Amazon Now Carries La Briute Meals!

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No irony intended in posting a food deal on a fast day. I simply found out that Amazon carried these tonight!

Amazon’s selection isn’t great, but there are 4 meat meals and 3 vegetarian options.
Unfortunately Amazon doesn’t seem to have a dairy option currently.

The price is 6 meals for $38 shipped.
Each meal comes with a heating element, and an entree, soup, and dessert.

If you’ve never had a La Briute meal before, they are pretty neat, and it’s great to have a hot meal when traveling to places without kosher food.

It comes with a package of salt-water and a heating tray, and when you pour the salt-water onto the heating tray it creates steam and cooks the meal in less than 15 minutes.

The meals themselves can last for years when unopened!

La Briute Meals At Amazon Linky
Important Note: Only the yellow boxed meals have the heating element, soup, and dessert.
The cheaper (6 for $26) brown-boxed meals only contain an entree!

Read more about La Briute meals at their website:

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what hechsher are they?

Asher O

They are Chof-K, see Kashrus info on LaBriute’s website.

A 0.05 second google search goes a long way…


A bit of advice- don’t use this on a plane.
When heating, it gives off hydrogen gas- looks like smoke- and VERY suspicious looking.


can anyone comment on how these taste??


Doc: I have never seen smoke come out of the package.