Betty Crocker Pizza Maker For $30.58 From Amazon


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Betty Crocker Pizza Maker For $30.58 Shipped From Amazon

Also on sale for this price from Walmart.

  • Perfect For Quesadillas, Nachos, Mini Frittatas, Quiche, Croissants, Giant Cookies, Hors D’oeuvres & More
  • Fast, Fun & Energy Efficient. Dishwasher safe- no
  • Bakes 12″ Pizzas With A Deliciously Crispy Crust
  • Nonstick Coated Baking Plate Bakes Crust To Perfection & Makes Clean Up Easy
  • Bakes Fresh Homemade Pizzas Or Flatbreads With Favorite Toppings Without Even Turning On An Oven
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In case anyone is on the fence with this one, I just wanted to say that this is an essential appliance for every home. I have a large family and we use this about as much as we use the microwave, stove, and oven combined. It sits on my counter and hardly gets put away.


Same!! Also good for traveling.heat anything fast in a hotel.


can you give some examples what its used for ?

Betty Hacker

This can be used for baking fish, frying cutlets, omelettes, toast, pizza bread, pizza pies, smores, warming frozen stuff like French fries etc, eggplant parm, sautéing veggies, really anything! It’s an oven, microwave, toaster, toaster oven, grill pan, frying pan combined.



Betty Hacker

I fail to see what is so funny. Was just tryin to be helpful.

Betty Hacker

And your welcome btw


I did not mean it negative at all! I found your answer amusing as you write that this gadget serves as basically every big and small appliance in the kitchen, but of course it was helpful. Thank you!


As Betty and TS said, it is really used for just about anything and everything. Mine is only used for dairy for kosher concerns, but I might buy a second one for meat. When used for pizza, the crust comes out nice and crispy without burning or drying out the top. I never tried scrambling eggs, although I’m sure it would be fine for that too. All leftovers are rewarmed there – no more rubbery nuked food from the microwave. Nice warm, evenly toasted sandwiches.


Its Also available on Walmart for same price with faster shipping


Walmart you would need a minimum of $35 for free delivery


Can be used to toast, reheat, And a griddle like an omelette!


We also discovered it in the summer and really enjoy its versatility. Ours is just for milchig and we use it to sauté vegetables, make eggs, pancakes, heat frozen veggie patties, pizza both with frozen dough and fresh and paninis/ wraps. It is super easy to clean and like others mentioned great for travelling.




Bingo lakewood has it as well


Highly recommended this

David R

I added to my cart. It sold out before I could complete my purchase.


Bingo in Lakewood had it also for $29.99

David R

Walmart sold out too. Not sure if it will ever come back in stock, but it can be backordered from for $31.67 if you Add To List and then add it to the cart from the list. Unfortunately, you can’t apply Office Depot rewards to pay for the backordered item.

David R

Office Depot shipped my order after a few days. When I saw Office Depot did a price match.


I BIT !!!! YAY !


Thanks! Got one for fleishig. Have one for milchig for a few years. One of the greatest inventions. Looked at it 2 days ago and it was $18 more.




why is this different then a GEORGE FORMAN ?


Not to compare to George forman ….

Buy one and you will see for yourself

This parchment paper goes very well with the betty crocker pizza maker

You’ll thank me later…

Thanks DansDeals…



Also got another one a few weeks ago for fleishigs….. only regret is why I didn’t purchase sooner…

Thanks DansDeals

Got the first one for milchig when it was on DansDeals for about 22 in Dec 2018… don’t think it ever went that low again!


Bingo had these for $20 2 weeks ago (while supplies last) I got 2. They may still have


Bingos is an off brand


They had betty crocker and an off brand each for $20. I bought 2


Bought a few weeks ago for more after forgetting our old one in a hotel in the summer great product

Leah Lesserson



What you click to Amazon it shows up as $41-42. How can you get it for $29.99?


Try the walmart link… but you’ll need a minimum of $35 order to get free shipping


I got it by clicking on the walmart link


does it need toiveling?



Ask your local rabbi


Before buying, we had read a comment from someone, somewhere (don’t remember where) that they dunked the appliance in mikvah (of course not the cord) and then left it in backyard to dry. We gambled and did the same, although no backyard and it is cold out, so let it dry for around a week. We have used it several times a week since then, works great, very happy with purchase. We place pizza on baking paper before using so that it doesn’t leave any mess and is very easy to lift out to put on counter to cut (also easy to put in that way). Tip: Make crusts very thin, more pizza like and rises a lot in the machine.


yes, drop in Mikva holding on to the cord and wait 48 hours for it to dry before plugging it in

Sruly S

alive again from amazon


Alive again on walmart!!


Can I make lasagna or baked ziti in it?


I’d say not. It gets too hot to cook it. Itll burn before it can cook it properly.


For those who own the pizza maker, does it make a lot of clicking noises when in use?


Yes, just ignore it’s normal.


I am a new owner of this. The unit has no handle to help one open it. When I open the lid to check whatever’s cooking, the steam rises straight up and nearly burns my hand. Anyone else experience this? Any suggestions on how to safely open it (especially for kids)?


Erm, the same way you would hold a hot pan?


the package instructions say to open with an oven mitt and it says so again on cover


You probably need more experience in the kitchen

Mendy E

Alive for $30.58


Keep one for fleishig. Great for potato kugel.

Avi Hers

Bingo Brooklyn has it for 24.99


Yup, Came here to post that. Wonder if the one in Lakewood has as well?


It does.