2 Bottles Of Tide For $8.97 From Amazon


2 Pack: Tide High Efficiency Free and Gentle Unscented
2 Pack: Tide High Efficiency Original Scent
2 Pack: Tide High Efficiency Touch of Downy April Fresh Scent

The 2 packs above (100 total ounces of detergent) are on sale for $11.97. There is a $3 coupon on the product page, just scroll down and clip it to take $3 off.

You can use High Efficiency detergent in any washing machine.

Free shipping with $35+ orders or get free 2nd day shipping on all orders with a free trial of Amazon Prime. A prime trial is also free with Amazon Mom (which also gets you 20% off diapers and wipes among other benefits) or Amazon Student.  Or you can always share Amazon prime for a fraction of the regular cost in this DDF thread!

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Any theories while the Tide Bleach Alternative HE almost never goes on sale like the the non-bleach versions do?

I have loads of HE Free & Gentle from these offers, but can rarely find the bleach alt at these great prices.


shoprite has 100oz for $7.99


Hey Dan, I got 3 (2 count) packages of Tide H.E ! Used my credit from the Amex $25 off offer … Rather use it on things we really need.
Thanks … I used the free shipping and a $3. Clip Coupon too. Not bad at all.


shoprite has it cheaper this week

Smart Aleksandr



100 oz Tide also on sale in Shoprite for $7.99 this week!


is this still working?


are you sure its 100 ozs. and not 2 25 bottles totaling only 50 oz.? seems like in comments it might be only half


I’ve bought this many times, it’s 2×50.


btw, if you walk into cvss for a fix of VR or whatever else, I think you can get $10 in extra bucks if you buy $30 of these or other products. that’s 5.94 – 33%=3.92 per bottle. more selection too, in store. see ad for more detail




Coming up as 15 and change minus the 3


I clipped the coupon to my order, it says it was applied, but the coupon wasn’t reflected in my total.
A quick chat with amazon had it ironed out.


Try the free and gentle.


selling out fast


just order the unscented ones, then call and have them match price to regular tide, i did it and it was fine. got it for $8


Shoprite has the 100 oz tide this week for 7.99. Sorry found a better price so this amazon deal is not amazing.


Believe it or not, not everyone has a shoprite where they live 😛
Besides that in 40 states there’s no tax for Amazon orders and it’s delivered to your doorstep.
And I still have a ton of gift cards bought at 33.3% off.


how did you get such cheap gift cards?


@cr: Would it work if I ordered with downy? And also how about thru chat my preferable way of dealing with amazon?

ari F

I think the Tide downy is listed at $20.89 now via the link provided


Rite Aid has the 56oz powder detergent on clearance this week for $2.99


@ Dan ,
Not everyone can get the airfare deals also , but be happy for them . Just because you make money if people by it on amazon . I thought its a site to help others save money !


I was simply saying why a sale at a local grocery store doesn’t negate this deal.
Take a chill pill.



That’s pretty funny! Your telling me to chill. I think people know if they have a shop rite near them Or not. If they don’t they would obviously buy it from amazon . By telling people who are posting the shop rite sale that not everyone has a shoprite near them is pretty silly of you. And rah rah boys , take a chill also .


@Dealeo: dude….how ungrateful are you…


Someone said this isn’t a deal and I was explaining why it still is.

Nothing more, nothing less. Why are you getting so worked up?


@ Dan
Thnx ordered the gentle… and i have a shoprite down the block!!!

Could you explain how the Amazon GC were 33% off i bought them with my registered amex cards and was charged $75 for a $100 GC thats 25% off?


I’m the original poster for the shop rite deal and dan is so right. But if you have a shop rite near you General Mills cereals are 4 for 6.47!!

Technical Difficulties

Just an update:

2 Pack: Tide High Efficiency Touch of Downy April Fresh Scent – $20.89

2 Pack: Tide High Efficiency Original Scent – $15.08

At this point it looks as though only the “2 Pack: Tide High Efficiency Free and Gentle Unscented” is still on sale for $11.97.