Ends Soon: 6 Month Magazine Subscriptions For $0.99 From Amazon. Lock In This Price For $1.98/Year!

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6 Month Magazine Subscriptions For $0.99 From Amazon (Disclaimer: This link contains non-tznius pictures.)

Sample magazines:
-Reader’s Digest
-Sports Illustrated
-Sports Illustrated Kids
-Popular Mechanics
-Popular Science
-Popular Photography
-Travel + Leisure
-Conde Nast Traveler
-Bon Appetit
-House Beautiful
-Good Housekeeping
-Car & Driver
-Architectural Digest
-Food Network
-Southern Living
-Outdoor Life
-Birds and Blooms
-Field & Stream
-Golf Digest
-Golf Magazine
-Classic Motorsports
-Road & Track
-O, The Oprah Magazine
-Woman’s Day
-Coastal Living
-Town & Country
-Farm & Ranch Living
-Taste of Home
-House Beautiful

You can buy more than 1 six month subscription at the $0.99 price and then merge the subscriptions at a later time to extend the length of the subscription at this rate. Amazon will confirm that you want to place a duplicate order, but it will allow you to place the order once you confirm that.

-The first print issue should arrive in 4-10 weeks.
-Control your subscription and auto-renewal settings anytime using Amazon’s Magazine Subscription Manager.
-If you purchase the auto-renewal offer, your subscription will renew for the same term length at the renewal rate available on Amazon, but you can turn off auto-renewal immediately.

Amazon offers free shipping with $25+ orders or get free 1 day shipping on all orders with a free trial of Amazon Prime. A prime trial is also free with Amazon Family (which also gets you up to 20% off diapers among other benefits) or Amazon Student. EBT/Medicaid Cardholders can save on Prime Membership here.

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If I have a subscription for SI with another vendor can I lump the amazon one with the one I already have.


I’ve done that in the past. Just need to wait until its in their system and then you can merge it online or over the phone.

Deal guy

How do you merge 2 – 6 months subscriptions? I see you buy it twice, but when and how do you the merge?


@Deal guy:
Once its in the magazine’s system you can call the magazine or go to their customer service page online to merge subscriptions.


Where do you see its a 6 month subscription (SI),to me it just looks like a one time magazine


Look more carefully.


any limit to how many 6 month subscriptions you can buy? either different magazines or multiples of the same one?


I just turned off my auto renew with the help of your link/easy instructions. I receive a lot of benefit from Dansdeals. Thank you!


Just ordered one 6-month subscription… where do you disable the auto-renewal ?


No limit.

Your welcome!

There’s a link in the post.


It’s only allowing me to add a maximum of one 6-month subscription per magazine. Maybe they caught on and put the kibosh on the multiple subscription option. Anyway, thanks Dan for the one dollar 6-month subscription – I’ll take it!


@Larry: i think you’re supposed to place the same order again but once i do that it didn’t pop up that it’s a duplicate order… problem?


It says in the fine print that you can only order one magazine at the 99cent price, and it’s for new subscriptions only


@Dan: i called them up and they said they can’t do it…


These magazines are not coming up for 99 cents when I order


@Dan: Forget it- i see that the expiration date is in 2018 so it must have automatically merged. Thank you Mr. Dan!


It’s charging me for shipping and it states for the readers digest one year

.99 a year

Does this mean the subscription will cost .99 for 12 magazines? Or how often do these come out? From the list you gave links to?


At the end of the initial term, your subscription will automatically renew into a new 12-month term at $9.99….


was is supposed to make two separate purchases? amazon was not allowing changing the quantity from one subscription?


Opt out.



Dan, the merging of the two subscriptions has to happen at some time before the first issue ships. otherwise, I’d get 2 of the same issue in my mail box, no? I guess I should call the publisher in a week’s time or so once I am in their system, I assume. thanks.


Ship to Israel?


i know that the amazon does not allow one to choose more than one item for these magazines, but if you press the back button and go to “proceed to checkout” or “add to cart” again, multiple times, it will allow you to purchase again and again. You may be asked to “order duplicate”(or something like that).

So the question really is the merging, as quentin and others are poining out.

Amazon says that if the subscription is there they will extend the subscription, but I still like quentin’s point, of calling the publisher and verifying that the orders are one long subscription and not multiple prints per those 6 months.

And this price is great.

Its been years since the price has been this low.

Thanks Dan!


hi could someone please tell me the meaning of “merging subscriptions” thank you very much


Dan, I wanted to thank you for the heads up on this offer. How often is this type of offer available? Thank you once again.


The magazines allow you to merge subscriptions online or over the phone to extend the length of the subscription as far out as the total time that you buy.

I’ve never seen it this cheap before.


Dan, expiration date for this deal? Thank You!


Likely today.


dan im sorry but I have trouble understanding please if you could explain a little more thanks a lot I already signed up for them.


how do u you merge subscriptions?


@mordy: contact the magazine company with the name and address of the order and ask them to turn that four 6 month subscription into one long 2 year subscription, this way you would then just get one mag per month for 24 month instead 4 copies of the same mag for only 6 months.

Just contact the mag company.


I tried:
A. Updating quantity/adding second time to cart, but it wouldn’t work.
B. Made the order and tried to go aND order it a second time, but it no longer shows up at th .99 summer sale rate.

One note: I made the purchase through the Amazon Shopping App on my Android. I don’t know if that makes a difference…


I actually just went back and tried it through a regular browser and it worked. Interesting.
One question: how long should I wait before calling the magazine company to combine subscriptions to make sure they already have it in their systems?