Lock In 25% Off At Amazon With $15 Off $60 AMEX Offer

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Update, 11/27: After 1,000,000 card registrations, AMEX has closed this offer!

Don’t forget to take advantage of the offers on all of your registered cards!

Missed it? You can still earn 10-11 points per dollar at Amazon with Chase Freedom!


Update, 11/26: 971K people have already enrolled in the Amazon offer. This offer will fill up soon, so be sure to enroll all of your primary and secondary cards ASAP!













Originally posted on 11/16:

AMEX has an offer that seems to be valid on all primary and secondary cards (except Costco cards) for a $15 statement credit for spending a total of $60 on Amazon. The $60 can be spent across multiple transactions after saving the offer to your card. You must complete the spending by 12/31.

However you should save the offer to your cards ASAP as the offer can disappear at any time and will then only be available for those who already saved it.

Effectively you can lock in 25% off at Amazon this way!

-The easiest way to do that and lock in the savings is to buy a $60 gift card with free shipping. Amazon gift cards never expire.
-You can also buy an eGift card that is sent right away.
-Or you can load $60 directly onto your Amazon account here.
-Alternatively you can buy gift cards here from Amazon for lots of other stores as well. Sample gift cards include American Eagle, Express, Forever 21, Hollister, NordstromSouthwest, Staples, Starbucks, and Whole Foods
-You can also get a free wallet/card holder or a free teddy bear when you buy Amazon gift cards.
-See other free gifts you can get with gift cards here.
-Lock in savings on future years of Amazon Prime
-Be sure to check if you are targeted for a bonus $10 when buying Amazon gift cards.

I’ve already been credited for all of my gift card purchases.

Just login to your AMEX account, click on any of your cards to go the activity page, and then click on “AMEX Offers For You”.

If you also have multiple cards with the offer don’t rush to save the offer to your account!  Open up the Offers page for each card in a separate tab in the same browser and scroll down the the offer. Then go between the tabs to save the offer to each of your targeted cards. Otherwise once you save the offer to one card it disappears from your other cards.

Some people are reporting having issues using the multi-tab method in the new interface. It worked for me, but you can also still access the old interface here where it may be easier to use the multi-tab method.

You can also register your secondary cards for their own AMEX login (or on your primary login if they’re in your name) and see if they are targeted for the offer as well.

Note that you only have to worry about an offer disappearing from other cards when they are registered to the same account. Saving an offer won’t affect cards that have their own login.

If you mess up and don’t save the offer to a card you can always remove a card from one login and make a dedicated login for it to register it. Alternatively you can remove the card that has an offer saved to it and the offer will reappear for the rest of the cards registered to that account. Once you properly save the offer to all cards on that account you can reregister the deleted card back to the same account.

While nearly all primary and secondary cards are targeted for this offer, some cards, like the Costco AMEX, were not. However you can click this link to save this offer to cards that weren’t targeted. Just make the non-targeted card the default card in your account by clicking on “my cards” and then clicking the star to make it your default card. Then open the link again to save the offer to that card.

Note that if you already saved the offer in that AMEX login you won’t be able to save it to other cards. You’ll either have to remove the cards with the offer from the login here for the offer appear on the other cards (you can add it back right afterward) or you can remove the cards without the offer and setup a new login for them and then save the offer to those cards. And don’t forget to use the multi-tab method to save the offer to all the cards on your account at the same time so that you don’t need to remove them.

And don’t forget to check what other goodies are hiding in your account for you. Some of those offers and other Twitter offers can be found in this post.

HT: Square and deal_rider, via DDF

Amazon offers free shipping with $25+ orders or get free 1 day shipping on all orders with a free trial of Amazon Prime. A prime trial is also free with Amazon Family (which also gets you up to 20% off diapers among other benefits) or Amazon Student. EBT/Medicaid Cardholders can save on Prime Membership here.

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targeted on all 4! thanks dan!


multiple tabs doesnt work with the new interface!!!!


This offer is available to Canadian AMEX too?


Got it on all 5 (4 AU’s) of my cards. Thank you Dan.




Says the offer is not available after clicking add to card. im assuming they ran out already.



I opened my 4 cards in 4 tabs, 2 tabs open on each screen. went left to right clicking add to card by the time i got to the second tab it said sorry you are already enrolled. I think the multitab method is dead


actually disregard the dead post


4 Tabs, 4 successful offers added “your offer has been added. Remember to use your enrolled Card to pay and receive the statement credit.” Thanks DAN


and now the last post, on a different login i put the add to card links right next to each other and clicked both really fast and it went to both. so i guess it just got a bit harder but doable


Yay! got 4 cards, also for the $5 back on $25 at toys r us offer, can use to buy gift cards also


got it on all cards except on costco cards guess they dont like costco now that theyre discontinuing the cards


Just did 12-12 in 12 tabs.
Just need to have it open to the right spot on the right page and then move quickly.


Note that buying gift cards and spending them on amazon won’t qualify you for amex’s purchase protections. Need to evaluate what you will be buying on amazon with those gift cards to see if it’s worth buying gift cards or waiting until December to buy them before the offer expires.


+1 on the multi tabs not working any more.


costco card not included
everything else 15/15


Dan I have it on app except on AU premiere reward charge card .


What about staples gift cards?


@Dan: It was weird. Worked on my DW card. I always have them tabbed to the exact same place on each tab and cycle through the tabs using keyboard shortcuts (CTRL+TAB) to quickly cycle through. Not sure why it didn’t work on mine. Doesn’t matter, between the AUs and DW cards, I have a nice amount 🙂
Thanks Dan!


I had ten tabs open. For some reason the second one said “already enrolled in this offer.” I just continued on, and the other eight worked. 9/10 ain’t bad.


You can unenroll cards and make a new account for save offers to them.


This showed up on my card, but not on my sister’s AU.


Too bad this one isn’t showing up on the prepaid cards (Serve, BB, etc).


some of my AUs didn’t have it. and for one of my log-ins, the multiple tabs only worked for 3/4 cards.


Worked for all 4 cards (in the new interface). Thanks Dan!!


New website worked fine for me. But no luck with Serve 🙁


uch I wish I read the whole post first I saved it to one card and now its gone from the other 3. my bad!


Saved SBS offer on only one card by mistake, and then removed the card from that login. Offer “didnt” return on the other cards:-(


I like adding these deals to card, removing card, adding to the next card ect., and then re-adding all the cards. I find that as fast as multi browser.


Just remove that card from the login.

How long did you wait to remove?


Any feedback on how long it takes for the $15.00 Amazon discount to show up when you purchase a Amazon GC


Give it a week.


Thanks, Dan! 15$ per card, easy as pie way to do it, already got emails from AMEX noting the purchases. Multiple tab method worked perfectly.


@Dan: a while


@Dan: about a week


Is there a way to get the old interface to be the default view on one’s account login?


How do I remove 1 of the cards from my AmEx login? I’m not seeing that option. And when I tried to create a new login for 1 of the cards, got a message that it is already registered to my account.


@Reb Yid:

Waited too long.


Link is in the post.


I bought the $60 GC 30mns ago, so far only got the order confirmation and nothing about using the amex offer.


The email doesn’t always come, don’t worry about it as long as you used the right card that you saved the offer to.


Disregard last query. Searched some more & found how to do it. But now I don’t see the offer on the other card that I did not delete from the account



Thanks for the reply Dan. I will wait.


Used multitab method and screen froze on all but 1 AU. Still seeing the dreaded circle


Got it to work. Have separate logins for each AU. Did one at a time. Thanks Dan!


Dan, isn’t it more worth to use Freedom card on amazon then getting the $15 statement credit on Amex?


I had a very strange thing happen. I used the multibrowser method and when done saw that for one card it said “this offer isnt available” and on the other it said “sorry you already used the offer”. When I went back at a later time the offer appeared as a saved offer on both! So if you think the multibrowser method didnt work check your cards later as this was my peculiar experience.


Dan, T’s & C’s state not valid with Corporate Gift Cards which I believe covers all gift cards. Any ideas if the discount works for Amazon and/or other gift cards like Landry’s, Outback, etc.??


Thanks – was able to register multiple cards using the new format.


Says that every time. No idea what it’s referring to, but all 3 of the Amazon GC options in the post have always worked even when it says that.

Multi browser

1 amex won’t allow login on second tab
Says acct 1 already open
Nevertheless ok open each one , one at a time
No issue to get offer on all
2 chase codes no longer work since yesterday
Would it return?
3 15 off 60 means you need to spend 45 oop
What are you guys buying?
4 can I spend 60 in several transactions? And
Still get amex credit?
Thank you


Would love 15 off 15 instead
Add to my wish list


Does this count towards purchases on myhabit or is it better to buy a gift card and pay for myhabit using the gift card


On 2 different accounts, 1 with 14 cards, 1 with 12 cards, the multi tab worked like a charm. Only on the last tab it didn’t work. Interesting.


Can someone explain to me where I can see the “targeted offers” I do not see them in the activity page. I recently signed up for an amex card (gold rewards) and may not be totally familiar with the interface.


Thanks Dan. I saves the offer on two cards. I loaded sixty dollars onto my gift card balance but for some reason when trying to make purchases, it does not give me the option of using that balance. Just the credit cards on file.
Any ideas?


Can you buy other kinds of gift cards (i.e. restaurants/stores) for the credit or would those charges not show up as “amazon”?


worked on primary cards not secondary for me


Is it ok to call up and ask to have it added to one of my cards …?!


FYI: You can’t buy third party gift cards with Amazon gift cards on their website. I never knew this (I’m used to buying a ton of third party gift cards on ebay). So the scrip you buy in this promo has to be used to buy merchandise on Amazon. Still a good deal, but not quite as good a deal.


If you want 3rd party GCs why not just buy them in the first place?


Dan, Hyatt gift cards, for example, state “Sold and delivered by ACI Gift Cards, Inc., an Amazon company.” Any experience whether this will work for this promo?


It always has in the past.


Anyone else had this stack with the get $10 Amazon giftcard for a $50 spend. I just received x 12 Amazon $10 promo gift cards on top of the 12 x $15 Statement credits!! WOW Thanks AMEX & Amazon

Love dans


41 TOTAL !!ALL had them and worked fine
ALL had $10 of $20 uber added that too just in case
thanks a lot Dan


Amazon worked great. Already notified from amex that a $15.00 credit is coming.
Will purchasing a giftcard from the other retailers work as well?


@Sam: I just purchased a restaurant gift card with my new discover card (since I get 10% at Amazon) and the charge shows up as amazon.com — no different.

I imagine it will show up the same way on AMEX


I didnt get it, how can i lock in for 25% off


Dan, I knew you had a lot of AU’s but 486,752?!!!

That’s a bit much don’t you think?


Hi Dan again
Could I buy visa gift cards ?


@chaim: Chaim, what makes you think that Amazon sells Visa gift cards??????????


Please advise. I have 2 business cards and 1 spg all on one account. The spg has 3 AUs(1 on my name and 2 on my wife) and amex claims its on the same account but cant see those Aus listed with separate offers.. Does each au for spg need to have a separate login in order for me to enroll each deal and add to card?


Sure, if you can find them on Amazon


Shkoyach 😉


General question (though pertinent) – Are there any products sold by Amazon (or 3rd party fulfilled by Amazon) that *cannot* use Amazon GC credit, but *can* use an Amex card (with this Amex deal on it)? In other words, is it worth just using all cards to buy 60 Amazon GC right now, or waiting on some of them for actual purchases of items?

Second question – how do I use Amazon GC with 1 UR point for that deal? Seems to only allow me to use the 1 UR point and the credit card associated with it for the balance.


between the chase freedom 10% cash back and amex 25% you gotta do alot of amazon spending now!!


if i use your link to load my account, and then i repeat a few times, do you get a referral for all my purchases, or only the first one, requiring me to keep clicking on your link again and again?


How do I tell if I am locked in?


@Mark: If you purchase an item with an Amex cc you will get purchase protection etc. from Amex, if you purchase with Amazon gc you don’t.


How do I know if I got locked in?


@dan: whats the limit on Nordstrom Gift Cards and how does it work? bec my orders keep getting canceled.


@Wow: i got the same email as dan. It just means how many cards all over did this not his own cards😜

Jason Smith

@Mark: Amazon sells gift cards to staples and other stores – they can only be purchased with a credit card but not an Amazon gift card. So if you want to purchase a $75 gift card to staples (you would have to order a 25 and a 50), don’t buy the Amazon gift card first as you won’t be able to use that.


1. good time to buy their stock?
2. purchased for 52 +10, i see on cc they split it to 2 amounts, would it be a prob? does 60 have to be on one purchase?

amzn 2

guys, what do you buy at amazon for $1500? (freedom)


It does not need to be in one purchase.

@amzn 2:
A gift card?



“A gift card”

The thing is, most gift cards on Amazon are sold at face value. But they can be purchased elsewhere at less than face value. So why buy them at Amazon?

I always have an Amazon GC balance in my Amazon account and just use it for normal Amazon purchases. And there are plenty of them. But with all these great deals lately that result in lots of Amazon GC credit, it’s hard to spend it all down fast enough.


How do u know if ur locked in?


Because it’s 25% off with this?
If you’ll spend the Amazon credit then don’t worry about other GCs, but if you won’t, 25% off is pretty sweet.

By saving it to your cards and then buying Amazon credit with the offer at 25% off.


good deal. thanks dan.
“Effectively you can lock in 25% off at Amazon this way!”
misled ppl into thinking once you spent $60 you get 25% off all future purchases, similar the freedom’s 10% offer for quarter year.


How does Freedom allow you to lock in future purchases?

You lock in whatever you buy. $60 per card times however many primary and secondary cards you have.

I don’t see what’s confusing here.


@Dan: where do u get the offer of %25 from I bought a $60 gift card and I have the $15 credit now what?


@mo: correct that’s what I thought

Andy R.

Just tried to get the deal and this showed up by the special offers box: “Sorry about that! It doesn’t happen often, but offers are currently unavailable. Please try again later.”

Andy R.

How do you open up different AUs to this offer? It doesn’t let me access my AUs as a seprate account? Also, how do I change the login for an individual AU?


just tried to purchase a staples gift card and it says that you cannot pay for it with an amazon gift card. Any thoughts about that?


can i buy a visa gift card by staples with a staples gift card? or by another store that sells thair gift cards on amazon?


are you sure it will work by uploading to $60 to amazon account? small print on amex offer says “not with electronic wallet”


It will work.


Got it on Costco Cards now Shkoach Dan!




@Dan: “Because it’s 25% off with this?”

Sure. That’s clear. But if you want to maximize any and all promotions, then buying full-price GCs doesn’t do that. Because you can save $15 off $60 *AND* save XX% off the GCs elsewhere (Cardcash, etc). For me, the key, in general, is to maximize the total value of all promotions available. Even if I end up with a bunch of Amazon GC sitting there for a few months or even a year. I still have various credits remaining from that awesome Smart&Final promo a few months ago!


It just boils down to how many cards you have and how much you spend at Amazon.

If you’ll maximize the Amazon GCs then great. But if you won’t there’s no shame in buying Nordstrom GCs at 25% off…

Shop rite

Do you please have a link for the shoprite offer thanks


Thanx Dan, you don’t let up !


Hey Dan,

Can you please do the same thing for the staples & shop rite promotions?


@Dan: “If you’ll maximize the Amazon GCs then great. But if you won’t there’s no shame in buying Nordstrom GCs at 25% off…”

This is true, and Nordstrom is a good example because you can only get about 4% off elsewhere. But for GCs that you can get 18% off (and sometimes 23% with a special) elsewhere, it’s almost like wasting your Amex deal needlessly.

Now the more important question is – has anyone figured out a way to add this deal to an Amex prepaid card? 🙂



Ari L

To clarify – will this credit be posted on potentially all my AMEX secondary biz cards that I got to use for SBS (before it was cancelled)? As long as I add the offer to each secondary card? Thanks !


@Ari L:
Yes it will.


can u get these on citi cards?


if i dont have separate logins for my au cards is it still possible to get the offer on those cards? right now they are a sub tab under the original card…


Thanks a bunch Dan!!!
BTW, where would be a good place to get good BLACK FRIDAY DEALS ON MAJOR APPLIANCES?
Please reply
Thanks a bunch


can i buy Walmart GC on Amazon?


@Eliezer: Gosh, Eliezer, if only there was a place on the internet where you could look to see if Amazon actually sold Walmart gift cards……


if I make a $60 order and end up returning part of it, will amex reverse the $15 credit?


Dan, how come my amazon account is not accepting the code you posted for $10 promotional credit off a $50 gift card?
my other accounts are eligible…

Yanky Deutsch

Sorry but I have 7 cards & I did like I was told with 7 separate tabs even though a few of the 7 even have different users, after I made add to cart by the first card and I went right away to add it by all other cards this message came up You are already enrolled in this offer.
so bottom line from all 7 cards I got the offer on only the fist card


This offer is available to Canadian AMEX too?


If purchases gift cards no need for baby items
No prime member
What items do you shop at smazon
$600 gc


Can this offer be used for an Amazon Prime membership purchase? Not gift subscriptions for the future… an initial subscription?


I used my amex for the targeted offer however since its a preorder for a few items that will not be available till 2016 its not showing up as a purchase o my amex does this count?


@Question4Dan: No, Amex has to see the charge and Amazon generally doesn’t charge until they ship.


Dan, if i buy $60 amazon gift cards and then decide I don’t need them is there a way I can refunded?


If i apply this to my primary card on my account will it automatically go to secondary card too?


No, but who wouldn’t want to get $60 in Amazon GCs for $45? Any friend will take you up on that!

No, need to register separately.


yes. read post again

it never expires and you can always get anything from amazon.



@Chana: for you anything


@dan you wrote that the 15/60 is avail. in multi transactions, however in the terms and con. of the offer by amex they say that its only avail. once on each card? witch part didn’t I understand??


You can make multiple transactions to reach $60 on each of your cards.


@dan so if I only have one card it means that the most I can get out of it is $15


That’s correct.
You have no additional cardholders?


@dan nope 🙁 …..


i have a bunch of amex cards on 1 log in and lots of employees- i get how to add the offer to each of my cards- but how do i add the offer to my employee cards??


Dan, if i buy 10 gift cards will i credited for all of them?


Need to make AMEX logins for those cards.

1 credit per AMEX card.

Bob L

Dan … If I purchase an item that’s not sold by Amazon – however it’s fulfilled by Amazon – is that eligible towards the 60.00 purchase amount?? Thanks ….


Think offer is dead for signing up – not showing on other cars anymore. Can you confirm ? Thanks!


it seems that it is dead today !!! 🙁


@Netlevy: dan posted it already a few times. You snooze you lose.


I could have posted it 10 more times, always going to be procrastinators!


Thank you Dan! Just got the Double Stroller that was posted yesterday. A real steal using 7 Amex cards!Thanks for all you do and Happy Birthday

larry cohen

Dead !!!, tells me it’s no longer available


saved the amazon offer on all cards ordered from amazon and didn’t get credit after checking it saw it was deleted from all cards except for one


Is it too late to reload my amazon balance? Will it credit to my Amex account.


Go for it, worst case you will call or chat to get credited.