Did Amazon Cancel All Of/Part Of Your Pinzon Orders?

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Update: I decided to call Amazon and speak to a manager instead of just relying on one email communication.
The extremely sympathetic manager preemptively refunded the money for my entire order!!! (I would’ve been happy with a partial refund!)
It’s amazing customer service like this when something goes wrong that truly sets Amazon apart.

Originally posted on 07/16:

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Amazon shipped only part of my Pinzon order to me.

I made 2 orders, 1 was for 8 swirl dof glasses and 2 decanters for $18.78.
The other was for 8 swirl pilsner glasses, 2 swirl pitchers, 4 swirl dof glasses, and 1 decanter for $40.

My 1st order was completely canceled.
My 2nd order was only half shipped-half of it was canceled, but I was charged the full $40!

I complained to them about the “scam” that they pulled and was offered a $10 gift certificate.

Not good enough.

Looks like it’s time to fight the charge with AMEX…

There’s not much that you can legally do about a canceled order, but to send out a partial order at full price just isn’t right!

Ctownreaders ordered several hundred of these Pinzon sets from Amazon last week- What are you going to do?

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what can we do? My order was cancelled and I wasnt charged…but I am upset and I was looking forward to receiving these glasses and pitchers


Both of my orders were completely canceled. A real bummer considering I was already planning on which presents they would fill.


i only ordered 1 set of the cheaper version $18 something, and they sent me an email cancelling the whole thing. what a shame….

Kobi Leifer

I ordered 8 swirl dof glasses and 2 decanters for $18.78- I got an email saying that it was totally canceled. I complained and got a $10 GC. Not too bad being that I didnt really neeed the glasses but ordered them because it was an awesome, awesome price.


I need to first say that I like your site very much and appreciate all that you do for everyone, however I have to point out your own admission that there was a mistake made and that it was not their intention:
“The reason that I think its a mistake is because I dont think its their intention to combine “a buy one get one free” together with “buy 3 get 1 free.”

When they’re combined you are buying one set, on sale, and getting 3 more sets for free.

By Dan, at 2:50 AM, July 11, 2007″

Which makes this “deal” a true exception to the regular fantastic discounts (which are all intentional from the retailers and businesses), whereas this was a case of capitalizing on human error, at their expense rather than their generosity, which is somewhat disturbing and creepy.


It looked like this in the Amazon cart:

Item(s) Subtotal: $159.96
Shipping & Handling: $16.79
Best Value Savings: $-79.98
4-for-3 Promotion: $-39.99
Super Saver Discount: $-16.79
Total Before Tax: $39.99
Total for this Shipment: $39.99

It doesn’t really look like a mistake …


I agree with Dan’s original reasoning that it was a mistake, the one quoted above from July 11, 2007.

Law Student


You say that legally the buyer whose ordered was canceled has no legal recourse. I’m not entirely sure that you are correct.

While I am only a law student and not an attorney, general contract principles are that once an offer to purchase has been made by the buyer and accepted by the seller (usually by an email confirming the order), there is a legally enforceable agreement.

The only question that needs to be clarified is whether Amazon includes a disclaimer in the email conformation along the lines of “This confirmation is subject to product availability and review by Amazon.com. This order is also subject to cancellation at any time and for any reason prior to shipment by Amazon.com.”

Obviously, hiring a lawyer is usually more expensive than taking advantage of a great offer. However, if the above language or something like it is missing from the order confirmation, it may be helpful to send Amazon an email or letter expressing your legal rights and ability to pursue such rights.

Asher O

Dan, any chance a chargeback would jeopardize your relationship with Amazon (as a customer) in any way?


I made 2 orders. I got an email confirming that they have sent out a shipment for one set. I haven’t received an email regarding any canceled orders.


Hi there. I received a partial refund and a fifteen dollar gift card. Try being suggestive in you email to them and you will get more. Thanks Dan, Yossi W
PS I am getting one of the orders completely.


Dan –
I’m a big fan of yours and appreciate your enthusiasm and time that you dedicate to this site.
Occasionally (like right now) I tend to disagree and think that there is something wrong…
Deals are great and yeah, I’ll go the extra effort to save a buck…
EXPLOTION and OUTRIGHT LYING is something I’m not too fond of… Somewhere, sometimes, these fine lines are crossed by your fans and I’d really love to hear what everyone else says… You see, when a company offers a great deal – go grab it! If you can turn a profit – even better!
But when you are aware a ridiculous price mistake, that will result in a loss to the company – what’s the chochma in trying to exploit the company and with a couple of hundred fans along and then hold them to their guns about it? I agree with “twenty7Bstrokesix” comment above. Or exploiting offers such as booze samples to turn a profit, or booking all available rooms at a discounted hotel and flipping them to others…(My goodness, when my company grows G-d willing I’ll know who to hire, these guys kill for a buck but why exploit?)
Y’know, I’ve got a hundred ways for you to make money off of your credit card companies…all different twisted versions of the truth…they’ll be mailing checks to you each month…
Yes, “Lawstudent” and everybody else (myself included) we are very scrupulous on reading the fine print but there must be some common sense too. Let me ask, how many of you return your lightbulbs to Costco because they have (**gasp**) burned out?!
You’ve got to read this article:

and there is also a follow up that I recently read…
I’ll bet Mr. Pearson is a regular at this site… 🙂
Dan, I really want to hear what others have to say about this, can we post this discussion as a topic with comments?


I am not fond of EXPLOTION either.


twenty7Bstrokesix and Greyguy:

You guys are totally missing the boat here.

Whether this is a true price mistake is not the issue here at all.

My beef is plain and simple: Amazon.com accepted my order for the items, sent me only half of the items in my order, and charged me full price!

To call this “disturbing and creepy.” or “exploitation and outright lying.” is way out of line.

If you have a problem of buying items that may be a result of an online pricing error then you are at the wrong website, please don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

At any rate this was not at all a “ridiculous price mistake” the item here was clearly marked as clearance and the promotions were all listed on the item page.
Whether or not all the promos should have stacked the way they did was the issue-but it was by no means ridiculous.

Now, last March’s flight+hotel package to Hawaii that I took for just $87 was a ridiculous price mistake, and I wouldn’t even hesitate to buy that package again-there’s nothing creepy about that in my book!

Law Student:
Amazon’s terms and conditions clearly spell out that they are not responsible for price mistakes, and that they will cancel orders that include price mistakes.
That is why I wouldn’t have an issue if they simply canceled my orders.


What’s all the kvetching about? Mom and Dad always used to tell us to work smarter not harder – so if you can take them to the cleaners, then why not? Call it exploitation or whatever you want – an $87 trip to Hawaii is an $87 dollar trip to Hawaii and that seems to be what this site is all about.


I will be receiving most of my order. the only cancelled items were the decanter and 4 glasses. I called and still got a “one time” price adjustment to still receive the great price.

Thanks DAN