100-Pack Of USPS Forever Stamps For $44.99 Shipped From Tanga

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100-Pack Of USPS Forever Stamps For $44.99 Shipped From Tanga

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This sells for $55 directly from USPS.

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Still got hundred and hundreds from 2020 BP cards 🙂

Shmata head

Be aware they charge sales tax almost five dollars which cuts your savings in half


they charge sales tax on stamps

toby stepner

They don’t tell you they are charging sales tax till you order.
They do let you cancel, which I did.


In New York you should be able to request a sales tax refund pursuant to https://www.tax.ny.gov/pdf/advisory_opinions/sales/a11_15s.pdf.


Are they real?


“Postage stamps are subject to sales tax. It is only when purchased at a Post Office, or an authorized vendor of the US Government, such as a PO branch office or a satellite office located in a stationery store, etc. that taxes are not collected. All other stamp dealers or online vendors are required to charge sales tax”

I don’t think your saving much. I’ve gotten stamps on eBay for about 30 cents a stamp.


What do you guys do with all those stamps?


You lick it 😉

Moshe Kapoya

Actually, you peel them. They are self adhesive.


Who cares — it’s a deal!


^^ This guy DansDeals!

Ed A

I like the comments section as you can see if a “good deal” really is a good deal like reviews on Amazon. DansReviews?


anyone know if these stamps are real?
I have the same question about DailySteals stamp deals, and can’t help but be suspicious. If someone out there can confirm this is real then I would appreciate that. thanks!


I’ve gotten many times from eBay and from other websites the stamps and they are real only had great experiences


The federal sales tax law states “Gross receipts from the sale of U.S. Postal Service stamps sold for the purpose of postage are not subject to tax”. As such, Tanga or the underlying vendor should not have to pay sales tax on it. I emailed them to see if they will refund it to me. Fingers crossed.


Did you get a response?


I wasn’t aware there is a federal sales tax law.


Is it a good deal if you don’t actually use them? I’m not a business owner, so I might use (maybe) a half dozen stamps per year. Outside of mailing a personal birthday/anniversary/ Mother’s Day card, practically every bill, payment, or correspondence is done electronically or autopay. An additional pain that it takes about 7 days to mail a letter from NYC to FL since the USPS downsizing in October.


There chargeing sales tax. there is no sales tax on USPS postage stamp. You should stop advertising this deal until they make the proper adjustment. Ive cancelled my order


It seems that only USPS can sell stamps with no sales tax.