Chat To Upgrade Your Expiring Amazon No-Rush Credits Into A Sitewide Credit!

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Amazon offers No-Rush credits for Prime members if they agree to slower shipping options when they order Prime items.

You can check your no-rush balance here.

The current round of no-rush credits expire tomorrow and if you’re like me, you have a bunch of them sitting there.

Earlier this year was allowing digital credits to be used for anything sold by Amazon, but that was a short lived glitch.

DDF member LNS points out that you can chat with Amazon to get them converted into credit that can be used on anything sold from Amazon.

Several other DDF members had success as well, so I chatted with Amazon myself. The rep said that they couldn’t transfer my no-rush credits into an Amazon credit, but they could refund them to an Amazon gift card!


You can click here to chat with Amazon and see what they can do with your no-rush credits. You’ll need to be using a desktop browser or you can request the desktop site from your mobile browser’s menu in order to chat.

Post your results in the comments and don’t forget to HUCA (Hang up, chat again 😉 ) if you need to!

HT: LNS, via DDF

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Dan. thanks! I spent the whole day yesterday looking for videos to purchase 🙂


amazing! thanks i will try this


First the rep told me my credit can be used for anything sold and shipped by amazon so I asked for a supervisor and she said should extend them so I said can you honor what the first rep said so she did. ($40)


chatted with them now and they applied it on all items sold by amazon, woohoo



Didn’t work for me.


that worked!
in fact, they left the credits on my account as well


I have $70 in prime now credit … not sure what to do with them


Thank you! I have $72 in no-rush credits that I had no idea was expiring tomorrow. Just emailed Amazon! If they do issue me credit instead that can be used anywhere on Amazon, does that mean that it will also expire tomorrow?


Followed the steps and got it for Digital Rewards. Anybody had luck converting Prime Now Rewards as well ?


Got it as a gift card. Thank you thank you!!!!


LOL! If they’d let me convert my home improvement credit…


Mine were prime now credits. So yes it works for those too


I cancelled my Prime in mid-October (3 month free trial from Amex ran out). I had $10 in Prime Now credits. Chatted with a rep and after some arguing she offered a 1 time promotional credit for $10.


Took 1 chat and the person converted to a promo credit to use site-wide!


HUCA twice and got regular credit


I got mine extended for a year. But not sure side credit.


Thanks took 2 min and done!

R levy

Very frustrating. They always offer me prime now credit but they don’t service my area! Thanks to this info, I’ll try to get prime now credit then ask them to convert them.


Did this work for anyone with credit that was not about to expire… I have a lot of prime now and whole foods credit, but it doesn’t expire until Feb. 2014.


Worked like a charm and I appear to still have the Digital Awards! (I haven’t tried using them, but they’re on my summary page).

I was sure that the entire Amazon CS Dept is being swarmed with these requests now, but the Chat Rep said “Haven’t had this issue before haha”! DansDeals effect?


They just extended it by another year


Amazing! It worked Great! After the first rep tried but could not help me, a supervisor replaced my $62 in expiring credits with site-wide credits w/ no expiration date. A very well spent 39 minute phone call. Many thanks!


Once I connected this was the conversation (info edited for privacy):

Me: I have some No-Rush Rewards expiring. May I have them extended or converted over to credit?
You are now connected to Mohit from
Mohit: Hello Richard, my name is Mohit. I’m here to help you today.
Me: Great!
Mohit: Could you please elaborate about the ‘No-Rush Rewards’, so that I can assist you better?
Me: No-Rush Shipping reward toward eligible Kindle eBooks, Amazon Appstore apps, Amazon Music downloads, or Prime Video rentals or purchases.
Mohit : Thank you, Richard.
A member of our Kindle specialist team will be the perfect person to help you with this. Please allow me a moment while I connect you to them.
A Customer Service Associate will be with you in a moment.
You are now connected to Sabari from
Sabari : Hello, my name is Sabari. Please give me a moment to review the previous correspondence.
Me: sure 🙂
Sabari: Thanks for your time, Richard.
I’ve checked your account and see that you have $5268.00 no rush credits on your account.
I see that $3097.00 credits expire on November 2, 2018. and another $2171.00 on March 1, 2019.
Me: indeed.
Sabari: No worries, In this case, I will help you with a promotional credit of $3097.00 to your account from my end as exception.
You’ll have a way longer validity period, Richard. Will that work for you?
Me: that’s works just fine, Sabari!
Sabari: Perfect!
Me: Where shall I locate the balance in my account, please?
Sabari: I’ve successfully issued $3097.00 promotional credit to your account as exception.
Your promotional balance doesn’t appear in Your Account, but will always display at checkout when you place an order through the Shopping Cart for an eligible item shipped and sold by Amazon.
Me: fair enough. Thank you, Sabari.
Sabari: You’re most welcome, Richard.
The pleasure is mine assisting a valued customer like you. Would there be anything else that I may assist you with today?
Me: all set. Thanks again!
Sabari: Thank you for contacting Kindle support. Have a Great day ahead!
Please don’t forget to click the “End Chat” link to close this window.
Take care.
Bye! :)​​​
Sabari from has left the conversation.


This was my reply, so now I’m waiting…………

“In this case, I’ll contact the specialist team for this issue and they will send you an confirmation email regarding this.”

Thanks for the post, I wouldn’t have realized without it.


can someone write a sample of what to write them


Last night I was trying to find an appropriate video or two to buy with my credits but luckily I did not purchase anything yet. I chatted with them and right away told me no problem and gave me credit, even for the my credits that are not expiring till March. Thanks a lot, definitely will be put to better use now.


Honoured as a promotional credit on my account after chatting with a supervisor along with for my wife’s account. Badly trained front line person didn’t know what a no rush shipping credit was and needed me to explain it–then said she couldn’t do anything for me.


No go here. No site wide credit, gift card, or extension of expiration date


Just called and they gave me a gift card .
Thanks Dan


I used my credits yesterday on a Kindle book. I would return it (you can do that for 7 days after purchase) and try to convert to site-wide credit, but my No-Rush credits were processed as a promotional credit on my ebook purchase — if I return the ebook will I get my No-Rush credits back?

please explain

I dont understand if you earned a no rush credit from shopping last week How could they all expire at the same time as credits earned from months ago


Usually we will not credit promotional credit as sitewide. IN this case as an exception I will help you with this.


From chat:
“I’d like to inform that unfortunately there is no alternative to convert these no rush points into amazon credit.
I checked with everything with all the resources and alternatives
However As an one time exception I can help you with $5 promo credit from my end as a goodwill”

I only had $5.01 in No-Rush Credit, $3.01 of which are expiring tomorrow.


Was able to get a promotional credit to apply to any shipped by Amazon order.

Thanks for letting us know that the credits were expiring!


Got the email that they cancelled it. Called, spoke to a supervisor and got $50. Thing is we were in for the long haul and REALLY wanted these chairs-even got the insurance which I had to call them for anyways to get them to start the refund process with the 3rd party insurer.

A Nonny Mouse

Had to HACU 4x, but I was able to successfully get Amazon team to convert $115 in Prime Now credit to a gift card. Chat was a no go; I was finally successful on the phone after pleading my case, and explaining that I had been on the phone for 1.5 hours.


told them that i dont have prime now in my area so they converted $200 as site wide PRIME NOW credit but works for whole food too
thank for the idea

deals dealer

No luck for me. Tried a few times…


this is not legitimate- amazon is doing this as a special courtesy and amazon has been known to ban people that request courtesies/too many returns/do chats way to much…
tread carefully.


got $246 after speaking to 7 repesentatives and 90 minutes on the phone.

Thanks Dan!

robert fogel



Dan, Thanks! first rep offered a partial transfer, tried the HUCB method and it worked! but just for my Digital Rewards so that i can use site-wide, not for my Prime Now Rewards. contacted Prime Now, rep was not able to help, asked for a Supervisor and he transferred all of my rewards ($55) to my account! –as a one time courtesy of course 😉


I was able to get my credit expiring today AND credits that already expired months ago converted to a gift card!! Hope it posts! Woohoo! Thanks!


Chat didn’t work for me, I tried 3 different times and each rep said nothing could be done, even asked for a supervisor and they wouldn’t do it either. Decided to call and that worked, they are converting them to a promotional credit.


Had $21 in credits expiring and got a credit for it. 1st spoke to rep and did not work then chatted with them and got it.


Thanks Dan got $40 converted to
Promotional credit


Call up best excuse is you dont have prime now in your area and has 1 time courtesy


My convo was kind of weird. I think the rep misunderstood, but I guess I’ll wait and see if I get an email:

Hi there – would you be able to convert my no-rush balance to be able to be used site wide on Amazon please. Thanks!
You are now connected to Rahul from
Rahul: Hello, my name is Rahul. I’m here to help you today.
I apologize for inconvenience caused to you. Could you please help me to elaborate the concern to me so I can assist you in the best way possible.
Me: Yes – I have $36 in no-rush credits. I’ve been told that those can be converted into Amazon credits
hoping you can do that for me
Rahul: Thank you for staying connected.
Upon checking the information the no-rush credit will automatically be transferred to promotional certificate balance
And the it will only be applicable on SSA(sold and shipped by Amazon) Items only.
for any future purchase.
Me: ok, great, when will this happen?
Rahul: You’ll get the update about this within 24 hours via email 🙂
Me: great, thank you!
Rahul: You’re welcome. Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
Me: nope, I will look out for your email
Rahul: Thank you for contacting Amazon. We hope to see you again. Have a great rest of your day. Please click “End Chat” to close this window.


Had $31.72 expiring today, and more credits expiring in March. A chat didn’t work, so I called and they gave me a general amazon promotional credit.



Thanks Dan – it worked. First the chat rep checked and got back and said sorry, they don’t do that (I asked that credits be moved to a gift card) but she said she’d check to see what else she could do. Then she said they’d make a one-time exception and she moved my digital credit into a gift card. FYI, from the main chat menu I picked these options
1. Prime
2. General Prime Benefits Questions
3. Prime Video


After several different reps, one of whom said he was issuing a promotional credit but did not, and some who said they could not do anything at all, at last someone who issued an Amazon gift card credit. Mysteriously, it was for $3.84 more than my total no-rush rewards. Win!
Thank you so much!


And all my no-rush rewards are still there, so I am busily choosing kindle books.


I never take the credits because 99% of the time the expire and I have not used them.


No longer working to extend. Tried many times Amazon has said there is a new policy where they don’t allow this no-rush credit to be applied for anything else.


Hope this is incorrect. 🙁


Is it time to do this again? Follow same protocol?


I had to contact Amazon 3 times, but this technique worked.


HUCA 3x no luck via chat. The second time I got passed between 8 different representatives, all of whom were insistent there was nothing they could do.


I had $143.03 in no-rush rewards credits that I managed to get converted to “Amazon Promotional Credits” which as other have explained, don’t expire and can be used to buy anything sold and shipped by Amazon.
I tried chat 3 times but didn’t have any luck, although the 3rd person I spoke with did give me $6 in amazon promotional credits as a consolation prize. I then tried calling the 1-800 number because in the help “call me” options, there was no option that was remotely close to what I was calling about. After 2 failed attempts of this and about an hour on the phone, I decided to have them call me about “issues with a gift card”. I ask the CSR if I could convert my no-rush rewards balance to a gift card or amazon promotional credits to avoid having them expire and disappear. He put me on hold for about 5 minutes and then came back and said he would convert the whole balance to amazon promotional credits, $50 the same day, $50 the next, and the remaining $43.03 the following day. I’m assuming he did this because there’s some sort of limit on how much promotional credit they can give out using whatever method he had resorted to.
A short while after I got off the phone with him I checked my no-rush rewards balance again and it had decreased by $30. I then checked my amazon promotional credit balance and it had increased by $50! Not sure what happened there, but no complaints!
I’ll update if there are any other twists in the story. Thanks Dan!!


Yes it worked. Thank you!