2 Pack Pantene Pro-V Conditioner For $2.54 From Amazon


Update: DEAD!

2 Pack Pantene Pro-V Conditioner Linky

Be sure to clip the $3 coupon on the product page.

Be sure to select “Moisture Balance

Each bottle is 25.4 ounces.  They will ship in 2-4 weeks.  The product page only hints that it’s a 2 pack, but when you add it to your cart and in your confirmation email it clearly says 2 pack.

Last time they had this they cancelled most people’s orders as they had insufficient stock.  However when people contacted them and complained they received credits ranging from $8-$20.  They had me order a comparable product and adjusted the price downward by $11 to match the $2.54 price.

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coupon link says “Sorry. You have exceeded the quantity limit of this coupon” any ideas why?


Price goes up in cart to $13.98


hey dan… I must be doing something wrong… I get 13.98 after the coupon clipped


Are you selecting “Moisture Balance”


it keeps on jumping up and down. i saw it for 5 but then it jumped back up


They changes the price back


I think it was in the middle of them updating the price back to 13.98… I no longer get the 5.54 price posted


it says 13, and yes its moisture balance

Avid Reader

Dead. that was fast.


Thanks. Got in and got 1. I placed my order at 11:55 AM EST.


Dan, amazon must be using your website to check there price mistakes lol


@Ezra: Think your right Ezra !!! to bad on us!!!


yup. price went up. was posted on ddf at 8:35 am. you got to catch them fast!



I ordered this last time you had this special and a few weeks later i got an email from amazon saying sorry they wont be able to fulfill my order.. what chutzpa!!


If your order was cancelled last time, just call Amazon and ask if, as a courtesy, they will let you order it again at the discounted price. I just did this and it worked. Even better, the CSR asked how many I’d like to order! I said 4 please, and so the CSR placed the order for 4, all at the discounted $2.54 price!


thanks d i asked amazon to fulfill my canceled order!


Moisture Balance is back on sale for $2.54 (5.54 – 3.00)….



I called them and the did the same! Thank you so much!!


Paid $0 for a 2 pack and just received 2 boxes! Yes, that’s a dozen bottles of Pantene, for free!!