$3 Of Free MP3s From Amazon!

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Step 1: “Buy” a free $3 voucher good for all MP3s at Amazon here.
You must “buy” the free voucher today, but you have until 07/12 to use it.
Click here to view your voucher code about 5 minutes after your “purchase” to copy/paste it.

Step 2: Enter your codes here.

Step 3: Find MP3s to get by 07/12!

Jewish music downloads include 8th day, Lipa Schmeltzer, Moshav, Avraham Fried, Matisyahu, Blue Fringe, Benny Friedman, Yossi Green, and hundreds of other albums by Sameach Music!

Amazon has new albums like 8th Day’s All You Got and Lipa’s “Leap of Faith” that you can pick song from for free.

Post a comment of what you will download!

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Amazon offers free shipping with $25+ orders or get free 1 day shipping on all orders with a free trial of Amazon Prime. A prime trial is also free with Amazon Family (which also gets you up to 20% off diapers among other benefits) or Amazon Student. EBT/Medicaid Cardholders can save on Prime Membership here.

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amazon music downloads only work in the US – any idea how I can do this download from Israel?


Temporarily unavailable

Please Check Back
We’re sorry, but this deal is temporarily unavailable. We have locked everyone in Mission Control until the problem is fixed. In the meantime, thanks for your patience.
The AmazonLocal Team


it’s back up



keep refreshing, it will work eventually


It’s working again

love this blog

Could you combine vouchers from different account’s to one Amazon account?


Buy Edon Pinchot’s music. He is the frum 14 year old on America’s Got Talent (wears a keepah on stage), and my boy from Chicago! Also, Vote for him in the next round as he is going for a million dollars!


Works for me בארצנו הקדושה!

Do you have a US billing address in your Amazon account?


You can get another free $1 mp3 credit if you “buy” the free android app of the day – There is a promotion when buying certain andorid apps, you get $1 amazon mp3 credit, today’s free app is one of those – after you “purchase” the free app you’ll get an email about the $1 mp3 credit being automatically added to your accout… There are also some other free apps that qualify for this promotion


is there any way to ‘buy’ more than one voucher?



I have a US address in my account. When I try to buy a song, I get this message:

We are sorry…

We could not process your order. The sale of MP3 Downloads is currently available only to US customers located in the United States.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.


describe also has some great songs!


Use a US based proxy.


Also buy Ephy Greene’s CD Ashrei!

Avid Reader

Got. Thanks!


If you have an Android or iphone then download the Amazon MP3 app and it should work through there. That’s how i do it.

Ps. In settings, make sure ‘location access’ is ticked off.


FREE Sesame Street CD – Songs and Stories
Head over here to get a free Sesame Street CD. It has songs and stories regarding safety. Stuff you’d want your kids to know if you don’t teach it to them yourself.

cd audio children kids .
@ apps.usfa.fema.gov

amazon mp3

Andy Statman Music

amazon mp3

deal dead


I agree with Ari- the $3 voucher was free. Use $1 to support a Edon Pinchot from Chicago who proudly wears his Kippah on national TV.


Got the new Andy Statman CD, Old Brooklyn with a few accounts. Thanks Dan!


@Ari: I love that kid. Hope he wins!!!


@joe awesome CD?S


can i use codes from 2 purchases in one account?
let me explain i bought 2 of the $3 coupons and i want to use it only in one Amazon MP3 account


ok I figured it out.
what I did is I gifted 5 songs (free with the $3 voucher and $2 heartmp3 code) of an album to my main account then I used my free credits for the other 5 songs and I have a free album.