24 Bounty Basic Large Paper Towel Rolls For $15.15 From Amazon

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Update: DEAD!
24 Bounty Basic Large Paper Towel Rolls For $15.15 From Amazon

-You’ll get 12 packs of 2 large rolls (as pictured in the image on Amazon) for a total of 24 large rolls.
-Large rolls have 25% more sheets than a regular roll.

-These were $23.44 last week and they’re now a record low price. Plus clip the $0.25 coupon to drop the price to $15.15.

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They are Bounty BASIC not reg Bounty, not the same quality.
Walmart has them for the same price this week but the REG bounty not basic

Happy Thanksgiving

Why do I have to buy almost every deal you post? Happy Thanksgiving!


Please note its Bounty Basic which is not as strong as regular Bounty


Its not Bounty its called Bounty Basic there is a big difference


No mention in heading or in sub-header that it’s Bounty’s Basic as opposed to their full strength. You only find out at the Amazon site. Sorry, but it’s a bit misleading. Thanks anyway.


Bounty BASIC not Reg Bounty


its bounty basic not nearly as good as regular bounty


These are Bounty BASIC, not the “real thing”. About as good as any generic Bounty “wannabe”.


cancelled order after reading peoples reviews here. thanks anyway


y does every1 find it nec to repeat things… Besides the fact that Dan wrote bounty basic in the title


You sure this is for 24 rolls, it’s not so clear in the Amazon headline. Other bounty basics specifically say pack of two


Stop complaining!
We all commented at the same time , (check times) and slowly all the comments made it onto the board. Secondly it was NOT in the original header!! Dan added it AFTER reading our comments. CHILL WILL YA??

sam lees

sale dead





The title on Amazon clearly states “Bounty Basic Paper Towels 2 Select A Size Large Rolls, (Pack of 12)”. It also shows a picture of 2 rolls in a pack. That means a total of 24 rolls. What more do you need…?


@yitzyul, can you help us with the link to Walmart deal this week?


My apologies. Walmart was for 12 Large rolls not 24


This deal is like getting 30 regular rolls of Bounty Basic for $15.15, or .50 cents a roll. If you want a good deal for regular Bounty here is a link for 24 rolls of “Jumbo” which is like getting 60 regular rolls for $33.50 after the coupon, or less than .56 cents a roll. To me this is a much better deal per roll for the extra 10% in price. Plus if you spend $50 (on this and other select items) you get a $15 Amazon gift card. So you can buy 2 of these for $67.25 minus the $15 gift card is like $52.25 for 120 regular rolls, which comes out to less than .44 cents per roll!



1. The $33.50 price is for 12 rolls, not 24.
2. It does not qualify for the $50 promo.



1. I guess you’re right though the picture is very misleading.
2. Showing up as qualifying for me….


Can you please send the link on walmart where you have the same price for regular bounty for 24 Rolls!

its back

16.17 now