Glade Clean Linen Or Lavender & Peach Blossom Solid Air Freshener Now Just $0.50-$0.64 On Sale From Amazon!

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Clip the $0.13-$1.62 off coupon on each product page until you get a check inside a green circle.

This is the lowest price ever from Amazon.

This is a great filler item to reach 5 monthly subscribe and save items.

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  • Adjustable for little or a lot of fragrance
  • Decorative design to fit in any décor
  • Ideal for your bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, hallways, kitchens, office spaces & more!

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I’m curious about something, and I’m sure you know the answer.
I just ordered 2 of them and did get the no rush credit offer. But now I was thinking that I should have gotten a couple more.
Will I get an additional no rush credit when I buy more?


No longer available.


Just ordered 4 @5:19pm.


Alive again




Alive and well!


Just ordered 4 @ $.82!


Got one. Thanks


Got 5
Great deal!
Thanks @Dan


Ordered 10. Thank you. Total $7.50


Thank you Dan


Mine were delivered and they bear a date of 05/19. Is that the manufacturing date or the use-by date?

Evan Small

If you look in the reviews, it says a lot of people’s came and they were expired. Likely the reason for the big discount..


If you don’t eat it then you should be fine…

Zrico Alhaesh

Me: *Looks at price* Nice.


Dead again

deals dealer

still alive!


Funny how it originally says you need $25 to ship for free, but when you select no-rush shipping, it gives the discount and free shipping 🙂




It isnt offering me a no rush $1 credit, its now offering:

Tuesday, Sept. 24 – Wednesday, Sept. 25
FREE No-Rush Shipping Get an instant discount
Its a $.26 cent credit, 2 for $1.38


Same here.


@dan Dont forget use discover card point .01 to lock in more $avings


Thanks Dan! just ordered 27. $19.71 with tax!


Alive for $0.79


Didn’t get no rush credit with 2

The heart wants what it wants

How would you explain this? Overstock?


My theory is that shipping to NY tri-state area does not currently have no-rush credit for most items as I only see it appear when I change shipping address to another state.


Didn’t get the no rush credit.


yep, same here. passed on this. If I could have got 2 and got 1 buck back in NRC’s would have. otherwise not really need.


I still dont know how to find it. There are many Glade Lavendar & Peach things. I get into this problem many times when I go looking for the great deals on Dans Deals


I’m not getting the no rush credit when I add two.


now linen scent on sale for 73 cents