5,000 Awesome Facts (About Everything!) National Geographic Kids For $8.19 From Amazon

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Update: Alive again and now just $8.19 after the $1.59 off clip coupon on the product page!

Update: DEAD!

5,000 Awesome Facts (About Everything!) National Geographic Kids For $8.24 From Amazon

-Clip the $1.59 off coupon on the product page.

This was selling for $14.89 yesterday and is now the lowest price ever from Amazon.

  • Expand your knowledge of everything!
  • Encourage reading and thinking
  • Features 5,000 random, but true, facts
  • Durable hardcover design
  • Intriguing and readable format

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Be Careful

Warning – some facts may be kefirah


Thanks I ordered one for my nephew. He’s going to love it!


Ordered but then cancelled after reading in the reviews that the book contains information about ouija boards and spirits, not things I want my children reading about. Read reviews before buying!


I almost bought it! Definitely not for my holy pure little souls!


Thanks to the above commenters. My son loves reading and my impulse was to just order. Thankfully, I read the comments.

Will screen before giving to my child

Thanks for the comments. It looks like a fun book for my fact-oriented child, but plan on having a pair of scissors available to remove the sections that discuss the spirits and tara card.


This is the correct approach for anything you give your child IMHO.


Similar to some of the other comments, I subscribed to National Geographic the regular magazine a couple of years back, but cancelled after a few issues. My issue is not so much with the heresy as it is with their politics. They infuse every article with an insidious leftist slant that I don’t find appealing at all. I also don’t want my kids reading that and taking it at face value.


Thanks for the heads up. I also wanted to buy it for my grandkids in the US, but was afraid it might have kefirah in it, and I have no way of checking from here in Europe.


Alive again


Pressed on the link. Looked at the few pictures they offer on the item page. Saw a whole “fact” page about dinosaurs.
200 million years, two continents etc..
Definitely don’t need this book around my Yiddishe kids.


That’s right. If we just close our eyes and plug our ears we won’t have to be burdened with truths that don’t meet our pre-existing beliefs. Check our Rabbi Sack’s book “The Great Partnership” for a more nuanced perspective.


The book is very cool I just went through it before and covered it cut out the things that didn’t pertain to us. Like facts about movies and luck and things like that