WestJet Promises Refunds On All Cancelled Flights After Air Canada Calls Their Statement Misleading

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Canadian airlines have long resisted providing any refunds during the pandemic.

Back in March I wrote how the Canada Transportation Agency gave their blessing to Canadian airlines refusing refunds.

In July, Air Canada refused to comply with the DOT’s mandate to offer refunds for flights that didn’t operate.

The Canada Transportation Agency then wrote to me that they didn’t actually have the power to order Canadian airlines to offer refunds, though they were offering them cover to avoid offering refunds. They also also wanted to make clear that they are Canadian, not Canada. And please not to call them Shirley. 😉

WestJet wrote tonight that they will begin providing refunds for cancelled flights:


However their FAQ originally stated that refunds would not be offered to customers on basic fares and it was vague about which fares would be refunded.


Air Canada was quick to pounce on them and call them out for failing to even refund refundable fares in the past:


I wrote to WestJet Media Relations and they confirmed to me that they updated their FAQ and they will actually refund all fares, including basic tickets, on flights that were cancelled by WestJet. They said it would soon be updated with that information.

Indeed, their FAQ no longer says that basic fares won’t be refunded.

And WestJet tweeted back that they will refund all fares:

WestJet expects it to take 6-9 months to complete processing refunds and that they will reach out to everyone who was ticketed on a cancelled flight.

Better late than never I suppose?

Your move Air Canada!

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Doesn’t appear that those who booked via “WestJet Vacations” will be getting refunds. So far WJ has not clarified their “WestJet Vacations guests will continue to follow the process already established” – I have been told (by WJ) that WJV will only issue travel vouchers.


I Got money back for 5 Air Canada flights after filing a DoT complaint and cc chargebacks.


Canadian is not ok, but errors like “Why did the following appeared on your refunds page?” is ok?

Confused in Canadia

I’m confused… Why does Air Canada have the chutzpa to pounce on west jet when they themselves are refusing to refund flights?


they are trying to confuse the public as if they are the good guys and westjet is bad


@Dan, Do you like movies about gladiators?

History Buff

I got a WestJet refund for a non refundable ticket by cc dispute. They cancelled the flight so I had a good case. I had an issue with Air Canada because they didn’t cancel their flight. This was for Pesach and the flight was sold out. It probably flew empty and they pocketed the money.They finally offered to refund the base fare but not taxes and fees. I accepted rather than wait and maybe not get anything. We were going for a Pesach program which we paid in full by check (they didn’t take credit cards) and was cancelled because of Covid. That money is lost. I figure the program made out well as they certainly had some expenses but they got paid for a full program which included their profit and didn’t refund anything. Thanks for listening, I feel better now.