Ends Today! Save 10% On Amazon Prime Membership For New And Existing Accounts After Black Friday Savings! Plus: How To Lock In The Discounted Price For Future Years!

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Update: DEAD!

Update: This offer ends tonight!

Originally posted on 11/29:

You can buy $107 Prime Gift Memberships here. You can buy as many as you’d like, but you’ll have to buy them one at a time. The discount will be reflected on the final checkout screen.

Tax on Amazon Prime Memberships is collected based on whether your default address is in one of these states. You can buy Prime Gift Memberships with Amazon gift cards, so if you have Amazon gift cards and have an address in a state without tax on a Prime Membership (such as Alaska, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, or Virginia) you can use that as your default address for an Amazon Prime Gift Membership and avoid paying tax on the membership.

While regular Amazon Prime is charged to a credit card, you can use your Chase Ink Cash card and get 5 Chase Ultimate Rewards points per dollar spent by buying Amazon gift cards at Office Max/Depot or Staples. Of course you don’t need to use a gift card to lock this in, but that way you’ll earn 5 Chase Ultimate Rewards points per dollar spent and can avoid paying taxes on Prime membership.

You can have Prime Gift Memberships emailed to you or a friend. Just select to have it sent now and you can file the gift memberships away in a folder in your email. There is no limit to how many Prime Gift Memberships that you can buy. They will always be good for a full year of Prime, no matter what the price for Prime is when they are used, and they will never expire!

When you send yourself a gift year of Prime you will get an email with a special link that instantly gives a year of Prime to whatever account opens the special link. If you click on the link and have an active Prime membership it will ask you if you want to convert the membership into a gift card for the amount paid for the Prime gift membership. If you paid tax for the Prime Gift then you will also get the tax back as a gift card.

You need to click on the link after your Prime membership expires in order to use it for another year of Prime.

A regular Prime membership is set to auto-renew. To use the Prime Gift Membership, you will need to set your Prime not to auto-renew.

To do so, click on this link, select Manage membership, and select “End Membership.”


You will be asked if you want to end your Prime benefits. Click on “cancel my benefits:”


Confirm that you want to end your benefits at the end of your membership that you have already paid for:


You will get a confirmation that your Prime membership will end on a future date:

After that date, just click on the Prime Gift Membership link in your email to enroll in another year of Prime at the $107 price that you locked in!

Decide that you no longer want Prime? You can convert the amount you paid back into an Amazon gift card by scrolling to the bottom of the email and locating the link in this paragraph:


You can buy as many gifts of Prime as you want. You can use it for yourself or give it as a gift in the future to anyone else.

I have a folder in my email where I have discounted Amazon Prime gift cards from past promotions.

If you have gift card funds locked in one Amazon account and you want to transfer the funds to someone else you can buy Prime gift subscriptions with your gift cards and send them the gift to another Prime account! That other account can then turn the gift membership back into gift cards in their account.

Note that if you are grandfathered into the old Prime sharing system with 5 full Prime members you can’t use this workaround as it requires letting your old Prime expire before enrolling again. Under new Prime sharing rules you can only share Prime with 1 other person and payment details are shared as well between those accounts. Though under the new system Prime benefits like Amazon Family and Prime Video are usable by both accounts.

Amazon Prime member benefits include:

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Amazon offers free shipping with $25+ orders or get free 1 day shipping on all orders with a free trial of Amazon Prime. A prime trial is also free with Amazon Family (which also gets you up to 20% off diapers among other benefits) or Amazon Student. EBT/Medicaid Cardholders can save on Prime Membership here.

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Still have 10 years locked in for $79 from many years ago but don’t want to let my grandfathered account expire.


Thank you!


My membership ends Jan 20. I see I paid $99 + tax last year. Does that mean it will be the same for this year? Also if I do change to this offer and have like 15 shipments about to ship, will it ruin those and not be eligible for prime if I do this?


no, your prime is set till Jan 20 so no harm to your 15 upcoming shipments. you will keep your Prime benefit till then.
and no you will not stay at $99 rate.


I buy lots of amazon giftcards at staples and upload them on my account. I am not sure I understand how to get tax free when using these gift cards. Can you please explain?


use an address in one of the states mentioned above


why does my membership management page show that the annual plan is 99?
will it renew at 119 if I leave it to renew?


“Starting June 16, 2018, existing Prime members with an annual membership will renew at a rate of $119/year. Prime Student members with an annual membership will renew at a rate of $59/year.”


Hi Dan,

A little confused here.

Are you saying that if I email the link to myself I need to wait until the time in my account expires to activate it? Also how will the 107 price be locked in if it was from a gift email?

Any downsides?

Any downside to letting your membership expire before renewing (other than the grandfathered status for household accounts)? Would my photos that are stored on Amazon go away if I end my membership before renewing?


So if I purchase giftcards at staples and put the Billing address on these giftcards in MA and purchase this membership with a giftcard does that mean all my purchases for the next year will have this MA address as my default for billing? Is there a way to change it after membership is purchased?


Seems that the AMEX targeted offers cant be applied to this deal (although it’s being sold by Amazon LLC 🙂


Does the registry promo still work?


Is there any problem buying 20 amazon gift cards from staples 3-4 times a week and stacking them on your amazon account?

reb yid

You don’t get credit card protection on your Amazon purchases, since you made the purchase with gift cards, not the credit card.


do you have to buy the amazon gift cards (ink card) from staples / office depot in store?


For someone with a current Prime membership, should I convert the gift membership into a Amazon gift card prior to the expiration of the current membership or after the expiration of the current membership?


What’s the point of buying more than 1? Hoping there’s not another deal?? After purchase of 1 and mine that I had expires this January what should I do? I don’t understand cancelling and redoing and getting some money back..

kranthi guttikonda

Somehow its allowing only one to me. How can I buy multiple at once?

kranthi guttikonda

nevermind, I have to purchase one at a time


I tried this 3x on Friday. Everytime the price shown was $119, not $107, even at checkout 🙁


After you set the email and date, and before you complete the purchase and pay the price changes

Dave Hanson

How can I tell if I have a grandfathered prime account, please?

https://www.amazon.com/myh/manage/ref=myh_c_l_m lets you “manage” your household. But it doesn’t clarify which kind of account I have. TIA.


So Prime Student Membership will remain at $59? Or will it also increase? If it does will 10% Off apply?


never got the tax refund after ending my membership jan 26 2020


is this offer also for monthly prime price


do i get 5% on my amazon store card for buying this prime membership


Showing 119, is it dead?


If I have Prime No-Rush Reward credits on my account, will they automatically disappear if I let my Prime membership to expire?

Kristin Mueller

I have a physical address in Alaska so made that my default shipping address. However, Amazon is still charging me Texas state sales tax. I believe I ran into this with the last Prime membership promotion; I think the membership will not be tax-free unless my billing address is in one of those states you listed, and I do not have a payment method with a billing address in a different state.


OMG! I had previously set my account to NOT auto-renew my Prime membership, but it seems like Amazon’s terms changed, and you have to keep reactivating this setting on a year-by-year basis. I was charged for Prime on a card that I don’t use, so I wasn’t checking the statement. Now I’m more than a month overdue on this charge…


Any suggestions?