Is Amazon “Made For You” The Future Of Buying Clothes Online?

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Amazon has forever changed how people shop online. Not that long ago, we were OK waiting until we had enough items for free shipping and then waiting a week for the order to show up. Now anything longer than a couple days seems like forever.

Amazon still hopes to change how the grocery store works. In Newark Airport I saw that several of the CIBO stores now use Amazon technology for people to just walk out with the items they want (including a full line of kosher sandwiches) without having to checkout.

And now Amazon has launched their “made for you” program that hopes to revolutionize how you buy clothes online.

But you’ll need to share personal information and pictures to make it work.

For now, Amazon is only selling “made for you” T-Shirts, but they plan on expanding to more lines of clothing. I’m sure prices will also fall if this concept takes off.

To order a custom fit t-shirt, you’ll need to download the Amazon app. You’ll have to share your gender, weight and height and then take 2 pictures in the app while wearing form fitting clothes.

Amazon then makes a model based on that and they delete the uploaded pictures. You can spin the model around to see what the clothes will look like on your model.

You can then choose options like material, shirt length, shirt fit, neckline, sleeve length, and label name. You can see how each option will look like on you by spinning the model 360 degrees.

After you have a model made on the app you can make future purchases and customize options on your desktop.

As these shirts are made to order, shipping times are longer than normal for stocked items.

Don’t love the shirt? There’s free shipping and free return shipping.

What clothing items do you hope Amazon made for you will make in the future?

Will you try out Amazon’s made for you service?

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i saw this on shark tank for button down shirts

Amazon the monopoly

Did they develop this in house, steal the tech from a start-up or what?

Alejandro Okazio Quartet

Steal the tech. The real crime is that we let them get away with it.


Love the name




What if you gain weight. Or will it just track your purchases and ‘figure’ it out?


That’s an interesting idea

Big Brother

Yep, they know if you ordered a jar of 145 laffy taffies and adjust accordingly!


You win comment of the day.


Glad you fixed the voting system for those with filters, thanks Dan !

Not willing to share this info with Amazon but as time goes on people will care less and the convenience will appeal to many, although fashion is something that people have unique and distinct tastes and not only a matter of price and speed


Not trusting Jeff Bezos on this one… sorry


personally, jeff can have all my info. theres nothing i can think of that he can do with it that i dont want!


Free returns is important. I’m not sure that that’s standard on made-to-measure clothing, so it’ll push many people to try it out cuz why not.
Wouldn’t be completely surprised to see the free returns pulled at some point in the future though.


It is the future and its inevitable. I would hands down give Bezos all my info for rock solid customer service and great prices on clothing.
Quality has to be there cheapo H&M/Zara like materials.

Their line of Hawaiian shirts is really good.

Some businesses have to die…sorry but Darwin is right!