Amazon Payments As We Know It Will End On 10/13/14

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Update: Today is the last day to take advantage of $1,000 of free spending. Of course that’s per account that you have 😉
Thanks for the years of fun Mr. Bezos!
Was never as lucrative as dollar coins from the mint, but there was a whole lot less shlepping!

Originally posted on 09/10:

Amazon Payments has been discussed on DansDeals and on the DansDeals Forums (DDF) for more than 4 years.  There were rumors last year of its demise but I quashed those. They started cracking down later last year on abusers, but it’s lived on.

Alas it appears that its time has come.

“Additionally, we have updated the terms and conditions of our User Agreement ( that apply to your use of the products and services provided by Amazon Payments. Our updated User Agreement revises certain terms (including, among other things, the elimination of person-to-person payments). Our new User Agreement will become effective on October 13, 2014, which is more than 30 days from when we first posted our updated User Agreement. By continuing to use our services after October 13, 2014, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions of our new User Agreement.”

The last day to send person-to-person payments will be 10/12/14. So you can still send $1,000 to a friend in September and another $1,000 in October. However as of 10/13/14 that option will be eliminated, pretty much making the service worthless.

An Amazon Payments phone rep confirmed that 10/12 will be the last day to send money to a friend. After that point you’ll only be able to use Amazon Payments to checkout on websites that accept Amazon Payments as a form of payment.

Luckily we still have many other ways of manufacturing spend. For example ISIS Wallet/Serve allows you to do $1,500 per month in free and easy credit card spend right from your computer. And Amazon Local Register allows you to swipe cards for a 1.75% fee.

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Isn’t there any way you could quash this too ?


BD”E i used it for 2years nonstop every month 1k. (Was good shil it lasted)






RIP, you will surely be missed amazon payments.


Paypal is just as good and there no limit
Great mobile app to send money right to friends


you cant send with a CC


@DD For paypal receiver of $$ has to give a % to paypal ?
or is it free ?


@Dan thought you have connection’s by amazon¿?


@YY: Paypal charges 2.7% + 15¢

Dan's the man

@DD: PayPal charges % Amazon Pmts doesn’t. PayPal is not as good at all.


@Dan what other ways are there for sprint users?


Time to play whack a Mole (as the mole)?


You can signup for Serve without ISIS and still get $1K free per month.


And receiver never pays even if a credit card was used and sender clicked it was for goods etc.


Since the service is closing soon, does anyone think it would be possible to do a A->B->A payment? This would double the amount you can txfr, and normally would be cause to get your AP shut down, but they’re closing it anyway….


Paypal doesn’t charge a % if u send directly from it bank acct and u click u sending to family or friends




The whole point of this was credit card spend, not actually sending money to anyone…

Chris S.

Time to sign up for a new account for every card I’ve got open. What’s the worst that happens, they shut down my account so I can never send money again?


Oh well… Thanks Dan for the while it did last.


Another one bites the dust 🙁

IMO this is way worse than losing Evolve


When I signed up for Amazon Local Register, it gave me a business Amazon account. Do you think person to business would still work?


What can I say, 30+ accounts shut down and still going strong. It’s been a fun ride.


Who even uses AP for checkout ? That’s what PayPal is for.


As soon as you posted it on the website we all knew it’s days were numbered!


How do you use ISIS wallet from a computer.
The link above states “Pay with your phone and save with….”

Thank you


Noob question: is there any risk of Amazon shutting down the whole amazon account (ie, shopping) or is it just the AP that they shut down?


Uhh, 4+ years is called numbered 🙄


Typically just AP.


Had a crazy day, came home, decided to check DansDeals figuring that there’s always something there to cheer me up.


I blame this one on MMS!
Or maybe it’s time for AMZN to be profitable?


Can I load a serve card in Walmart with a vanilla gift card or only the ones you get a staples like the bluebird?


Square Cash is a great alternative.


Any other ways now to drain visa/Amex cards for free?


You wrote that I can load the serve card with a debit card online not a gift card. What would be the point? You wouldn’t get any points?


This is just great. I guess no more family vacations. I really hope this does not come to fruition.


Note, next month Amazon will be in the chase freedom bonus category (so make sure to spend before the 12th).


Hit cancel after swiping it with a cashier to change the payment method to debit.

How so?

Visa you can upload to Serve.

There are rewards debit cards.

I don’t see this wouldn’t come to fruition.

AP doesn’t work for that.


I just got approved for a few credit cards my plan was to use it with Amazon Payments now what will be closed can anyone give me any idea how to make payments with the cards?


What is serve all about?


Thank you

Do you know which debit cards give rewards?


And the noose tightens once again…for the 10th time this year…I wonder why…


Dan, maybe time to stop calling it ISIS,esp since it is now Softcard


Considering I haven’t made a post focusing on AP all year, feel free to tell me?

App still says ISIS for me.

Dan's the man

@Tuck: I’ve doing that for over a year and never got shut down.


I use square cash for p2p bc all you need to use it is an email address and a debit card. I specifically liked how there’s so SSN required for up to $1000/month. Above that you need to provide it (like all the other services) for IRS purposes.
The app is seamless and the experience is painfully simple.


If the reason for this is ms why would they totally eliminate person to person? Why not just not allow sending with a cc?

amazon decision

Amazons decision to stop this is based on the new payment product called “amazon merchant” for consumers, it has been gotten ugly feedback (on mostly with customers like us, having a amazon payment account user name and password will make you problems signing up for amazon merchant account, (technical issues) therefore thay have decided to stop amazon pay…


if i already signed up for serve can i now log on to isis and link my serve card to get the $1500 a month of cc loads instead of the$100 you get online?


@amazon decision:
I highly doubt that is the reason. It comes down to profit and loss. Amazon has an extremely low profit margin for the majority of its products, and with stockholder pressure, they are probably looking to reduce some of their losses. They would not take away a product/service that is profitable due to some email glitches. This service, as it currently stands, is clearly not making them money. Now that they have launched Amazon Local Register, they will have something to work on that has a potential to make money.


@Anonymous: no. you have to cancel the account and open a new one.


i’ve been trying to send money from multiple accounts today and each time i get to the confirm button to send it doesnt work.



Same here… ‘Confirm’ button does not seem to be working anymore…

Eli O

@rediplus@rediplus: I called AP with the same issue. They said to use IE or firefox browser- not chrome. If you still have issues, try defragmenting your computer.


@Eli O: Great! worked on Firefox. Thanks.


Excuse my ignorance but I’m just not getting the difference b/w bluebird and serve. With bluebird I go to Valero and buy vanilla reloads with my cc, load them on to my bluebird and then pay bills etc. How do I spend credit card money with serve?


@Eli O : thanks worked on firefox not IE.


@Peretz770: valero huh.. and to answer your q you can do the same with the vanilla reloads plus you can load $1000 a month directly from your cc


I’m new to this. I live in California. How can I get mileage or cash and pay my property taxes??

Dan's the Man

Use your Discover card (make sure you enroll for Q4 5% bonus). Dan reported last year that Discover considers Amazon payments as an online purchase and therefore you’ll get $50 in cashback bonus for Q4. Do this on Amazon payment 10/1 – 10/13. I think Dan would agree this is the best way to use Amazon payment for the last $1,000 in Amazon payments 🙂

need advise

Hi dan or anyone else that knows… i booked a ticket with united and then had to Cancel. they charged my amex and then refunded it. Will it count towards my 5k spend requirement on my starwoods card?

pls advise


When the last day to send payments in updates you wrote Tom is the last day an before you the 14 of October ?

International payments

That’s what I lost free sending money over sea


So bummed I didn’t really look into this until yesterday. I set up two accounts to pay each other and made my first $2k payments in support of completing the United Explorer spend and will use today’s $2k to cashify some of these $200 visa gift cards from Staples. Had I known about this method before I would have gotten far more expansive in my offer juggling.


Still possible to sign up /join now for one first and last pmt? where can I see clear instructions how to join?

Dan's the Man

@Deena: Go to and click and log in with your amazon id.


I don’t know what the big fuss about amazon payments dying off, you can send money via square app through email for free.!


Uh oh…


If I have $ in my Amazon Payment account (that someone sent me), do I need to withdraw it today? Or can I do that after the deadline? Thank you.


@Tuck: I did it the last two months has no issues


Not via CC.

You can do that after.


Serve is now considered cash advance by chase ink bold. The site has the following error: ‘We’re sorry, your card issuer declined this transaction. Please call the number on the back of your Visa card for additional information.’ When I called chase they told me that the transaction is treated as a cash advance. I also tried calling serve, but they directed me back to chase 🙁


It initially is considered a cash advance but it posts as a purchase and earns miles.

You need to set your cash advance limit higher for it to go through.


Thanks, Dan.


Are there any percentage fees to this transaction?


so amazon payment is closing but the amazon local register is still letting you swipre for 1.75%? is it 2 separate things?


@Dan: It’s weird that chase transfers worked fine last month. My Ink Bold doesn’t have cash advance. Do you think I should ask chase to add it?


Are they not allowing american express cards? and does the freedom get the 5%?


What about “paypal here” can I use it to meet spending?
Swiping my own card?


5 minutes left!


@MosheG: seems like a good way to get funds frozen. PP is not such a great company to play with