Amazon Now Offering Free Shipping To Israel On $49+ Orders!

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Update 3: Amazon has lowered the threshold for free shipping to Israel to just $49!

Update 2: Amazon has added thousands of eligible items to ship to Israel including Playmobil, Lego, Magnetic Tiles, Tinker Toys, Melissa & Doug, Vtech, Play-Doh, Contigo and more water bottles, and much more!

Update: Amazon stopped shipping to Israel in March 2020, but they have now resumed that service on $65+ orders! now offers free shipping to Israel on many items with an order of $49 or more!

You can view sample items that ship free to Israel here.

The items on the search results page either need to say “FREE Shipping to Israel when you spend over $49.00 on eligible items” or “FREE Shipping to Israel”

Sample categories:

The new lower free shipping threshold allows you to avoid paying import taxes and value added taxes as Israel doesn’t assess those taxes on imports under $75. That makes $49-$75 orders the sweet spot for delivery to Israel.

Bulky and heavy items are excluded from free shipping. You can see if an item qualifies for free shipping by changing your shipping address on the top left to Israel:

In the search bar on this page you can search for any item or category you’d like to shop. If an item is eligible for free shipping it will display on the search results page saying free shipping to Israel.

At checkout, you will need to enter your passport or Mispar Zehut information, then just select free shipping.

One DDF member notes that you should allow a couple of days between orders, so that multiple orders don’t get lumped together in the same shipment and become subject to import taxes and value added taxes. However, others say that has not happened to them.

There are many USB and SD cards eligible for free shipping here.

There are a very limited amount of items with free shipping, but that will likely increase.

Post what items you find that offer free shipping and are between $49-$75!

What will you be shipping to Israel?

HT: Emkay, via DDF

Amazon offers free shipping with $25+ orders or get free 1 day shipping on all orders with a free trial of Amazon Prime. A prime trial is also free with Amazon Family (which also gets you up to 20% off diapers among other benefits) or Amazon Student. EBT/Medicaid Cardholders can save on Prime Membership here.

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Thanks! Do you know how long this free shipping promotion will last?
Just for the “high holidays” of November or the new standard?

Judy Frankel

This is amazing!


What about returns? Can I make a $49 order and return whatever I don’t need?


They take returns free of charge as long as the item has a good return policy. The pickup comes right to your door.

Sharon Cohen

Grandma’s dream comes true!


Upon checkout, it is asking for recipients passport for customs clearance. Is there any way around that?


There should be no reason to not put it in. You can also assume you know the number…

Yael Horovitz

it just helps the package get to you smoother in Israel. people usually list their teudat zehut number for this purpose


ID required for customs clearance
We’ll need your ID information within 48 hours of placing your order or it will be canceled. Delay in providing ID, may impact your delivery date.


When Target did it, it only lasted a few hours and most orders were cancelled. I hope this lasts longer..


I’m so excited! I don’t know why… I don’t live there but I’m happy for them


More on Amazon in IL:
Amazon opens its platform to local retail market in Israel

Yael Horovitz

yeah that’s been out for a few weeks and it’s super lame

Eliyahu Hanavi

AMAZING news. Incredible!! I have not been this happy since Chanuka 2018

Dan\'s the Man

Thanks Dan. I finally found a way to avoid state sales tax. Ship it to a friend in Israel have them send it back to the States when a friends comes here! Who would have ever thought we in America would be shipping things to Israel to save money.
Just kidding of course but isn’t the irony funny? Maybe states here should learn a lesson and have a minimum order amount that is subject to sales tax.


Might be easier for you to ship somewhere in the State of Delaware to save on the sales tax. DE pays 0% tax


Just remember when purchasing appliances etc that you get 220v


Its not that great for Israel’s economy. Small businesses are going to close


Or they can improve their customer service and prices!


And not charge VAT?


Maybe they should realize that Israel is not immune from Globalization and e-commerce and if they don’t adapt – IE, actually attempt to care about their customers, they are going to close.


Business’s that suck and can’t adept should close.
I ordered something from which is the “Israeli Amazon”. I ordered the stuff last Tuesday and it is scheduled to be delivered this Thursday. BTW, the delivery is to the Jerusalem branch of the Azrieli mall and not to my home since that would cost additional delivery fees.

Now compare that to Amazon where everything is significantly cheaper and now has free delivery which takes 4-5 to arrive to the post office near my house.

Compete or close!


IMO it’s not going to last long, Israel will slap a tax no doubt.


There has already been talk of eliminating the entire “under $75 ” vat exemption altogether. Since they are realizing that it’s hurting then…..


As a consumer in Israel, it’s about dam* time the Israelis learned to provide any measure of service. Hopefully, this will incentivize treating customers normally.


As an Israeli, it’s about damn time y’all stopped whining. If you see the world through the prism of “you” and “the Israelis” – perhaps consider leaving.


Having a tz and eating chummus doesn’t make you Israeli (I mean legally, yes, but you know what I mean) I can’t imagine that after spending 4 hours in misrad hapnim, bringing binders the size of texas with all your documents in them, and still getting rejected because noya was pissed off that morning, didn’t have you grumbling. So please, can it. Israeli customer service sucks, that’s all there is to it. I would like to see it improve, that’s all.


Can anyone comment on how long it takes for items to get to Israel? (Jerusalem)


I ordered a few things & Amazon split my order. One thing arrived in 1 week via UPS, the other things are supposed to arrive in 2 weeks via Israel post.



Aron K

you could probably also make slight differences in the spelling of the name to avoid orders being boxed together…(?)


Israeli’s arent that dumb…

Aron K

I would imagine Amazon boxes the items here. Regardless, if a label is different, I doubt it would be boxed together.


In the past Amazon boxed the items in the US, as was seen from the shipping labels. Regarding changing the name, it will depend on if the items are charged by checking the ID number, in which case name change would require ID change as well…


You can enter your ID for one order & your Wife’s ID (or someone elses)for another order.


If parts of my order have different delivery dates, does that mean it wont be delivered together?




Hello, I am getting an error message when entering Zip for Har Nof. Could someone please advise. Thank you.


Your zip code should be 7 digits. If you google zip codes for israel, you can look up the zip code for your address.


Never mind, I see from screenshot above you need to add two zeros at end of zip.


Can we throw an Amazon party for all of us who will gain from this?! Life just got a whole lot easier!!


Does anyone know if there is also free return shipping. Also if there is not then what is the return policy?


so far i have been getting free shipping from them as of june 15 2021 when they sent me an email sayingthey will start free shipping over $49 but since it did not happen but had an email confirming so they have given me refund on all my shipping and when had to return cheaper items they just gave refund without having to return it !!!


I ordered something the day before they launched Amazon Israel and I got charged for shipping$30 andit got here in 3 days to my house aND just week ago got email saying that giving me back the shipping charges!!!!


Pls explain how to put in ship to Israel
Can it be several sellers ?



Zena Maslin

1. Make sure you have an official document with your exact name on it when you pick up. The name you’re sending to must match this name.


They deliver to your door

Zena Maslin

Does anyone know why Amazon is refusing to ship nutritional supplements and vitamins?


No food products


Multiple packages arriving within 72 hours, from the same vendor to the same person, are lumped together.
Sometimes (rarely) Amazon also combines multiple orders into one package, so you need to be careful of that as well.



Chaya Azer

FYI – Currently, all packages in Israel have to be picked up at the post office, including Amazon. The post offices have long lines and not always easy to deal with. My married kids work full time and have kids to deal with so have to plan shipments to them. May be cheaper, but not always convenient.


Is there a charge for items heavier than 5 Kg? I just got an email that I need to put in a Teudat Zehut number for it to be released from customs.


we got a pack n play and did not get charged for heavier item!!!


Is this only for the us amazon site?


does anyone know what shipping company amazon uses to ship to israel? i am trying to track a package from amazon that has an incorrect street name and is stuck at customs.


I previously received items through several shipping companies.
The seller should know.




Is it true that now Amazon has cancelled all shipping to Israel? Now it seems that anything sold or fulfilled by Amazon does not ship to Israel

Michoel V\'Yitzchak

Dan, any idea if this free shipping to Israel is going to be restarted at any point?


Lol I was just about to post


Is it just me or no products actually offer free shipping? Tried many small shipped/sold by and nothing had free shipping (neither on the item page or at checkout)


i tried a bunch of computer stuff and and found many free shipping stuff.
This is very exciting!


Can you post an example item? Literally striking out 100% of the time here…


if you ordered from amazon to Israel in the last month or so – chat with them; they refunded the shipping cost on 2 of my orders!


i got over 20 orders with refund on all shipping charges!!!


can i ask how far back these orders go? I want to try on a few more but don’t want to push it…


as of june 15 2021 i got back all my shipping charges


i used this for almost everything last year,diapers toilet paper of now its much more limited this year


found facuet $76, amazon ask for $28 for shiping +
AmazonGlobal Shipping + $28.06
Estimated Import Fees Deposit + $23.57

Pls help! Thank you


if that’s what you’re getting, these items aren’t in the promotion. And in any case – keep it under $75 otherwise you’ll pay 17% VAT on the whole order.


is 75 total ok? can buy from sebvearl sellers?


Here is x4 $20 item, not too heavy, but not SD CARD, so whats the weight limit? is it only SD card size?
Order Summary
Items (4): $79.80
Shipping & handling: $64.97
Total before tax: $144.77
Estimated tax to be collected: $0.00
Import Fees Deposit: $35.44
Order total: $180.21


It’s not just a weight limit; some categories are in, some are out, there are volume limits too (like for toilet paper, which is not heavy but big) – unfortunately at the moment the only thing to do is to search for the free shipping language for every item.


Is it only for prime members?


Does this ship to a home address or is a pick up lication?


depends where you live and what item. Could be either.


Will I know before I place the order? I would like to send to my daughter in seminary but Joe do I find out if it will ship straight to her?


no way to tell ahead of time, sorry…though maybe ask her to ask her friends how they get their packages, it’ll probably be the same…


so far i found the plastic cutlery posted by dan ,underwear ,phones and other seems that they are updating categories not based only on seize. im thinking to wait and hope that when they finish updating everything it will bw similar to last year


I certainly hope so, I have found almost nothing eligible…


basically some clothing and kitchen stuff.
Some items like ziplocs are much more expensive when shipping to israel even if it’s FS. Change the address to US and you’ll see sellers offering the same items for 1/2 that price.
Last time it included toiletries and even electronics. Hope they expand again as it was then.


I live in the Old City. How will the merchandise come to me? Will I need to pick in up in the Post Office here? Will I be notified when it comes?


Israel will soon tax all imports even under 75$


So have the rumors been going… Did you see any reliable information source that said that?

What\'s good for the goose, is good for the Gander

No one knows…It is just assuming the worst


as of this morning the eligible items have expanded very significantly – almost all the crayola, play-doh, picasso tiles, and a lot of playmobil are included now…




Did anyone find any school supplies I can send for my daughter going for seminary?

Customs Law

The two days between orders is not “just in case”, it’s the law! Customs are allowed to add up any orders from the same vendor in a 72 hour period (three days). They don’t always do it, but the law allows them to, so don’t risk it! Each adult over 18 years old is entitled to $74.99 or less of orders from each vendor in each 72 hour period.


according to the ran in nedarim theres no dina demalchusa dina in eretz yisroel ive done it plenty and i nor anyone reporing on dans deals has had such a thing happen


take Grocery & Gourmet Food off the list they dont ship


This is amazing. I have a small computer store and have started ordering in things from amazon to sell. It’s a few 10’s of percentages cheaper than my suppliers.


Mr Moe, you don’t realize that Amazon is your COMPETITION and would like to put you out of business… your customers can do the same thing that you’re doing..


What about amazon uk?


for the past few weeks many items that aren’t marked as free shipping, show up as free shipping after being added to the cart


Whatabout shipping to other countries eg uk?