Ends In 3 Hours: Easy Money Maker For You And Household Members! Get A $10 Amazon Credit When You Signup For Audible For $4.95, Or For Free With AMEX Platinum!

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Update 11/25: This promotion ends at 2:59pm ET today, click here now to see if you are eligible and to sign up! 

Limit one bonus per account. You can also get this bonus by using an Amazon Prime Free Household account.

Update: I got the $10 Amazon credit email just minutes after enrolling and was instantly able to get $10 off anything sold from Amazon at checkout! I was able to cancel my membership and my account still had the $10 credit available:

Get A $10 Amazon Credit When You Signup For Audible For $4.95!

Signup for Audible for $4.95/month by 3pm tomorrow via the link above and you’ll get a $10 Amazon credit, good for anything sold from Amazon!

You will get an email within 48 hours of signing up with your $10 Amazon credit. The Amazon credit is valid until 12/31.

If you pay with your AMEX Platinum card, you will be reimbursed for Audible charges like this from the $20/month streaming credit.

You can also check your Chase Offers for 10% back on Audible.

You can cancel your Audible subscription here at anytime.

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Does this count towards amex plat streaming?

First time

First time users only, I think


on my account shoes as $7.95,
is that because I once already had audible?

New subscribers only?

Does this apply to all customers? What happens if I had an audible subscription before but cancelled it a while back?

Chase Offers

Check if you have a Chase Offers Audible 10% back

James Pikover

Not a great deal; unlike the standard Audible subscription this only has podcasts and a small selection of stream-only audiobooks, updated monthly. Definitely set your calendar to cancel after the 1st month, or upgrade to the full subscription to get audiobook credits.


$5.05 free money seems like a great deal to me.


I signed up for this promo and got an instant $10 credit, which I used immediately. Now when I go to Audible to cancel, it tells me I do not have an active membership. I want to cancel but am unable to. Has anyone else had this problem?


still have to pay the 4.95 if you cancel right away?


Can I cancel before the month is over?


Definitely targeted. I’m targeted on some accounts and some accounts not.


This is half targeted and half first time buyer. So if you have had audible before you might not get this


BTW contrary to what some of the comments seem to be implying, I read the fine print pretty closely and it looks like what you pay is for all 6 months – not each month. So you don’t need to cancel after the first month, just cancel within 6 months. Feels like a deal to me especially since the credit is for more than you pay out.

PS I was an audible member in the past (a different promo, never paid full price) and this offer went through fine.


Incorrect. It says very clearly “$4.95 a month for your first 6 months”.
You can also log in and check your next bill date. “Your next bill date is: 12-24-2020”.


You’re right! The ad I saw when I signed up distinctly said “4.95 for the first six months” not “4.95 per month” unless the per month was really tiny. I looked for it. But now it does say next bill date is 12/24. Thanks for replying.


I did not get an email conformation, how do I know if I am signed up?