60 Chapter One Melatonin Gummies Now Just $3.97-$4.72 Via Amazon Subscribe And Save

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Update: This is now just $3.97-$4.72 shipped after the discounts listed below.

Update: DEAD!

60 Chapter One Melatonin Gummies For $4.66-$5.25 Shipped Via Amazon Subscribe And Save

1. Clip the $2 off coupon on the product page until you get a check inside a green circle.

2. Use 50% off code: SLEEPGUM50


This was selling for $13.95 yesterday and is now the lowest price ever from Amazon.

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  • ABOUT: Chapter One melatonin gummies provides 2.5mg of sleep-regulating melatonin in a great tasting chewable gummy
  • BENEFITS: Sleep aid melatonin gummies promotes restful sleep and works safely with the body’s natural sleep cycles
  • GREAT TASTING: Provides 2.5mg of Melatonin in a most delicious tasting chewable gummy, providing a convenient and healthy way to regulate sleep
  • FREE OF: Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Dairy, Gluten, Soy and Egg
  • MADE IN THE USA: Manufactured and bottled in the USA in a state of art GMP certified facility

HT: boro boy.

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My mistake alive Thnks! (I didn’t enter the promo code)


Hi how do you find the product page? Thanks


Why am I getting $8 off $14 total of $8?


At checkout even by subscribe and save there will be a option to enter a promo code and that’s where you should put it


Are they Kosher? Most gummies contain glycerin.


Read the post?


I might be slow and blind due to my old age but I don’t see this info in the post?


It’s still there.


Glycerin is often kosher. It can come from palm oil, not just from animal fat. Also available from Dow Chemical as a synthetic product.
You might be thinking about Gelatin, which is exclusively from animals. Even that is available as kosher, but much more limited, and costly.


Correct. The possible issue with gummies is gelatin, very limited kosher supply, not glycerine with much more kosher availabilty


Entered code
Still 17 less coupon and code 8


Got it for $3.22 with S&S at 11:10pm EST thanks!


How can I order second for this price ?


Love item !
Used it!
Made by popular zhaler company


Please note that most children need way, way less than 2.5 mg to help them fall asleep!!


I don’t see a $2 coupon on the product page


Shows $7.11 for me…


ZAHLERS20 brings it down to $.23 with 5 s&s.


Excellent. It came out to 23 cents.


Got for 1.73 [inc taxes]!


COSLEEP5 brings it to $4.41

But it doesn’t accept ZAHLERS20. Get message The promotional code you entered has expired

Kyle Ken

Just what you need after you brush your teeth 😉 sugary gummies


I got it for $1.73 using both codes, $2 coupon, and subscribe and save (only one item) is there anything else I missed?


I know i might get bashed for this, but as much as i like saving money, is a jewish company losing money on this?


Not if you reorder at regular price when this supply runs out….


Careful! This is a very high dose. Most kids will fall asleep with .25 mg actually (which is a quarter of one mg) this is 10 times as much


Agreed. At most, we are usually just giving our almost five year old a .5mg and works perfectly well. Other children’s brands come in 1mg.


ZAHLERS20 coupon dead


When putting in ZAHLERS20 code I get this message “THERE WAS A PROBLEM
The promotional code you entered is not valid.” Any idea why?


The code does not work until you delete the the S!!!


not stacking for me


As others have commented- I never give my children more than 1 mg. This is 2.5
My 12 year old usually doesn’t take any Melatonin but if she feels she needs it, will occasionallyv take 2 mg. 2.5 seems for adolescents or adults.
And I second the question above – is a Frum company getting hurt by this?


Why would any seller get hurt by this? The coupon code can only be created by the seller.


If you begin or continue to order from them, this will be worth their initial loss.


The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase.

Sara Leah

ZAHLER20 didn’t work, so it came to $3.02 for me


Long term melatonin use suppresses growth hormone.


$6 for me
Ordered now second


וחי אחיך עימך
Ok to allow a fellow to make some פרנסה
Paid $6 and happy with purchase

Yossi Cohen

Shkoiyach! Tizku Lmitzvoiys!


anyone seeing a backlog from amazon? it allegedly shipped Monday, but status says “USPS Currently Awaiting Package”




Coupon DIDN’T work for me. It could be because I ordered it previously with a coupon.




Works for me.


I got an email last week saying quantities were limited and they changed my shipped quantity from 3 to 1. Then saw the charge on my credit card and they did not take off any discounts except subscribe & save. Chatting with amazon now.


see zahlers website that its certified kosher


promo code dead

Michael M

I don’t see where to insert the discount code as I have in the past