US/Canada Border Will Be Closed Down

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President Trump announced this morning that the Canadian border will be closed to non-essential traffic:


It’s unclear exactly when this will start or how it will affect citizens trying to return home.

If you need to cross the border you’ll want to do so ASAP as international borders close down.

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34 Comments On "US/Canada Border Will Be Closed Down"

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Harley Kesselman

Where will all the celebrities go now?


Oh my

Shaul Yaakov Morrison

Don’t countries always need to allow their own citizens back in?


Can Canadians studying out of the country trying to get back home get thru??


but they are not closing the southern borders with Canada which means you can still get into Canada from Alaska?


This border was never heavily guarded and traffic moves freely between Alaska and Canada


Can someone confirm this? A Kallah has to come from Ontario to NJ for her Chasuna.


Assuming my business closes down due to lack of sales, are banks going to start mortgage default proceedings or Trump is able to put a moratorium on that?
What are your thoughts on this, Dan?
I’m sure many are wondering and worried about this…


Hi Dan,My brother-in-law is an American citizen who lives in Detroit.He has a flight from Tel Aviv landing Sunday morning in Toronto, Will he be able to cross the border to get home?


We were coming back from Israel to Baltimore and clearing customs in Toronto, but since we had changed planes in Munich 12 days earlier they re-routed us to Dulles. The agent in Toronto said there would be a short stop in Newark, which was actually 7 hours overnight. When we got to Dulles the next morning, we were on the domestic side so we went to CBP and spoke to an agent who told us to go home.


any update on whether this is already in affect? supposed to go over to my non-elderly parents that live in the midwest for yom tov. if i leave today, am i too late??


Do you think Trump will still allow immediate family members to go to/from Canada/US?




From Canada, hope I’ll get my matzos.


porter airlines just cancelled my flight and is refusing to refund my money. they offered a credit to be used within 12 months, after which it has no value. what recourse do I have – will cc chargeback work?


Anyone know whats with the meats that come from Canada (I think most of Bingo’s meats are imported from Canada or Argentina). Will there be enough meat in the stores for Pesach?


will canadians trying to get home be allowed in?




Now that the border is closed for ALL non essential travel, should I assume my flights from US to Canada for Pesach will be canceled and refunded? Flying to Canada using AA miles and returning with paid AC flight


Oh my! Got Canadian family members currently in th U.S.. Will they be allowed back?? I hope! Some citizens some not


I spoke with the border. Canadian citizen are allowe to enter through the border and thier spouses(if your spouse is not a canadian citizen). You need to bring proof of your marriage with you though.


hi dan i have a flight fom tev aviv to montreal with a stopover in toronto landing sunday morning im Canadian citizens wil i have any problemes?