50 Pack Of 3-PLY Surgical Face Mask Now For $24.86 From Smart Storage Via Amazon, Great Price To Donate To A Medical Facility!

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Update: These are now sold out from Amazon as the seller, you can now get them for $24.86 from Smart Storage via Amazon!

50 Pack Of Wrocwaa 3-PLY Surgical Face Mask For $39.81 Shipped From Amazon, Great Price To Donate To A Medical Facility!

There have been a shortage of these masks recently, and this is a great price to donate them to a local medical facility.

  • Package of 50 PCS
  • Ear-Loop Disposable 3-PLY
  • SOFT BUT RELIABLE – Soft and comfortable ear hook masks, not easy to drop, no need to adjust it when you work. A flexible Nose bar is adopted at the bridge of nose
  • 50 X Disposable Surgical Face Masks with Earloops, 3 PLY Hygienic Medical Face Mouth Mask Breathing Protection Dust Filter Mouth Cover2 Blue

HT: Joel2 & yuneeq.

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These aren’t n95 masks. The hospitals need n95 masks.

Sam Finkelstein

They use these also.

Hospital Administrator

The hospital needs everything they can get, including surgical masks. N95s are only for specific procedures, which are done less frequently. Please don’t spread misinformation.


If you are looking to donate, wholesale cost is like $5-10 cheaper then that.


Who wants to deal with wholesale for $5-10

Pete Weiss

The virus can go straight through this. You need n95. This only helps block direct droplets that are larger.


During “normal” circumstances the virus cannot go through this.

Most hospitals are on droplet precautions. WHO recommends droplet precautions. When doing an aerosolizing procedure airborne precautions are used.

Hospital Administrator

“The virus can go straight through this.” No it can’t. Stop spreading misinformation.

You only need N95s during procedures that are aerosol generating.


I am a nurse at a hospital. Yes we need N95 but we aren’t getting those. They are reserved for aerosolized procedures, such as vented patients or performing CPR. We only get these surgical masks, and we don’t have enough of them. We wear the surgical masks for over twelve hours straight and only throw them away if they are soiled or very wet. Whatever you can donate is a help! Stay safe


Thank you for providing helpful information for those that want to help!


HaShem protect you




I have a lot of them to donate to your hospital or others that need them mike558944@gmail.com glad to help


I have some N95 masks, if you need.


Bought a box to donate


I don’t understand why the hospital won’t just order from here.. They aren’t short on cash at the prices they charge…


I agree. They have been available to order from China for weeks (Alibaba etc). That’s where I got mine. Now you know how poorly hospitals are run and why healthcare costs are 18% of the economy. Hospital administrators are inadvertently exposing employees to greater risk.


Will these be accepted in the hospitals even though they were not made in the U. S. (they were made in China)?


A ironic thing is that a box of masks we had in January was manufactured in Wuhan, China. A lot of our PPE is not made in the US.


China did a great job of getting the outbreak under control and managed to stop the spreading after just a little more than 1 month. And they certainly know a thing or two about masks. So while there may be irony if you want to see it that way, it certainly shouldn’t be considered a downside.


FYI these are regularly available (in stock) on ebay for <$30

They sure are a lot more helpful than no mask, N95, N99, P100, the good stuff is rightfully reserved for healthcare professionals.

This is a good solution for the general public who should not buy the better ones, don't listen to misinformation that masks don't help, it's such an ugly lie, sure they are no immunity but they are nothing but helpful (all that "it doesn't fit right" or "can make it worst" is purely US propaganda) and great if you have to go out for groceries. If people weren't so scared of the social reaction of wearing a mask in america I guarantee you 100% of the population would be wearing one right now.

As for hospitals, shame on them for not being more prepared with all the money they make billing insurance companies made up rates, they can still easily afford to pay these inflated prices but put the burden on the healthcare worker, of course these workers are the true heroes (along with supermarket workers and other "true" essential providers) which is why
I have made my donations around town, but the owners should be sued and are no better than the corporations asking for a bailout after spending billions trying to pump their own stock, I really hope lessons are learned when this is all over. Like a gazillion of lessons.


Hospitals do rely on their supply chain. My small hospital has gone through 30,000 masks and not received a single order in that time from any source (although we are getting some PPE this week).


I get that and it sucks that the federal government isn’t assisting much but desperate times…. there are plenty of sites selling these by the thousands, I get it’s not normal purchase procedure and will cost more but so what? No hospital should be left with out basic PPE


Thank you for posting. Medical facilities can and do regularly use these masks for procedures and as a protective barrier. They also provide them to sick patients so they don’t infect others. I’m sure that many hospitals would welcome donations. You can call/email the hospitals to find out if they’re accepting PPE.

That said, you need to be careful on advising those who aren’t sick to wear a mask. Yes, masks are helpful in preventing the spread of droplets but the general public doesn’t know how to properly handle a mask. Most will fidget with the mask and touch the front of it and then touch something else, spreading what’s been collected on the outside of the mask. This is why they advise those who aren’t sick not to wear one. This isn’t media propaganda. The WHO provides this guidance here: https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public/when-and-how-to-use-masks


This is sold by a third-party vendor with a single rating. There are other well rated third-party vendors on Amazon offering the same product for a lower price.




Delivery is April 16th


Thank you for continuing to post these! I am a critical care nurse and need to purchase them for myself and my coworkers so that we don’t have to continue to use one single mask for multiple shifts in a row! (This is how we are being asked to ration the supplies)

Jonathan I Ezor

The pink ones are smaller. Read the description before buying.


How can we donate them. Is there a way we can have them shipped there directly?


Why donate to hospitals? Are they short on cash?


Actually yes. All elective procedures have been cancelled, so revenue is way down. There will be a waive of hospital bankruptcies if this lasts much longer and they don’t get financial assistance.


As I understand hospitals are flooded with patients. Won’t hospitals get paid?


I see the same or similar ones sold on amazon from a number of sellers. Are they all the same and good, or do we have to suspect that it’s low quality. Not sure about all, but some at least come from China. Did they just restarted manufacturing those so they became available?


Does anyone understand why the Kennedy Art whatever is getting 25Million from the bailout package?????????!


Has anyone received the masks?
I was supposed to get the order on Sunday.
And it was still never shipped out




Same for me… already got amazon to refund… “lost in transit” apparently, but according to UPS tracking, they never got the package..


For those that posted they’re looking for an address to donate, I got this message.
Donations urgently needed for COVID-19 items. Please donate what you can (does not have to be all) for NY area hospitals.

(please share this link)