1 Gallon Bottle Of Froggy’s Hand Sanitizer For $35.99 Shipped

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Update: DEAD!

1 Gallon Bottle Of Froggy’s Hand Sanitizer For $35.99 Shipped

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Also available in larger quantities for less.

  • Complies with WHO guidelines for hand sanitizer.
  • WHO-recommended formulation
  • 80+% Alcohol formula
  • Glycerin added as a moisturizer

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Thanks! Bought 1! Anybody else jumped on the deal?

Stephanie Frumkin

Did the shipping method appear in bold for you? I can’t select a shipping method so I can’t buy it.

Stephanie Frumkin

I can’t select a shipping method so I can’t order. I’m stuck. Anyone else have success?


Pesach issue?


Arriving before Pasech for me so no issues


I was able to order 1 Gallon a little earlier. Trying to send some to my friends but the website keeps crashing now


Site was slow but I got it. Thanks!


Website is slammed


The website is also very sluggish


i was charged 126. for the 4 although it was advertised as100


I got the 4gal as well. I thought it said $100+


It said +100, meaning the price of 1 +100. so 140 before discounts


Managed to get 2 orders of 4 for some healthcare facilities. Second order flagged as fraud so not sure if it will go through. Trying to order more for healthcare facilities but website is slammed


Thanks for buying for healthcare facilities. It’s great to see people trying to help and not hoard needed supplies.


I got all the way to confirming the purchase and can’t get further.


after putting in everything, never got the order confirmation, kept getting Gateway error. but received email with order #, total charges in a shady looking way. I’m ready to file card charge back if it does not work out reasonably well.


Seems to be working now. Ordered 26 for healthcare facilities


Got it. Thanks so much


The page says “We will be halting all online sales of Froggy’s Simply Sanitizer™ starting immediately.” Will they really deliver?


I gallon deal is Dead


Passover issue lol… Pikuah nefesh dib!


Deal is dead. On the page, it says they are halting all online sales.

Steve M

Did anyone receive these? Mine was supposed to come today however fedex tracking # doesnt work and it didnt arrive. Want to make sure they are sending.


I just received my gallon. Its horrible. Pretty much only alcohol but with a horrible smell. Smells like trash. Definately kills the virus but the quality is horrible


I got it in the mail today. Smells like farts. Glad I’m not the only one. I thought mine was a faulty batch. Anyway to remedy the smell?


same feeling here, smell bad, thin like water, can probably use as alcohol spray. only hope that it works.


This stuff is horrible a huge waste of money!
Is anyone going to try to return
Or get Amex return protection


Dan, Please take this off your list. This does not smell like alcohol at all. The smell is vile and smells like some kind of reused chemical. Did anyone else have the same experience, or did I just get a gallon from a bad batch?”


Froggys claim that they have informed about the smell. They will not refund nor accept returns. The smell is still bad even after addition of any scented essential oil. Why offer such product that resemble the smell of rot.