50 Soroling Personal Filter 3-Ply Masks For $39.99 Shipped From Amazon

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Update: DEAD!

50 Soroling Personal Filter 3-ply Masks For $39.99 Shipped From Amazon

President Trump just announced that the CDC now recommends that everyone wear a face cover outside their home. 
  • Comfortable Wearing: 5 layer breathable face mask-Protective
  • Wearing this face mouth masks, you could be protected from dust, small particles on air, pollen and much more. Anti-dust, anti-odor,
  • One size fit all. With stretchy adjustable ear loops for closely fit,preventing leaving trace on your face after taking off, easy to wear and take off.
  • Practical Product: windproof mouth face mask can protect you from droplets,and dust etc, also protect your privacy.
  • If you are not satisfied with our mask, please feel free to contact us.

HT: Mendy L.

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Is this a good brand? Why is it better than other brands on Amazon?


I guess it’s hard to judge. There’s a lot of fake stuff sold on Amazon.


Amazon hasn’t been shipping the masks sold by them… order will go through and even say shipped but then it never makes its way to UPS per the UPS tracking… happened several times.


Yup that has happened to me too

Moe G

Were you charged for it?


Yes because the order status is “shipped” even though it didn’t actually ship. You need to chat with customer service in order for them to issue a refund; it will not happen automatically.


Same here


Yes, had the same experience. They claim it got lost in shipping when in fact it never ships.


Same happened to me on my Amazon order. My ebay order arrived no problem though


Ordered again on the more recent mask deal and the same thing is happening, the iten lists as shipped but in fact only the label is created. Clearly a scam.


Is this a surgical mask?


I had the same thing happen before- got them for my elderly relatives in Manhattan, they look like they’re coming but if you track them- only the label gets made. The ones that never shipped for me were the: Wrocwaa Blue 50 PCS , Standard
Sold by: Amazon.com Services LLC


Just buying these as they are sold and shipped by AMAZON and can be used with the AMEX 20% off discount that was mentioned here a few weeks ago (Thanks Dan!). Also free returns if they come and end up being sucky.

Also FYI: The 30 masks for $29.99 is posted here but the same company offers 50 masks for $39.99 which is a slightly better deal. With the AMEX promo paid $34.74 for 50 masks!


How is this not price gouging??


Not if you have 20% with Amex ..


the Product features says “Comfortable Wearing: 5 layer…” but pics says 3 layer. Looks flimsy. only comforting factor is Amazon is the seller, if bad quality return is easy.


Please leave reviews if you buy this so we know if it is good quality or not.


why dont you buy it first and let us know if its good or not 🙂


Dan, might want to stick to posting deals of established face mask brands only? This one has zero feedback on Amazon. Photo is identical to previous deal you posted for Wrocwaa Blue brand. Check comments. Amazon reviews say poor quality on that one. Or, just like other DDF members, the company generates UPS mailing label, but doesn’t actually ship. Yes, Amazon will refund. But thought I had masks coming. So less prepared.


I ordered them last time, Amazon charged me, said they were in stock. Then apologized that my package was somehow “lost”. Guessing they fell off a truck.

Tune Afish

Or you could just stay inside and let people who need them buy them? Which ones of you guys was the hoarder in the news from NYC?


I recommend that only healthcare providers purchase these. Or people purchase them to donate to the front line (something I am trying to do).
There is a shortage and I want to make sure people who are in need get them. Would you mind putting this on the post? thank you Dan.


Items removed from Amazon… so were these fake?

Loren Pechtel

The link is now 404.

krish peddi

link not working


btw the no rush shipping is now $1.50


These wont arrive until the end of May


Delivery date betweeen April 30 – May 9. IY”H, we won’t need them anymore by then.


Have you heard of anyone getting these masks sold by Amazon? Seems like everyone I speak to (and other commenters) have been having the same experience with these not actually shipping. Any reason to believe these will actually ship?

History Buff

I ordered from another dealer and also had the experience where Amazon indicates they were shipped but DHL tracking says label created and they are overdue at this point. I’m ordering these and hope for better luck but am not optimistic. I don’t know how Amazon let’s these dealers on to their site. I do expect to get a refund if they don’t arrive so what is the point to these sleazy games?


I wonder if it’s possible that people along the amazon fulfillment chain are either stealing these masks and/or are being instructed to set them aside…

Perfect for Makkas Tzefardeiah

“Replaceable active carbon filters removes over most dust, fumes,frog etc. This dust mask will help you breath in a cleaner, healthier way.”


A family member told me that the gov’t is essentially commandeering them for the first responders and the john doe’s ‘s aren’t receiving mask orders, at least when it comes to Amazon. If you can’t get a mask, use a scarf around your face, if you have to go out.
Slightly ot, I am still seeing people going to minyan, unfortunately. I stayed on my porch and was able to daven Shabbos mariv btzibur, by hearing a minyan from an across the street rooftop.


Dead again.


I’ve had a better experience with eBay. They came.


Has anyone received their order of these? Mine have “shipped”, but no progress with UPS tracking aside from label generated…. it’s been like this since Tuesday.


Second order that i made that has label created but never makes it to ups..oh well


Like with other posters, my order had a shipping label made and then nothing happened. I called Amazon about it and they seemed rather confused. I explained to the agent that others have had the same experience, and that there seems to be a scam of some kind going on. She got on the phone to talk to a supervisor and then expressed some confidence (probably misplaced) that I’d soon receive the masks. In any event, I’m supposed to hear from “the team trained to handle this scenario” in the next couple of days. Pretty sure this will just eventually result in a refund. Meanwhile, I need the masks. Any idea where to reliably get them at a plausible price?

B y

I just got my masks (they where also officially created a shipping label and misplaced. Looks like amazon needed masks then but now they have enough already)


Interesting. Mine are supposed to arrive tomorrow, but so far all I still have on tracking is a shipping label created a week ago. There seems to be no way to know what’s actually going on. We need the masks (we’re making due with cloth napkins and scarfs), but I’m reluctant to start this silly and difficult process again if my order will actually show up.

B y

I just got mine yesterday, my order was placed March 20

4 days in the omer

I have label created friday. Officially arriving Wednesday. Ill hold my breath a little.

My Order from china seller says shipped and in route with newgistics but i got an email from Amazon that the seller is no longer active….

5 days in the omer

Chatted that it never made it to UPS so they gave refund and $5 dollar promo


don’t know what kind of scam game they are playing. the UPS shipping label was created 5 days ago, but the product never shipped. happened last time too. same thing, both were “sold/shipped by Amazon.


While I never received the Soroling masks like, the link supplied by poster: “Thingy” (which now aims to a dead page) turned out to be a winner for me. Order arrived via USPS yesterday.


This is obviously a scan. Amazon should own this. And I don’t mean just a refund.


As I expected, the masks never showed up, so I went to the website and asked Amazon to call me again. The agent I reached was entirely clueless, so I asked for a supervisor. She said there were only supervisors via chat, so I went to chat. The agent there was a little better, but they really have no clue whatsoever what happened to my masks once the label was “made.” She offered me a refund, which I took. Meanwhile, my “zombie” order is still alive, but I’m guessing the odds I ever receive it are remote. Really poor performance by Amazon for a pretty essential purchase, but I guess I was a victim of bad circumstances. It is frustrating how clueless the Amazon reps can be when something goes wrong — and how little they can help. Amazon does a very good job when their automation works, but a poor job these days solving problems when things go wrong.


I want to cancel my order and I have no options to do so, no chat, no.answer by phone and no email. This is RIDICULOUS. Does anyone know how to contact Amazon. I ordered these 50 pc mask a month ago and i now see its a hoax, at least it appears to be