30% Off Any Book From Amazon!


Update: This sale ends tonight at 11:59pm PST!
There’s a limit of just one coupon per account, but if your spouse or kids have Amazon accounts they can order as well with the 30% off. If you have Prime you can share that with them for free as well.

Prime members get a $5.99 Prime Pantry credit if they select no-rush shipping at checkout.

For example, even though Everyday Secret Restaurant Recipes is now out of stock you can still order it for $18.16 after 30% off.
Then you can select no-rush shipping at checkout to get a $5.99 Prime Pantry credit as well!

-Lock In 25% Off At Amazon With AMEX
-Earn 10-11 points per dollar with Chase Freedom


Amazon Books Linky

Use code (Exp: 11/30): HOLIDAY30

Valid for 1 book per Amazon account for a maximum $10 discount.

The book must be shipped and sold by Amazon.com, not a 3rd party.

Last year one of the bestselling books from our readers was for Secret Restaurant Recipes From the World’s Top Kosher Restaurants.

Back then I wrote,

“In it they divulge secret recipes from Reserve Cut’s sublime short rib tacos to Tierra Sur’s heavenly Zeppoli.  They also interview owners and chef’s of the best kosher restaurants across the nation which makes for a really fun read and will yield lots of great tips.
It’s a really neat book with pictures of dishes that will make you salivate. I only wish they would have included more restaurants from abroad.  There are great restaurants in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Hong Kong, and more that are very underrepresented.  Perhaps in a future version (Note to authors: feel free to email me

Amazon offers free shipping with $25+ orders or get free 1 day shipping on all orders with a free trial of Amazon Prime. A prime trial is also free with Amazon Family (which also gets you up to 20% off diapers among other benefits) or Amazon Student. EBT/Medicaid Cardholders can save on Prime Membership here.

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Secret Restaurant Recipes From the World’s Top Kosher Restaurants for 12.32 plus tax


I purchased every day secrets recipes of kosher restaurants-very excited. I got $7.86 off! Thanks!


Is this anything special or do they have promo codes for books frequently? (I never shop on amazon, but there is one book I have my eye on.)


They’re great books!

Promo codes for books are very rare, they only have them around Black Friday.


FOREVER IN AWE by Rachel Weiss. Fairly new release that I enjoyed reading. Gonna gift a few for Chanukah:)

Best New Book For Married Couples

This revolutionary new book shows couples that they should always know what halacha says and you should be educated and not afraid to ask a rav questions about things you were always taught were not allowed.

Halachic Positions is the #1 New Release in Torah books on Amazon!


Dan, as someone that’s never been to Hawaii before, which island (and book) should I explore first?


I’ve tried applying the code to a book shipped and sold by amazon,I made sure to select that option but i keep getting this message

The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase.


Le Marais: A Rare Steakhouse – Well Done
Pre order 30% off


Amazon’s response to me was identical to the one Josh received.
Did not place order.

dans fan

I’ve tried applying the code to a book shipped and sold by amazon,I made sure to select that option but i keep getting this message
The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase.


Can this be applied to pre-order books?




I got this one,
it’s now $40.98, -$10 plus the 60-15$ and its an awesome deal, thanks!


Just got Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money!

Have been wanting this book — it’s a must for every home.

Glad i got it on sale!
Thanks Dan


Got this:

Saadia Gaon: The Book of Beliefs and Opinions (Yale Judaica Series) http://www.amazon.com/dp/0300044909/?tag=cl03f-20


I purchased a book a month ago! I chatted with a rep today and got a 30% refund on that purchase!…lol

Henry frisch

Captivity by Spiro. Jewish young man in first century Rome. Good review in Tablet last week.


Ordered a book for $45 and received error that code cannot be applied.. chatted with Amazon and they said it exceeded the $10 max.. but that they would honor it and she manually edited the price.


If you have amazon prime and share your prime membership with your household, the 30% discount extends further …


Changing the Immutable: How Orthodox Judaism Rewrites Its History
by Marc B. Shapiro


That’s a great sefer. Especially chapter 10 is very applicable


nu dan, can we get some serious black friday deals posted?


Stone full size Chumash on sale for $29 (from $55). After 30% off final price was $21.70. Will donate to our shul. Thank Dan!


according to the fine print, this expires Dec. 1st. Are you sure that it does expire tonight?


Good find, looks like they just extended it!
Note that it’s at 2:59am on 12/01, so it’s really just until tomorrow night.


I used this promo and it worked for a trilogy that came in a box set.

elevating child care

@bob: Seems like apikorsos to me.


@Yaakov: Did you read it? If not, you might be surprised that it is not.


Thanks Dan, got a volume of People Speak from Chaim Walder at 30% off.


is it just by me or did Amazon stop the prime membership of those who were grandfathered in through the old sharing way?


Trying to order the Easy Restaurant Secrets Cookbook.
Keep getting this message when trying to put in HOLIDAY30 :
We’re sorry, we weren’t able to save your gift card or promotional code information. Please enter it again or try using another form of payment

And I have Prime, but I don’t get the slower shipment/get $5.99 Pantry credit option.


Sounds like you are buying from a 3rd party instead of direct from Amazon.


I’m having same problem w/code yet it is sold and shipped by Amazon – several other glitches too – system must be overloading. I literally buy from Amazon daily and have never seen it quirky like this.


Did you already use this coupon?


@Dan: No Sir! 🙂


@Dan: Now it took code and shows discount but Prime (free) shipping disappeared lol. (membership current and a confirmed Prime item). I’ll keep trying


Similar problem here. Wifi through time Warner also wonky city wide


I also had problems. I called and they manually credited it. They said that they are having problems.


@Dan: Everything just worked the way it should – order w/discount and free prime (no-rush!) shipping 🙂


How do you share prime and pay from separate account?


What if o ordered s book n want to order more?
Have one acct