US State Department: Avoid All International Travel Due To Coronavirus; Book Return Flights Home Now

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The US State Department has just raised their warning for all travel abroad to level 3. They recommend that Americans reconsider all travel abroad.

Airlines are very likely to start reducing or cancelling international flights to and from the US, so if you do want to fly back to the US you should make arrangements to do so now. If you fly back from Europe today or tomorrow you will avoid new restrictions on flying home.

The warning comes on the heels of the US launching a ban on non-Americans who have visited Schengen Europe in the past 2 weeks and 4 days after advising Americans to stop taking cruises.

It also comes 2 weeks after Israel told its citizens to avoid traveling abroad. Starting later today Israel will require that everyone flying into the country from abroad go into a mandatory 2 week home quarantine.

With Coronavirus infections and deaths multiplying by the day, it’s certainly possible that the US will institute similar quarantine restrictions in the coming weeks.

Will you change your travel plans?

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G******n I’ve been planning this South Africa vaca for months


I don’t think South Africa is such a risk, barely any cases there. A lot less than NYC.
Depends when your trip is, but I would wait till a week before to see where this virus is holding and what the US policy is then.

yechiel exler

it’s more than that, the plane could have people on it who are infected and you’re in such a confined area


Does this include Canada?


AA won’t let me change my flight for free. Will chase sapphire reserve now cover me given this advise? Let me know please Dan!


They need to cease domestic flights as well. This will be much worse in the coming months. The need to stop all travel until it’s contained like China did.


Dang, I’m getting on a plane tomorrow morning to go to Florida for vacation with some buddies. They sadly cancelled MLB spring training..but we are still going down as I could really use a vacation and some relaxation.


Israel’s mandatory quarantine starts later today for foreign Nationals. Started already for Israelis


thx dan. where does it also show canada


Dan- when do you sleep?!


Now is his heavy season!


I wonder if Puerto Rico is considered travel abroad


under travel advisories. Canada is shown as level 1 normal precautions


How foolish are they???!!! Isn’t there anyone of authority in that country who understands patterns and exponential growth? Can’t they learn from the other countries and PREVENT by taking severe cautions now??


The problem is, it seems no country is learning from others until they’re already a week behind the curve.

They ignored the situation in China. They ignored the methods used by China to mitigate. They ignored the swarm of travelers spreading this across the globe. They ignored testing to keep numbers down. At this point, it’s spread. Now it’s up to people to do what’s right – and sadly most still don’t understand the severity.


Flight to Medellin in a few hours with a return flight next week. Do you there will be an issue in returning?


Can you read ?


Is flying domestically an issue ? Due to fly next week ny to Miami


My boys are in Canada in Yeshiva. How soon do you think I need to bring them home?


tell them to drive


Unless they close the borders, they can always drive

Jack out of the box

They can drive if needed.


Can they drive home?


Good morning Dan and anon.I am not a medical professional and therefore I can offer no advice in that arena. I also do not have any frequent flyer miles. I do, however, have Staples Rewards. And therefrore, Dan, I will be pleased to supply you with whatever batteries you need to keep your crystal ball working.

The heart wants what it wants

I’m driving to Canada now (otw). Do you think this is an issue? Was going to return early next week.


Don’t text and drive


what is with israel


I’ve got a direct elal flight on Thursday the 19th, do u think I should change it to Sunday with a stopover in jordan or England?


No. I think it’s too risky. Better to fly direct on El Al. Safer not to stop in another airport/opportunity to be infected. And safer on El Al. And you don’t get stuck in Jordan (!!!) or England if the connection gets canceled.


Supposed to fly to Brazil for pesach, what should I do?


Now that it turns out a Brazilian with Covid-19 met with Trump in Florida five days ago, you should probably expect flights from Brazil to be banned.


We are not aware of any bans from Brazil at this moment.


Me too. I hope the flight to Rio is not cancelled.

Momo man. Your average intelligent commenter

Does this include israel? Is Israel in europe? Is Israel abroad?


Golly, gee, Dan. Don’t our friends realize that this is a unexperienced crisis for which all humanity is not prepared?

Since when is the vacation so important, more than humanity‘s survival?

Please tell your readers to wake up and to return home. Stay home.

I fail to understand why airline points are more important than the survival of humanity.

Many of your readers have warped values.

The worst has not yet arrived. And it won’t be on an airline scheduled flight.


How about flights from UK, will airlines stop those too?


What about London, coming from la?


I don’t think UK is included in the restrictions


Should I wait to hear from United. My boys are booked on the 22 tlv to newark. I’m hesitant to rebook until I find out which flights out will actually be flying..what do u suggest…


Everyone is rebooking, ask your rabbi what to do.


Does this include Russia

Ukraine Operative

Ask your president. He’s got it all figured out. Or ask Rudy.


If I have a flight him from Israel end of March with a 2 hour stop over in Poland is that a issue ?
Also will they let me change the date to now?


Ask Siri.

Pesach plans cancelled

I’m booked on Iberia through Priceline April 5-21 JFK-MAD-TLV
Will I get a refund?


Maybe ask Alexa.


I have a flight to Iceland in 2 weeks. Tried calling Icelandair to cancel and it won’t allow me to until 72 hours before my flight. What is up with that?


Dan: firstly, I want thank you so much. Secondly, my children just booked United from TLV to Washington Dulles thru Munich for this Motzei Shabbos. Will they be allowed entry? Will United still be flying to Wash from Germany?


I thought Trump said US citizens will be allowed in




Serbia is not on the list of banned European countries. Those who booked their trips to Israel that way, were very smart!


How exactly were they smart? They were dropping on cheap tickets and then turned out to be lucky, and I think Serbia will be banned as well details are still being worked


Spending less to get to the same place is not smart? But of course, there is no real plan yet and the White House will announce we can forget about it, once the Dow hits 20K.


Sorry, my mistake. They are going TLV nonstop to Dulles. Should be ok


Dan, thank you for not answering questions that cannot be answered.

May our friends wisen up sooner rather than later.


I am listening to the news..noone is saying anythg about this travel warning for anyone abroad..just abt the restriction for europe.i even went onto the state dept website…I see nothg…


Thanks so much for all the updates. My son is suppose to fly 3/17 from Israel on Ukraine air with stopover in Ukraine. I did not see it listed on the ban. I tried to call the airline many times and get disconnected each time. I know they are reducing their flights but can’t reach them.vany advice to give me. Thanks.


I am US citizen. My wife is a legal resident (with greencard), but NOT a citizen (we are applying this year for it) We will be traveling overseas. We have a flight coming back from Athens on May 8th. IF THE ban is extended, IS SHE NOT ALLOWED to come back???? (because the ban says US citizens not affected, but “foreign nationals” are? When I look up “foreign national” it says legal residents (green card holders) are foreing nationals. ???


The ban explicitly says that legal permanent residents are allowed in, like citizens. So she is fine.

eliza cer

I have been planing a trip to Mexico for moths, but I believe that it’s a national or local fly


I have tickets for Pesach to London with BA. Travelex insurance will not reimburse as they categorize the corona as an “unforeseen circumstance”. I would travel but I’m worried about the airlines suspending my return flight and being stuck there…

izzy t

what about the ” immigrants ” seeking asylum in our southern border


Is Israel included in this

Elie Armstrong

What do we think about my trip to Miami at the end of the month? Should I cancel?


Since all these schools/colleges/universities are closing/closed, all the kids are now going to do these trips across the U.S. and Canada spreading the virus even more!



I am in the Bahamas now my return flight is on Monday the 16’ do I need to rebook for an earlier flight?


I’m really excited about my trip to Aruba. Should I cancel it?

Resie Kransen

Hi Larry
We don’t have the virus in Aruba yet. I’m from Aruba and I’m wondering if it’s ok for me to travel to Boston this Tuesday it’s a straight flight. Since I’m Dutch born in Aruba I’m not sure if the US immigration over here will considering keeping me from traveling


traveling for pesach to france with british with a stop over in london. should we cancel?




@dan do you think that yeshiva bochurim and seminary girls will be allowed to return to Israel after pesach?



I have a one way flight with TAP Air Portugal from Israel to EWR on April 20th. They insist it is a non refundable ticket and there is nothing they can do. I bought the tickets on Orbitz with my Chase Saphire Credit Card. Chase Saphire says there is noting they can do because I’m not sick.
I can cancel my united ticket on points to Israel for April 1st with no problem.

Any thoughts on what I can do about my Tap Portugal tickets.




Once they cancel the flight it will be refunded. It’s too early. Be patient. You’ll get your money back

Ed Travel

For those traveling to Europe or abroad and want to come back home. You can fly back to Mexico city. There are super cheap flights from Mexico City to Tijuana and there is this bridge attached to the airport ( you just literally walk back to San Diego. From there you take a bus or Uber to the San Diego airport…


calling Britsh they dont answer. want to cancel ticket for 3 days from now to TLV. Wehn going on line into booking doesnt allow cancel – what else can i do? any number to call?

Ed Travel

I had similar situations, call British Airways offices in other countries. They are also able to help you…


I’m really thinking if I should fly from FL to NY tomorrow


From what I understand the advisory is only a result due to their concern of people getting stuck in other countries not health related


Planning on going to family in Toronto for Pesach. What are you thoughts/ predictions?

Devorah Leah Lederman

For the first time since we married, we were going to NY for Pesach. We’re doing it at home again this year. Hashana haba biYerushalayim!


Are there any flights leaving israel?


Driving in and out of Canada isn’t a problem right?

Jannet delgado

I’m in the Bahamas don’t fly back till Tuesday will they let me back in the United States?