughly $5,000 a month on food, restaurants and kids tuition.
What’s best card for us. We dont travel alot. Thanks


Will this make that every other order afterwards will ship on that day even non add ons that are qualified for 2 day shipping?


Dan wrote: The Amazon Day options will show up for all of your orders, but there’s no need to select it.
So it’s a loophole to select the Amazon Day option for add-on items, thus avoiding the $25 minimum. But no need to select Amazon Day an your shipping option for other orders.


What I don’t understand is you can have an Item under 25.00 that isn’t an add on item and they will ship it, but they won’t let you stick an add on item to the order unless you reached the 25.00 minimum…Crazy!!


Good thing you got your bandaids with 5 points back to the dollar!
Hope you’re not gonna need purchase protection on them!!


Nice for us! But probably bad for us (the environment).

Doresh Emes

How do you get 30% off everyday?

Please post link

Does anyone know how to change the Amazon day ( I already made an order last week and selected a day, now I want a different day)


You were able to get an add on without buying $25 worth by using an Alexa device. I got a stick thing for free a long time ago just for this very reason. Only used it when I wanted an Alexa only deal or a add on item wo buying more stuff. Sometimes the only trick was getting her to find it in the list of items available. I only had that issue once or twice though. It was wonderful for getting those super cheap items.