Today Only: Canon PowerShot A2300 16MP Camera For Just $59 Shipped From Amazon


Update: DEAD!


Canon PowerShot A2300 16MP Camera Linky

4.5/5 star average reviews.

This is today’s Amazon gold box deal of the day, valid only until 11:59pm PDT tonight or while supplies last!

-16.0 MP Image Sensor
-5x Optical Zoom, 28mm Wide-Angle lens
-720p HD video recording with a dedicated movie button
-Smart AUTO with 32 predefined shooting situations
-Digital IS reduces effect of camera shake and subject movement
-Help Button provides simple explanations and easy controls of your settings

HT: chucksterace, via DDF

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44 Comments on "Today Only: Canon PowerShot A2300 16MP Camera For Just $59 Shipped From Amazon"

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My total was $64.75


Mine too they started charging tax in new jersey


Make sure to change the shipping to Free
I replaced my order and paid $59


In pink only?


It’s red.
Other colors are much more:


Is this camera good???


4.5/5 star average reviews.


For that price it is great – buy it it is a no brainer


It’s not available anymore


79.95 is what I am seeing…


Hence the red letters in the post.


It’s back in stock, I just bought one.


Alive again


I am still seeing the deal, bought one!


its back on!


Not Dead, I just got one too.


target has with case and card for 79


might be a problem to buy it during the 9 days. contact your local orthodox Rabbi

see this

It’s not clothing.
And it’s a fantastic money-saver.

@see this:
You do realize that the lower prices there are all auction prices?
And that you probably will be getting an open box item and a headache versus buying a from reliable Amazon with a return policy and more savings via Ink.


SNAP!! Just picked one up for upcoming travel! at this price and quality, whats to lose? great deal .. Dan is the Man


Just bought 2 – gifts – Thanks SOOOOOO much Dan!!!
I was waiting for a deal like this on a camera – Your the best!

Deborah Craigo

Thank you so much! Picked up one of these cameras a few hours ago! Will be awesome for our trip to Dublin, Ireland this upcoming Jan. 🙂


thanks just ordered


is it worth it to buy the two year protection? I just did

Deborah Craigo

Also, when you go to purchase the camera it will ask you if you want the 2 year warranty coverage through Square Trade for $9.99. That is an awesome coverage to get and worth the extra money. We bought Square Trade warranties on all of our children’s ipod touch’s and have had to have 2 of them replaced. They cover the entire item, whether it’s dropped in water, dropped and broken, etc. Look into it. They don’t give you excuses, they just fix it or replace it with a new one.


is the ten dollar two year warranty worth it? I just paid for it

Sandy Kalish

Just bought one also; sounds like a great deal!


thanks great deal
I usually buy my warranty directly from squaretrade with their 30% coupons ( they have them weekly with a $30 max discount)
I purchased one with the value of the camera not what I paid for but what it is really worth.($149)
Then when I sent it back after 2 years(some nicks and dents… water … trust the kids..) they send me a check of the full value ($149).
the warranty for 2 years with coupon is $17 and for 3 years $21
but if anything goes wrong you don’t get $79 but $149

Dans fan!

Just bought one also, just make sure to press free shipping or they’ll charge you for shipping.


just used this coupon for %30 off 3 year warranty


AMEX will be you a 2nd year warranty for free and it’s top-notch.
No reason to waste money on anything else.



according to the poskim if something is on sale and you will lose by waiting to purchase until after tisha bav
you can make the purchase in this case where your saving 58% it would definitely fit that catagory


Why is INk the card to purchase this on? and not starwoods with its awesome protection?


For $59 I’d rather get 10% off than have $59 of protection.
For larger ticket items I’d use AMEX.

But feel free to make your own decision!


Is this a “Black Friday” deal? Or if I could wait, you advise waiting until black friday?


maybe it’s a problem to buy something that’s red. shulchan oruch says red is a pritzusdiga color.


deal still alive, thanks Dan!


@bud: actually, its a good thing, this way people will actually look at the lens at the time of the picture-taking! 😉


Just bought one and bought the 2 year package too…unfortunately, I’m waaaaay behind on the cc game 🙁




excuse the ignorance… but you get 10% off when you buy with ink on amazon?

Dans Fan

i still bought 2 @ 7:30 PM thanks DAN for your great work i bought 2 aswell 2 weeks ago and paid 79.00 @


Is this still alive? Shows me it’s for $89. How do I get the deal?