Coming Friday For 1 Day Only: Subscribe To Amazon Prime For Just $67


Update, 09/25: Amazon is only discounting Prime membership for new subscribers. Rather than mark the price down to $67, they are giving a $32 promo discount at checkout.

It doesn’t appear to be possible to get the discount with gift subscriptions as has been possible in the past with promotions similar to this one.


Originally posted on 09/22:

On Friday from 12am EDT until 11:59pm PDT you’ll be able to enroll in Prime for just $67.

Prime members get free 2 day shipping on all orders, free instant video streaming, free Prime music, free kindle books, free photo storage in the cloud, etc.

You’ll also be able to opt into Amazon Mom where you’ll also get 20% off subscription orders of diapers and 15% off to complete unordered items from a baby registry.

Amazon Prime is normally $99 per year and is always subject to increase as it has in the past.

However Amazon Prime Gift Subscriptions never expire so you can lock in the $67 rate for as long as you want!

You can have Prime Gifts emailed to you now and you can file them away in a folder in your email.  They will always be good for a full year of Prime and they will never expire.

When you send yourself a gift year of Prime you will get an email with a special link that instantly gives a year of Prime to whatever account opens the special link. The gift of Amazon Prime isn’t auto-renewing like regular Amazon Prime is.

Just set your Prime not to auto-renew so that you don’t automatically get charged $99 in the future.

To do that:

Step 1: Set your membership to not auto-renew.  To do so click on this link and select “End Membership.”




Step 2:  You will then see the following screen. Choose to end your membership later.














If neither option is clickable then your account has already been set not to auto-renew.

After that you can buy as many gifts of Prime as you want to lock in the $67 rate. After your current subscription ends you can click on the special link from the email and activate another year of Prime.

Note that if you are grandfathered into the old Prime sharing system you can’t use this workaround to lock in $67 Prime as it requires letting your old Prime expire before enrolling again with the $67 link. Under new Prime sharing rules you can only share Prime with 1 other person and payment details are shared as well between those accounts. Though under the new system Prime benefits like Amazon Mom and Prime Video are useable by both accounts.

Of course Amazon can end the grandfathered option at any time in the future and you can always hold onto these and convert them back into gift cards at any time by just applying them to an account that has Amazon Prime active.

You can use it for yourself or give it as a gift in the future to anyone else.

What happens if you click on the special link when you still have an active Prime subscription? It will ask you if you want to convert the Prime subscription into a $67 gift card.

If you paid tax for the Prime Gift then you will also get the tax back as a gift card.

If you have gift card funds locked in one Amazon account and you want to transfer the funds to someone else you can always buy Prime gift subscriptions with your gift cards and send them to another Prime account.  That other account can then turn them back into gift cards in their account!

If you have Amazon gift cards and Amazon Prime you really can’t lose by buying a number of Prime gifts for the future.  Either you can save them up for cheaper Prime for years to come or you can always convert them back into $67 Amazon gift cards if you just want to use the funds to buy things sooner!

So, how many will you be buying?

Amazon offers free shipping with $25+ orders or get free 1 day shipping on all orders with a a free trial of Amazon Prime. A prime trial is also free with Amazon Family (which also gets you up to 20% off diapers among other benefits) or Amazon Student. EBT/Medicaid Cardholders can save on Prime Membership save on Prime Membership here.

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Mike B

Has anyone figured out how to use these and keep the 4 people you are sharing prime with?

Even if not, I may buy some more in case amazon later kicks out my grandfathered users…


the question I have is will the ‘gifts’ extend the old prime that can split the free shipping to 5 people?


Do you know if doing this will impact the other accounts that are associated with your Prime? I thought you could no longer let your account expire and keep the other accounts sharing Prime.


I have 1 more already pending so i’m in for 4
question is later down the road if i ever need to refund it


Locked in last time for 11 years at $79.
Should I convert those and buy back at $67 ?


For those that share their account:
We know that Amazon changed the policy, for newer customers who want to share the accounts with others, the others will now be able to see private information of the account holder whereas anyone who has opened an account and shared it in the past can keep those specific people and not have to worry about them seeing the private info (like cc info and purchase history)
So I wonder if by doing this would you lose the opportunity to still split the account with people and keep your data history etc separate.
I imagine you wouldn’t be able to.

Maybe someone can verify. Definitely worth thinking about though for those that do share the account.


I’ve updated the post to clarify the grandfathered accounts dilemma.

Sure, you can rebuy the $67 prime years with gift cards from the $79 prime years.


Can you use an address without sales tax when buying the Prime gift and then apply the Prime to an account in a state that does have sales tax?


Does anyone have a concept of time value of money, you save about 33% but it’s prob not worth buying for more than a couple of years worth. Unless you think the price will go up substantially, and assuming Amazon will still be around… You never know Jet might take off!


With 0% fed rates, it’ll take a long time for anything safe to earn 33%.

And Amazon isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Talking about time value of money, shame I didn’t buy some of their stock at the beginning of the year…

Besides, you can always convert it to gift cards at any time.


Be careful not to buy for many years in advance amazon just recently closed my account due to returning items, I had my membership, gift cards lost there, if anyone has experience with getting an account back open please let me know Tia


How much did you return? Usually they send out warning emails.

People have gotten back their accounts by emailing if it wasn’t nefarious on their end.


Is this $67 payment once a life time. Or must you pay 67 every year.


Per year.
Normally $99 per year.


I’m confused.

My Prime expired 2 weeks ago. The Amazon offer says “we are offering new members a special price of $67” – does that mean I wouldn’t qualify for the offer?


The $67 will work for anyone via the Prime Gift link in this post.


I tried this last year to extend my wife’s account and it did not work. I had to call up so I would not lose the money I paid for the gift and the rep said that I did not have enough on my gift of prime b/c it was less than 99 (I think it was 72?). What are the steps to take once the existing subscription ends to activate the one?

Reb Yid

“The gift of Prime is $99 for one year and can only be redeemed on “


I’ve done it without issue, you need to wait until the day after the Prime expires on the account to use it.

@Reb Yid:
Is it Friday yet?


Technical question: do these subcriotions come only in the form of a link, or do they provide a code? Would like to store them away, and don’t like storing links


It’s a link that has a code embedded in it.


Do you have to wait for it to expire for an entire day or just after midnight Pacific time? Or something else?


Anytime after midnight Pacific time works, no need to wait a full day.


If some1 has the grandfathered Prime can they still add a new user now (without the user having access to your Credit Cards)if they don’t have 4 already? If so how do I go about finding someone to “share” with?

Reb Yid

@Dan: erev YK feels like Friday


Dan still not clear to me

if you have current prime membership you can still purchase $67 yearly subscriptions for the future when my prime membership expires; however if I share my prime with another Im out of luck?


I don’t think you can add anyone at this point under the old rules.

@Reb Yid:
Lol, fair enough.

The $67 workaround requires that you let your Prime account expire for a minute.

If you share Prime with 4 members under the old grandfathered program and you let your account expire then you lose your grandfathered status.

Mike B


I have 8 of the $79 prebought from last time. If I load them onto my account, do you know if I can use my GC balance to buy these?



what if you share prime with only one member will you still lose anything?


Thanks Dan for everything…Much appreciated
Gmar Chasima Tova to you and your family and may you have the most wonderful year with all of klal yisrael


So to take advantage of this I would have to cancel my prime membership anytime before Friday?


@Mike B:
You can!

Anyone can reshare with one person under the new system, nothing to lose.

Thanks, to you as well.

No, just need to set it to not auto-renew.


@Dan: not disagreeing with you, still upset that I sold amzn a couple of years ago, but to buy 11 years worth may not be worth it since you don’t need to earn that much interest to make 33% over that amount of time, I’ll prob buy 2-3 years worth myself. Also prob better to buy a share of amzn…



If you invest $737 for 11 years ($67 X 11 years), and it averages 5%, you will have $1261. So you don’t need to make 33%, just 5%. And it’s possible to make more than 5%. 8% would be $1718. That’s a gain of almost $1000, more than the savings of $352 you have by getting discounted prime.


And it’s possible you make 0% or there’s a crash and you lose money.

Compare it to a safe investment (2% CD) for a more accurate comparison…

Mike B


Above you answered anonymous that “anyone can reshare with one person under the new system, nothing to lose”. Isn’t there some restriction on how often you can be readded to a new househiold? If someone had their spouse on their household, let it expire (their spouse is removed), couldn’t it cause an issue with them having to wait (6 months?) before they could readd them?


@Dan great tip! Thanks for sharing. Quick question – is Amazon the seller? If so, use a Discover card for 5% cash back on purchase, which will be doubled if you qualify for that!


@Dan two questions. First, if i let my subscription expire, do you have to restart it within a certain amount oftime before ill lose the account (and history, gc in it)? Second if i got that Amazon phome with the free year of prime attached to it how does that effect this deal? Thanks.


Ali- if you let your subscription expire, your account becomes a regular amazon account. It doesn’t get deleted, therefore you won’t lose any history. It doesn’t matter how you got your prime, now that you have it, it is the same as anyone else’s


Do you have to have a current Prime Membership to benefit from this deal. If not, can I cancel my current membership (for which I just recently got charged after the trial period), get a refund for the amount that I was charged, and then sign up for this “Gift Membership” deal?


“The one-year gift membership does not automatically renew, and is not eligible for promotional offers.”

Anyone know what they mean by not eligible for promotional offers?


BTW amazon doesnt allow u to purchase more than 2 years worth of subscriptions!!! Fix the article dan!


Prime is still $99 after 12am….


Hmm… Having trouble getting the gift option to work. Showing as the full $99.


12:26 a.m. – It’s $67, but no option for “gift.”


Not available to purchase as a gift. As per customer service rep it’s for non prime, and non amazaon members only.


Didn’t have to call Amazon for that, just read the post update…


If I have amazon student (not prime but I get can always get prime 1/2 price for $49) will this be $32 off of that?


Will I be able to get Amazon mom for this price ?


how do i lock it for more years? it says only the first year is for $67




Read the post update.


let me make sure, the promotion is only for one year, there isn’t a way to lock it for more years right?

Elki Hass

Not Connecting Show only the $99.00 not $67.00