HOT! Canon T3i DSLR Camera With 2 Lenses, Case, SD Card, And A $9.52 Amazon Promo Code For Just $476 Shipped From Amazon!

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Update: You can also add the:

-Pixma Pro-100 Color Professional photo printer: $370.19

-Canon Photo Paper Pro Luster 13×19 Photo Paper: $44.77

and then qualify for a $400 Rebate with this deal as well!

HT: whYME, via DDF
Originally posted on 12/04:

Even if the items below say that they’re temporarily out of stock you can still order them and lock in the current discount and they’ll be shipped shortly.

Add the following items to your cart:

-Canon EOS Rebel T3i 18 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens
-Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III Telephoto Zoom Lens
Be sure to select Frustration-Free Packaging:
SanDisk Extreme 32 GB SDHC Class 10 UHS-1 Flash Memory Card 45MB/s
AmazonBasics Holster Camera Case for DSLR Cameras

Use the following code for $150 off at checkout: DHYJAWRL

That’s a digital SLR camera (with outstanding 4.7 star reviews), a short-range and a long range lens, an SD card, and a case, all for under $500.  A real steal and the lowest price ever!

Save another $5 off your order with this deal!

Your total should look like this:

















Additionally, you will get a 2% rebate in the form of an Amazon promo code good for any goods that are shipped and sold from Amazon.  It takes 35 days to get that rebate and it will be emailed to you automatically.  The promo code expires 6 months from date of issuance.

Find more Amazon DSLR deals via this link.

HT: Mara and SBS

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Think I am going to buy it. Question is how to purchase it as I want the amex extended warranty but then I only save 25 dollars vs a full 33% if I buy amazon gift cards. Any way to use a few credit cards on one amazon purchase?


I have a ton of Amazon GCs at this point, it will take me a very long time to use them up.

From my perspective I wouldn’t pay 33.3% of the cost of an item for a warranty. There are much cheaper options like SquareTrade. Therefore I’d use all GCs.

However if you don’t have a ton of GCs then just save them for another time.

Remember that if you use even a $25 GC the max AMEX will refund will be $25 less.


Also on the second lenses should I choose USM or not USM?


Only the non-USM qualifies for the $150 off coupon.


Thanks Dan just ordered it what a great deal wow


Thank you Dan!

It priced out as you said minus the 11.77 discount. If I use an Amazon Prime account will that come off? Also I see tax here to NJ will I save that if I order to Ohio?

Thank you so much!



The $11.77 discount is just wiping out the non-prime shipping fee.
With Prime it wouldn’t be there in the first place.

40 states, including OH, aren’t charged sales tax for Amazon.


Is it possible to add square trade after purchase?


Sure, you have 30 days from purchase date.
Be sure to find a good ST coupon!


just ordered it. incredible deal! u can sell the lens for $180 and keep the camera for $300 out of pocket!

malky moas

Just bought been wanting for a while. How do I get warranty bought on the chase freedom to maximize points


If i partially pay with AMEX does that get me the warranty coverage? IOW Part GC’s and part AMEX? or shud i just go with Freedom (5%)? Thanks!


AMEX only covers up the amount charged to the AMEX.

Sales Tax

Thanks Dan! Why did it list a sales tax for NJ?


Another site shows this same basic deal for $437 from Amazon. Not sure why the difference in price.


@Sales Tax:
Because NJ is one of 10 states that pays sales tax on amazon

You can buy just the camera for that price but that would be silly.

I included a telephoto lens for less than $40 more thanks to the $150 off bundle code.


Is there anyway to just get just the lens for a great deal?
Like if you buy both and return the camera what will they credit you? Will they credit the full amount of the camera or
minus the deal?


Dan what the difference between this deal and the groupon deal ?



Looks like Groupon has the lower end T3 on sale, not the T3i.
Amazon has the T3 and T3 bundle for less than them:


If I choose a different second lens, this deal doesn’t work?


What is amazons return policy?


There are different codes for different lenses:

You have until 01/31/14.


Thank you Dan!!! I have been in the market for an entry level DSLR camera for over a year now. With the 33% off and shipped to OH my total is 318!! Hard to believe! The cherry on top is the long zoom lenses added in.




I just bought this t3I for $460 but witb only one lenses, should I call and ask for match with the code?


You can try.
Or just return/rebuy.


stupid Cali charging stupid sales tax :/
Still got it for $513.39…
Not bad at all… Thanks Dan!
And I can always return it before Jan 31st… hassle free, right?

Also bought it with an Amex… so that should give me the Amex warrantee on it…?


Correct and correct.


should I buy with starwood for the warranty or chase freedom for points?


I’m at the checkout and not sure how to get the 33% off mentioned above. Is it just by using Amex? I thought that was a max of $25 off. Am I one of those folks that is not understanding the 33% Amex thing?


Good question 😀
Calculate how you value the points and how you value the extra year warranty.



If I use my registered amax card, I get an additional %33 off?


@LB: LB – Can you walk us thru how you got the 33% off? I registered my Amex the other day, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference on the payment screen. I’m in a holding pattern till I get more info on how to maximize the Amex portion, to help offset my California Taxes! thanks in advance to anyone that could respond!


If you only registered a single card all you’re gonna get is $25 off, not 33%.


Just ordered and got an additional $5 bucks of with share and shop amazon promo!

Def use Amex for the warranty, they just refunded my account for a nikon camera I got at bestbuy and it stopped working. Was waiting for a SLR camera deal and finally got it because I read daily.

Thanks DAN!!!!


@Dan: and to get 33% off I need to register……… what? more cards for more $25’s off? Finish the sentence dude, pretty please, I mean 🙂


Registration is closed.
I gave you the FAQ link in 31. Read it.


The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase.??


It still works. You must have added the wrong lens to your cart or selected a 3rd party seller.


@Dan: I used your link. For the non-USM Bulk packaging the only seller available is “Electronics Basket”. The non bulk packaging is $80 more. ???


I’m still seeing Amazon as a seller from my link.


@Dan: Im getting same as you if I don’t select bulk packaging. I may have mixed bulk packaging and hassle free packaging.


Thanks so much Dan for sharing this deal. I bought the camera on my AMEX how long is the warranty that AMEX provides? Where do you suggest I buy a third party warranty from? You have no idea, I’ve been making everyone around me nuts to get this camera. I researched so many cameras and decided that the Canon REbel t3i would be the camera that suits my needs the best. The only thing that was stopping me was the price, the cheapest deal ranged between $599 and $549 but that was without the extra lenses. At this price you can buy a few and sell them for some extra profit!


If you just order the camera and the bag without the extra lense and card the total is 365.04 before tax. Also an amazing price.


Thanks just placed my order using 2 75 gc


Did I need to do anything extra to get the extra 2% rebate in the form of an Amazon promo code?


DHYJAWRL this code doesn’t seem to be working…


AMEX gives you 2 years warranty.

With what code?


Still works, you probably didn’t add the right items.

Post a screenshot of your cart and I can critique or just empty your cart and add exactly the default items from the links in this post.


I added all items from your links. I will try one more time…


thanks. where can I buy an extended insurance?




Whats the difference between USM and non-USM lens. Is only one of them eligible for promo?


USM Vs.non-USM lens
See this link:


Does Visa (from Chase Freedom) also not offer a one year extended warranty?


@dan or anyone have coupon code for camera warranty for square trade can’t seem to find anything online thanks


Since the lens and 32gb card are out of stock they shipped the camera and case and charged my card $335.34. Will they let me cancel the lens and card? And If I cancel the lens and card will they charge me anything in addition to the 335? If I can get away with this that’ll be a real steal. Anyone have amazon experience in such a case?


i had the same thing but i had a different issue and needed to cancel that order. i wanted the lense too so ordered another even though that deal is incredible. That’s what I meant Dan- when i said that mine was less without the lense and card.


So they canceled the lense and card for me and i saw that the total on the order was in the 300’s as well in the end. looks like that is the final price once you do that.


Thanks! Great deal.


@Sam: i report success! my total for the camera and bag is $335.34!


I just tried canceling my lens and sd card and it tells me I need to put in CC info as the price will change and needs to pay more.. Anyone else get that?

Cancel Lens

I tried to cancel the lens but it already went into the shipping process. The discounts all came out of the camera and the lens is going to be billed at 189. Does this mean I can return the lens when I get it?


It wont let me apply coupon DHYJAWRL. Is this dead?


It won’t let me cancel.. It tells me “the change you have requested will increase the order total beyond the value of your gift certificate/card..”

So every time I try putting in CC info to see how much it wants to charge me however it doesn’t even let me go past that page. It keeps giving me same error.. Anyone?


Scratch that, I added the wrong lens


I emailed them and they cancelled the lens and sd card and I retained my cost of 300 something not bad dan!! Thanx


@Mike: how did you cancel the items I tried and the order went from 476 to 460


Dan, just tried and it’s only giving me a $50 total discount, total before tax is $626, I used your links to add the items. Thanks


I can order the printer now even if I ordered the cam package last week and qualify for the rebate?


So for this $400 rebate i need to purchase all the items on the same day?..


@Levi: @yo:

Step 3: If you purchased an eligible new Canon Digital SLR or PowerShot Camera on the same receipt as the Pixma PRO-100 Photo Printer, please check the applicable box below


b& h has the t3I plus the 75-300 lens plus the canon gadget bag for $499. free shipping


I meant this.. “(Receipt(s) for printer and camera purchase(s) must show orders were placed on the same
calendar day and must contain same Billing Information)”


can i order these the printer and paper now and get the rebate if I ordered the original bundle last Thursday? Or does it all have to be in one order?


One order.


thanks! and wheres the 9.52 promo code?


why don’t you jut repurchase the t3i – and then return the items from that first purchase?


Is there really nothing to lose by cancelling the lens and card? No way for Amazon to claw back more money from me afterwards?


Is there tax to ny? Since i see there is $46 tax. Also wheres the closest place to Ny that doesn’t have tax

Dan fan

repeating @question’s question: any conclusion about canceling the lens??


Is this offer still valid????


Can i successfully cancel the lens?


please Dan answer I want to order


****REBATE WARNING**** I purchased the camera bundle last week and was ABOUT to buy the printer and photo paper just now to get the $400 rebate, BUT I REALIZED the fine print requires the printer and camera purchases to be made on the same day with the same billing info. Just beware.


@B: I canceled the lens and SD card and chose that I was taking too long because not in stock and they let me cancel and my total for camera was 300 and change including tax